Chapter 1840 - The Heavenly Wolf Resolves Herself to Death


The Heavenly Sun Star God, Heavenly Flame Star God, Heavenly Soul Star God, and Heavenly Charm Star God… All four Star Gods let out wails filled with pain and sorrow. At this time, all of them saw the bitter and tragic end that was awaiting them. They knew that the once dazzling Star Gods were about to forever be consigned to the history books in their era.

Their chests swelled up with energy, to the point where it looked like they were going to burst, as all of the power within their bodies started burning with rage and hatred. At this moment, all of them had gone completely berserk and their Star God power was erupting with a strange starlight that was more frenzied than they had ever been in their lives. This frenzied Star God power poured out of their bodies like a flood as they swept away everything in front of them.

The starlight in Caizhi’s eyes had disappeared and only a boundless gloomy darkness remained. Her aura turned even more wrathful as her sword energy became even fiercer and sharper, the resentful howls of the Heavenly Wolf reverberating throughout the souls of every person on this terrible battlefield.

Long Er’s gaze rested on Caizhi’s figure for a very long time before he gave an empathic sigh. “To think that the Heavenly Wolf of this generation was actually so incredible.”

“Not even thirty years of age?” Even someone like Long Yi could scarcely believe what his own eyes and senses were telling him.

“A pity that she fell so deeply into devildom, a pity.” Long San sighed as he shook his head.

In less than a decade, an incredibly short amount of time, Caizhi had grown from the seventh level of the Divine Master Realm to the tenth. The speed of her growth and awakening far exceeded the last Heavenly Wolf, Xisu, and in truth, it had surpassed that of every Star God in the history of the Star God Realm.

If she was given sufficient time, she would definitely become the strongest Star God in the history of the Star God Realm.

Unfortunately, she was still too young, and it was hard for her to fight against Zhou Xuzi, who had tens of thousands of years worth of built up power and profound energy.

What’s more, she still had six Eternal Heaven Guardians to deal with.

The devilish wolf howled to the heavens as her sword streaked through the air like a calamitous meteor. Caizhi broke through the energy seals of each Guardian as a single Heavenly Star Lamentation suppressed fifty kilometers of space around her into a terrifying “S” shape and howled straight for Zhou Xuzi’s head.

There was only Zhou Xuzi’s figure in her eyes right now.

She might very well be destined to die in this place today… but before that, she had to rip Zhou Xuzi into a thousand pieces, no matter the cost.

Zhou Xuzi retreated a few steps as his right arm whipped out, causing the horsetail whisk in his hand to splay out wide. The space that was being twisted by the Heavenly Wolf Sword’s might suddenly twisted back toward Caizhi as it violently distorted her sword energy.


The space on both sides of Zhou Xuzi was completely destroyed but only a strong wind reached where he was standing.

It was also at this moment that the six Guardians, who had been forced away, chose to attack in unison.

Caizhi’s attack had been bold and reckless, and she hadn’t left an escape route for herself if it failed. Three beams of white light and three sword beams struck her center mass and blasted her far away. As she spun through the air, her rainbow robes quickly turned red with blood.

She didn’t even bother to look at the injuries she had sustained, whether they were internal or external. Instead, the devilish malice of the Heavenly Wolf Sword once again filled the skies as the Heavenly Wolf let loose a furious howl and smashed the sword down at Zhou Xuzi’s head.

There had never been a battle as vicious and terrible as this in the entire history of the God Realm.

In every part of the Southern Divine Region, countless star realms and planets had started to shudder and tremble.

In fact, the star realms that were near the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm had already started to collapse from the terrible shock waves emanating from this battle.

The level of a person’s power would dictate how much they knew about this battle. The high-level profound practitioners in the neighboring star realms had already started to flee in panic twelve hours ago. However, countless ordinary profound practitioners did not think that the battle in the distant Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm would affect their star realms… so less than half of them were able to escape with their lives when the backlash came.

Every pair of eyes in the Eastern Divine Region, Western Divine Region, and Southern Divine Region was now directed toward the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm.

This battle, which had erupted out of nowhere, turned out to be a battle of divine regions that far exceeded even their wildest imaginations. Everyone’s heart was beating wildly in fear and anticipation as they waited for it to end.

Nearly all of them were convinced that their hopes would be realized… and that the Western Divine Region would utterly destroy the invading devils, rescue the Eastern Divine Region and Southern Divine Region from their crises, and end this dark threat forever.

