Chapter 344 - Fighting Fen Yijue (Teaser)

Chapter 344 - Fighting Fen Yijue

After being burnt by phoenix flames the night before, Burning Heaven Clan was already extremely disordered and messy. The entire sect was filled with a thick and heavy burnt smell. Who would've ever thought the mighty Burning Heaven Clan that loftily looked down upon the world, would one day fall to such a miserable extent. And all of these, were only because of one person.

They had thought that with the appearance of their Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder, this catastrophe which came from Yun Che would also end there. Unexpectedly, in just a day, Burning Heaven Clan had once again been ruined to such a state of devastation.

Fen Yijue didn't sleep for an entire night. His aptitude was extraordinary from childhood. He had almost never been defeated when growing up, and in the end, became one of the few beings at the most pinnacle of the Blue Wind Empire. He never would have thought that after going into seclusion and cultivating for many years, he could actually be played around and shamed by a junior of not even twenty years of age. Even his apathetic state of mind, which had been silent for twenty years, almost collapsed completely because of this.

Early morning, in Burning Heaven Clan’s Great Assembly Hall, of the thirty three pavilion masters and twenty seven elders,...

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