Chapter 301 - Dropping From the Sky (Teaser)

Chapter 301 - Dropping From the Sky

Fen Juecheng still had a faint smile on his face as he said: “I presented all these precious treasures and elixirs to display the sincerity of my Burning Heaven Clan. Of course, to someone who has such a dignified status as you, and even more so a frigid soul and an icy heart, it would be naturally impossible to be interested in these elixirs. But I wonder whether this thing here is enough to win Your Highness’ favor?”

While speaking, Fen Juecheng reached out with his hand and stroked on the spatial ring. All of a sudden, a transparent jade case emerged in his hand, with a strange nine-petaled flower blossoming within it. Every petal of the flower was of a different shape from another, but all of them, without exception, appeared similar to a burning flame. Even though it was sealed within the jade case, the flower still seemed to be blazing with life.

“So this is…… the Burning Soul Flower?” Looking at the blazing flower that was inside the jade case, Cang Yue’s eyes grew hazy for an instant.

“That’s right. It is one of the most precious treasures of my Burning Heaven Clan. However, if it’s something that the princess wishes for, let alone a Burning Soul Flower, I would not be reluctant to even part with half of my life.”

“…Give that flower to me, and I shall go with you.” After taking a light breath, Cang Yue reached out with her hand, and immediately took the case containing the sealed up Burning Soul Flower. All this while, Fen Juecheng showed no signs of stopping her, or withdrawing his hand, and let her...

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