Chapter 236 - Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon (Teaser)

Chapter 236 - Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon

“I want her… I must have her!!” Xiao Kuangyu and Xiao Kuanglei’s chests rose up and down as they issued the exact same words from their minds. As the sons of Xiao Sect’s Sect Master, they were people fated to look down upon the world in the future. To them, women were merely a man’s accessory. They had never thought, and also had never believed that there would be a woman they would lose their hearts to. Yet now, this woman appeared. They deeply felt that if they were to obtain this woman, it would truly mean that one did not live their life in vain and was the real peak of one’s life! And if it were to be compared, the position of the future Xiao Sect Master did not look the least bit attractive.

And this, was also the thought of practically every man with enough qualifications. As for those without the qualifications, they could only feel ashamed of their inferiority after being endlessly stunned. What was left, was only a fantasy that was as far as the clouds on the horizon reverberating in their minds.

“... She actually has gotten even more beautiful, and she is still only seventeen years old. Once a few more years pass, that wouldn’t be any joking matter.” Yun Che muttered to himself in a low voice. When he saw the entire audience’s reactions, it would be impossible for him to not feel a sliver of vanity, because that young girl who had struck the entire audience was his officially...

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