Chapter 339 - Infiltrating the Dragon Confining Prison (Teaser)

Chapter 339 - Infiltrating the Dragon Confining Prison

There existed a fearful ability called “Soul Searching Technique” in the Spirit Domain. With this technique, one could invade another person’s mind using their spiritual power, and forcefully plunder the memories within their soul. However, it was quite difficult to activate the Soul Searching Technique as it could only work on a person whose spiritual power was far weaker than the user’s, or on a target in a spiritually weak condition. Furthermore, the activation of this technique was also accompanied by a very big risk. Once the target seized the opportunity to retaliate against the technique, the consequences the user would face were too dreadful to contemplate.

Not only could the Profound Handle be materialized using one’s power to injure the enemy, it could also manifest into a pure spiritual form and invade other person’s soul. So naturally it could also accomplish everything that the “Soul Searching Technique” was capable of. Moreover, the consumption and difficulty of using the Profound Handle was very low compared to the Soul Searching Technique. In addition, since the Profound Handle was a separate entity, there was absolutely no risk of retaliation even if he failed to search another person’s mind due to some unexpected event.

Not only did the person before his eyes have a spiritual power far weaker than his, he was also on the verge of death. Therefore, the process of reading his memories using the Profound Handle was quite easy and smooth. The Profound Handle was very quickly withdrawn by Yun Che. As for that person, he remained lying there on the ground with wide-opened eyes, and no longer made a sound.

The name of this person was Fen Zizai, who was the Hall Master of Burning Heaven Clan’s Seventy Second Hall. A subordinate of the Eighth Elder, he was forty-five years old, and the shape of...

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