Chapter 268 - Engagement (Teaser)

Chapter 268 - Engagement

Yun Che’s words suddenly blanked everyone’s minds. Whispers began to sound from every direction and there were many that constantly shook their heads to show that they knew absolutely nothing about this matter. Everyone’s expressions were especially strange since Su Ling’er was after all, still young. She was only ten years of age this year. If the two unsuspecting people were betrothed before they were even adults, that would still have been quite normal, but Yun Che was a full grown adult! There certainly was something wrong with that...

Looking at the situation in front of them, no matter who it was, they thought it was extremely likely that this was just a fabricated excuse to thwart Su Hengyue’s ambitions.

Su Hengshan was caught in a daze as well, but he quickly reacted. He took a quick glance at Yun Che and without changing his expression, he said: “That’s right, Yun Che is the number one genius of the younger generation amongst the ones I’ve seen. I quite admire him, since, in terms of natural talent he is at least ten times better than Su Haoyu! You have seen this fact with your own eyes; additionally, he also saved my daughter’s life, so I have arranged for my daughter to marry him. When my daughter reaches sixteen years of age, they will marry!”

Su Ling’er blinked her innocent watery eyes. She had a look of confusion all over her face. After all,...

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