Chapter 243 – Battle Between Husband and Wife (5) (Teaser)

Chapter 243 – Battle Between Husband and Wife (5)

“He’s actually able to stand up after taking a strike from the Ice Phoenix. His defensive power is truly shocking.” Chu Yueli murmured, but right after, astonishment emerged on her face.

“G… ahh!”

The extinguished phoenix flames on Yun Che’s body ignited once again. Whether it was Yun Che’s aura or the intensity of the flames, none of them were weaker than before. He raised Dragon Fault. With a loud bellow, he slashed out a gigantic grey colored sword beam, and lashed towards Xia Qingyue shortly after.

“...Not only did he stand up, he didn’t even weaken. How could this be?” Shui Wushuang and Wu Xuexin both let out cries of shock.

The inflamed Dragon Fault was like a dancing fire dragon coiling in the air in the midst of its dragon roar. The Frozen Cloud profound energy imbued Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon was equivalent to a white snake, and charged at the dancing fire dragon while releasing an incomparably frightening Frozen Cloud power...

Sky Profound weapons were extremely difficult to subdue. Within Dragon Fault rests the soul of a young dragon, while within the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon rests the soul of an Ice Phoenix. Both were evenly matched in terms of quality and strength.

Yun Che released profound skill after profound skill in a crazed, unrestrained manner. Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing, Overlord’s Fury, Falling Moon Sinking Star, Phoenix Break… Each one of those skills could shake the heavens, but in front of the Xia Qingyue who had cultivated Frozen Cloud Arts to the seventh stage, they were easily knocked down one after another....

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