Chapter 310 - Straight Toward Frozen Cloud (Teaser)

Chapter 310 - Straight Toward Frozen Cloud

Yun Che was stunned, “Child? The child of Chu Yuechan and… I? What child? What do you mean?”

“Could it be that you do not know?” Cang Yue was slightly astounded. The fact of Chu Yuechan’s pregnancy was technically supposed to be a secret, but for some reason or another, this news had already spread far and wide. Adding to this was Chu Yuechan’s reputation, causing it to become news that was explosively sensational. A year ago, it had already reached the point where practically every knew of this. Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had shut its doors as well because of this. Cang Yue had thought that since Yun Che could come back alive, he must’ve been able to immediately hear of this news that everyone knew of, and with his personality, rush to the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace immediately to look for Chu Yuechan. Only after he had settled that large issue would he have mind for anything else.

But seeing Yun Che’s response, he seemed to not know of this at all.

“I… didn’t know.” Yun Che shook his head and took Cand Yue’s hands, saying urgently, “I rushed here the first moment I’d gotten out of the Sword Management Terrace… What did you mean by the things you’d just said? The child of Chu Yuechan and I…. What does that mean? Could it be…”

“...Junior Brother Yun, calm down first....

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