Chapter 318 - Killing Fen Moli (Teaser)

Chapter 318 - Killing Fen Moli

Yun Che completely ignored the fire dragons that Fen Moli slashed out. Driving Dragon Fault straight out, the air was quickly blown away by the heavy sword’s terrifying strength, forming a vacuum space, which also caused the approaching fire dragons extinguished.

Fen Moli’s expression on his face instantly changed. He had never ever expected, that the current Yun Che would actually be strong to the extent where he could suppress his Burning Heaven flames to the point of extinguishing them, with just the force of his sword. The sword’s force in front of him, had also allowed him to finally understand why Fen Moran and Fen Duancang had lost their lives with just a single sword strike from Yun Che, without even having the chance to become heavily injured. His face twisted, as he no longer had time to counter the attack head on; forcing out all of his strength, he casted out a flame barrier in front of him.


The flame barrier instantly shattered, however, it was still barely able to block Yun Che’s attack. Fen Moli groaned miserably as he was sent flying backwards, his internal organs turn and twisted. Yun Che simply did not give him any opportunity to catch his breath, and with a swing of his Dragon Fault, three Phoenix Breaks, amidst the growls of dragons and the cries of phoenixes, flew out whistling. Within Fen Moli’s enlarged pupils, all of them blasted onto his body which was still flying backwards in the air.

Boom, boom, boom!

Three Phoenix Breaks...

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