Chapter 340 - Luring the Tiger out of its Den (Teaser)

Chapter 340 - Luring the Tiger out of its Den

Xiao Lie leaned on a corner of the Dragon Confining Prison. His face was thin and his complexion was haggard. There was no anger, no resentment, no panic nor struggle. In regards to someone’s arrival, he did not have the slightest of reactions, as if he was already completely indifferent to his life and death. As a nobody from a small town being brought into Burning Heaven Clan’s dungeons, anyone would know how he would ultimately end up.

Xiao Lie’s aura was minutely weak, and was accompanied by the marks of his slight internal injuries. However, there weren’t any scars on his body, which allowed Yun Che to heave a large breath of relief.

The disciple guarding the prison stepped forward, opened the heavy prison door, and then said stiffly: “Go in, remember to be quick.”

“No need…” Yun Che’s eyes went cold. Before the four prison guarding disciples had time to react, Dragon Fault was already within his hands, and instantly swept once.



The entire Dragon Confining Prison’s surface slightly quaked as the four prison guarding disciples were instantly sent flying with a bang. To have been directly attacked by Dragon Fault, their outcome was undoubtedly going to be instant death. Before they died, their eyes had gone wide, reflecting that nightmarishly...

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