Chapter 326 - Collecting Debt (Teaser)

Chapter 326 - Collecting Debt

Nascent Profound Realm, to Yun Che of three years ago, was an elusive realm which he could only look up to with envy. However, in the current Yun Che’s eyes, it was no different from child’s play. Facing Xiao Yang’s face which disgusted him, Yun Che smiled coldly. Without moving his upper body, he kicked out his right leg.

How could a mere Xiao Yang have the ability the react to the current speed which Yun Che was currently capable of demonstrating? Just when he could see his own hand grabbing onto Yun Che’s neck and picking Yun Che up like a little chick, suddenly, at his waist area, he felt… as though he was ruthlessly struck by a gigantic mountain.



Xiao Yang screamed, his entire body flew away like a rubber ball, and he rolled around dozens of times in the air. When he landed on the ground, his entire face was covered in blood. He was breathless, and it was unknown if he was still alive.

“Yang… Yang’er!” Xiao Bo paled from shock. and roared out loudly as he leapt out. After checking Xiao Yang’s pulse, his face instantly turned as red as a pig’s liver. Xiao Yang’s injuries were not enough to be called life-threatening, however, his profound veins, had actually been completely shattered! Even if he possessed the legendary Great Firmament Golden Pellet, it would still be impossible to restore...

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