Chapter 266 - Disruption (Teaser)

Chapter 266 - Disruption

Yun Che didn’t hear what this valuable clan treasure was, but looking at the degree of importance they placed on it to the point that they started a big fight over it, it was probably something incredible. Perhaps, it really was an item of the “sacred object” grade like the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus.

Since the clan’s treasure was precious to the point that it could be the hope Grandwake Clan was looking for to become a peak sect of Azure Cloud Continent’s Supwake Country, the decision of who to use this precious treasure on was of the utmost importance! If they used it on an ordinary disciple, it would undoubtedly be a waste. Due to the incredible precaution this matter required, they still never used the clans’s treasure up until this generation, but had hidden it in an unknown place instead. Additionally, that hidden place could only be opened by a special key, and that special key was always in the hands of the next Clan Master.

In this generation, it was in Su Hengshan’s hands.

Su Hengyue was an extremely ambitious person. He had coveted the clan’s most valuable treasure ever since he was young, but although his aptitude was incredibly good, it still wasn’t stunningly good. However, he still reached a high prestige within Grandwake Clan, and all these years, he had been...

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