Chapter 223 - The Power of a Throne (Teaser)

Chapter 223 - The Power of a Throne

"Chu Yuechan, what is the meaning of this?"

Since the situation had already progressed to such a stage, Fen Moli allowed anger to take over him and practically ignored all consequences. Although he had only met Chu Yuechan once many years ago, he still recognized her at one glance. However, he could never have imagined that the legendary Fairy of Frozen Beauty would suddenly attack him.

Chu Yuechan replied coldly: “As a Great Elder of the Burning Heaven Clan, how shameless are you to attack a junior without reason.”

“Hmph!” Fen Moli remained frowning: “He severely injured a Burning Heaven Clan disciple. With just this reason, him dying ten thousand would still be insufficient! Chu Yuechan, this is a matter of our Burning Heaven Clan. It is out of place for a member of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to intervene!”

“I’m going to intervene for sure!” Chu Yuechan held out her ice jade-like hand, and a flickering deep blue light appeared in her palm.

“Good~~” Fen Moli, knitted his brows tightly: “I have always heard that Fairy of the Frozen beauty has already reached half-step into the Emperor Profound Realm at a young age and even exceeded the skills of Xu Fairy, the Palace Mistress, when she was that age. Among the ladies of Blue Wind Empire, you are without equal. Today, let me experience the skill of Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies’ number one!”

Facing Chu Yuechan, Fen Moli was fairly confident. Even though they were both half-step into...

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