Chapter 314 - Dragon God’s Marrow, Dragon God’s Soul (Teaser)

Chapter 314 - Dragon God’s Marrow, Dragon God’s Soul

This was also one of the reasons why Yun Che had to cross the Wasteland of Death and come back to this place once again. He spoke with his head facing up: “When I left last time, you said that if I could step into the Earth Profound Realm within three years, you would grant me the Dragon God’s Marrow and Dragon God’s Soul.”

“That’s right, of course I wouldn’t forget.” An elderly voice slowly came from the space above: “On you, there carries a sliver of my hope. I, more than anyone, wish for you to get stronger even faster. As expected, you did not disappoint me. In this low level plane, it is commendable that you could progress so shockingly fast in such a short amount of time.”

“Your current body and psyche, is enough to bear my marrow and the last of my divine soul as well. Now, I will grant them to you… Please close your eyes, and let go of all your mental and physical defenses.”

As the Primordial Azure Dragon’s voice fell, a fist sized crystal that emitted a starlike radiance suddenly appeared above Yun Che. The crystal slowly descended, and floated in front of Yun Che’s forehead.

“The Dragon God’s Marrow, can make your bones like fine steel, and your marrow like an impregnable fortress. The blood and strength you lose, will be endlessly and inexhaustibly recovered...

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