Chapter 307 - I’m Obviously Here to Steal the Bride! (Teaser)

Chapter 307 - I’m Obviously Here to Steal the Bride!

Yun Che’s eyes narrowed, nodded with a smile, and said with a satisfied tone. “Not bad, not bad. This is the attitude you people should be having. Oh, you’re called Fen Duancang? Mn, you’re not bad indeed. You’re much stronger than that idiot who simply wish for their Young Clan Master to die earlier.”

The “idiot” in Yun Che’s words, was naturally referring to Fen Moran. Fen Moran had almost puke out blood at that moment. His entire body trembled, his mind was giddy, his lungs were hurting, his livers were hurting, his intestines were hurting, his bladder was hurting… His rage and humiliation had filled up every cell of his body, and his face was as red as blood, yet, he did not dare to say another word. Because, the moment he were to say something, the retribution would ruthlessly land on Fen Juecheng’s body. He had lived for dozens of years, yet, he had never suffered such grievance and humiliation like today...

He did not dare to take action upon Yun Che, and did not even have the guts to scold him. He could only stare straightly at Yun Che with eyes that were noxious to the extreme, and he wished he could swallow Yun Che live and whole.

Fen Duancang was not worse off than him. He was a supreme expert of the Sky Profound Realm who was famous for many dozens of years, yet, he was praised by a junior who was just nineteen...

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