Chapter 341 - Heaven Scorching Phoenix Flame (Teaser)

Chapter 341 - Heaven Scorching Phoenix Flame

Once the Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder personally took charge, everyone in Burning Heaven Clan thought that Yun Che’s death was inevitable. What they saw were not the Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder’s capture of Yun Che… but instead only Yun Che.

“Yun… Yun Che!!”

But once Yun Che’s sword shook the ground and appeared within Burning Heaven Clan, it was as though everyone had seen an evil spirit from hell which frightened them to the point where their souls had flown away. Fen Moji yelled: “Where’s Grand Clan Master… and Grand Elder?! Why is it only you?!”

“Oh, you’re talking about those two morons?” Yun Che taunted while sneering: “I don’t know which forest they’re playing with fire in. They like to play with fire, but I… like to kill dogs!!”

Yun Che’s expression and voice immediately became incomparably dark. Accompanied by the wild dragon cry, Dragon Fault was suddenly swung out.

“Stop him!!” Fen Duanhun roared. Fen Duanhun had already experienced Yun Che’s terror yesterday, and he only felt a deep fear and dread towards Yun Che. Seeing that Yun Che had actually escaped Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya, and charged straight back to Burning Heaven Clan, his heart suddenly dropped to the floor. He could only pray that the injuries Yun Che had gotten...

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