Chapter 322 – Soul Piercing Words (Teaser)

Chapter 322 – Soul Piercing Words

Gong Yuxian wrinkled her brows at the berserkness and oppressive might of the strike as her body dropped down. When she landed on the ground, the long ribbon fluttered, and the magnificent ice around her dazzled. Amidst the whirling snow that filled the air, an ice lotus blossomed, towering toward the sky…


With a sound similar to the exploding sound of thunder, the berserk energy burst out like a violently surging tsunami. Even the ice beneath was roughly lifted up, and covered the whole sky within the range of vision.

Yun Che and Gong Yuxian fell back at the same time. All the surrounding ice and snow within nearly thousand meters from the place they were standing, had turned into extremely minute powder.

There was no one in the Blue Wind Empire who would dare to question Gong Yuxian’s strength. However, the momentary battle between Yun Che and Gong Yuxian, actually ended without either gaining an advantage over the other! This made all the Frozen Cloud disciples extremely shocked. But, the momentary battle further aroused Yun Che and Gong Yuxian’s fury. After the two stayed still for a while, Yun Che let out a wild roar as he waved the Dragon Fault. His body and sword was burning with the incomparably blazing phoenix flame.

Phoenix Flame burned the sky as ice and snow covered the sun. Along with an earsplitting explosion sound, the sword shadow and the tip of the ribbon continuously clashed together. It even produced terrible sounds like that of lightning and thunder.


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