Chapter 338 - A Big Gift Delivered to the Door (Teaser)

Chapter 338 - A Big Gift Delivered to the Door

With the slow and gradual passage of time, a day quietly passed by.

It was a completely calm place where Yun Che had stopped, and no one came there to bother him. Yun Che spent a day in the silence while holding Xiao Lingxi in his arms. His wounds and consumed power had already completely recovered within a day at a rate that transcended common sense, and he didn’t feel any sign of weakness due to the heavy wounds and over consumption he was suffering from before.

Xiao Lingxi, who was lying in his bosom, had also completely calmed down. Her face was tinged rosy red, and her internal wounds, which weren’t very serious in the first place, had almost healed by now. At this time, she suddenly let out a light coughing sound. Her eyelashes slightly trembled, and she opened her eyes bit by bit.

Yun Che at once detected her faint movements, and immediately opened his eyes and looked at her.

Xiao Lingxi’s hazy field of vision began to get clear. Although it was somewhat dark inside the place they were staying, she clearly caught sight of Yun Che’s face even within the darkness… Both her eyes trembled, and her whole body suddenly stiffened.

Everything that had happened these past few days was just like a dream that got increasingly confusing. In the beginning, she wasn’t even able to distinguish that what part of the things she was going through was...

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