Chapter 337 - Grand Clan Master: Fen Yijue (Teaser)

Chapter 337 - Grand Clan Master: Fen Yijue

Following the tossing motion of Yun Che’s arm, the purple colored flame sea produced by the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation suddenly flooded forward like an exploding volcano. At that instant, everyone of the Burning Heaven Clan uncontrollably screamed under extreme fright; what they felt, was like the coming of the apocalypse.


Just at this moment, a furious roar resounded like rolling thunder, making everyone’s eardrums hum from the shock. Yun Che abruptly turned his eyes around, and looked toward the front… Within his gaze, two middle-aged men appearing to be forty or fifty in red robes swooped over with purple flames burning from their entire body. They were as fast as lightning, and instantly came before the capsizing flame sea. Simultaneously, they extended both their arms as a roar sounded from their mouths, and jointly pushed toward the Burning Heaven Flame sea.


A burst of an extremely sombre noise sounded, and the capsizing purple colored flame sea abruptly stopped there. After that, it suddenly reversed in direction, and was violently pushed toward the east. Then, under countless pairs of wide eyes, it fell over a thousand meters away.


With a huge rumble, a field of purple colored firelight surged up to the skies, burning the skies red, and could even be seen fifty kilometers away. The flames crazily...

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