Chapter 190 - Killed by Poison (Teaser)

Chapter 190 - Killed by Poison

Under Yun Che’s recuperation, although Chu Yuechan’s meridians were still not recovered, the state of her body was already much better. Her face, which was originally as white as a sheet of paper, had already recovered some of its original color. However, her entire body was still paralyzed, and only her right arm and right hand could move a little. In this extremely dangerous place, for Yun Che to protect her well, he had to stay right by her side.

For each meal, Chu Yuechan could not eat much and a small bowl of fish soup would already suffice. Chu Yuechan, who had finished drinking the fish soup, closed her eyes gently and lay on Yun Che’s chest with a peaceful expression….. Even she herself did not realize, that this ease she felt, surpassed what she had felt when she was meditating in seclusion in her sect.

In these five months, a large part of her time was spent in slumber. The only thing she spent more time in other than sleeping, was in Yun Che’s arms. From the first rejection, to gradual acceptance, and finally completely accustomed. After she was used to it, she would unknowingly come to hate to leave him….. But this concept of “wanting to stay near” was completely foreign to Chu Yuechan, because before Yun Che, she had never lived alone with any man before, let alone come into contact intimately. But this time, they had actually...

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