In most cases, it was very hard for a person to die once they entered the Divine Master Realm. However, when a battle consisted only of Divine Masters, even their hardy bodies would be torn asunder as their blood watered the land.


Space was shredded apart like thin sheets of paper as three Eternal Heaven Guardians vomited blood while they were blasted away by Caizhi’s attack. Caizhi herself was flung far away like a butterfly caught up in a storm.

Zhou Xuzi’s white hair started dancing wildly in the air and his voice was like the tolling of a deep bell as he said, “How astonishing! To think that you’ve reached such heights in these short few years. However, since you have fallen onto the path of devildom, I cannot spare you!”

“Hmph! A tiny Heavenly Wolf like you wants to kill our lord!? You must be dreaming!” the Guardian who was fiercely guarding Zhou Xuzi’s right flank snarled.

Caizhi stopped her body from being flung around by the storm. She pointed her sword into the sky and raised it high in the air. Streams of blood slowly flowed around her hands, a sight that would cause even the most heartless person to wince.

The sky suddenly darkened as a huge blood-colored moon suddenly appeared behind her back. A towering azure wolf stood in the middle of that moon and its eyes were like a scarlet prison of blood. Its mouth yawned open as if it was about to swallow the heavens before it let out a low howl that threatened to shatter the souls of everyone present.

The six Guardians, who were about to pounce toward Caizhi, suddenly stopped in their tracks. The blood moon and that terrifying wolf caused their eyes to shake in fear and anxiety.

“Oh?” The gazes of all five Venerable Withered Dragons turned to look at Caizhi.

“The Immortal Slaying Sword Formation,” Long Yi said as he fixed his gaze on Caizhi once more. “Let me see just how powerful this young wolf’s Immortal Slaying Sword Formation is.”

“Heh heh, this young wolf is only young in age,” Long Er chimed in. “Just based on her current power alone, she has already far outstripped all of the Heavenly Wolf Star Gods I have ever known.”

“The Immortal… Immortal Slaying Sword Formation!” a Guardian gasped in a quavery voice. The Heavenly Wolf’s Sixth Sword Style - The Bloodmoon Immortal Slaying Sword. Even though he had never personally had to endure this attack before, how could anyone able to become a Guardian be unaware of it!?

It was only when he gasped those words that he realized, to his utmost shock, that his teeth were chattering when he said them.

The way their souls currently trembled told them that this was a tyrannical attack that they had no hope of defending against!

Caizhi’s eyes were as dark and gloomy as the deepest abyss and they were filled with boundless hatred and resentment. The bloody light of her ominous moon shone in the shocked and frightened eyes of the six Guardians as they watched her arms slowly descend.


The howl of the Heavenly Wolf filled the air as its gigantic figure descended from the skies. That pair of furious eyes seemed to be bloody purgatories in which countless souls had been burned to death.

“Get out of the way!!” Zhou Xuzi roared. However, he advanced instead of retreating and as he faced off against that blood moon and that gigantic azure wolf, he spread his arms wide, causing an ancient bronze-colored bell to materialize in front of him.

The ancient bell was only about ten feet in length when it first appeared, but as the white light radiating from Zhou Xuzi’s arms crazily poured into it, it started to rapidly swell. In an instant, it became a hundred feet, a thousand feet, ten thousand feet long… The mouth of the bell, which now looked as deep as an abyss, plummeted toward the blood moon and the giant azure wolf.

“The Armilliary Bell,” Long Wu muttered as he raised his head to look at the weapon.


As a deafening explosion that seemed to swallow up both the heavens and the earth rang through the air, the sword might of the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation erupted. The gigantic figure of the azure wolf shattered and transformed into thousands of blood-colored sword beams.

Every single one of these sword beams contained enough destructive force to split apart the heavens and the earth… but none of them exploded toward Zhou Xuzi or his Guardians. Instead, they were all sucked into the Armilliary Bell.

The sounds of destruction continued for a full five breaths. The Armilliary Bell shuddered violently as the booming sounds deafened the ears of countless Divine Masters for a short period of time. Near the end of the explosions, the ancient bell even started to gradually bend out of shape.


A terrifying explosion filled the air as a crack suddenly appeared on the Armilliary Bell. The crack instantly spread throughout the body of the bell, but it was also at that moment that the explosions finally ceased.

“...” The image of the azure wolf had completely dissipated and the blood moon behind Caizhi had disappeared as well. She stared blankly at the Armillary Bell as both her arms sank heavily and a look of exhaustion appeared in her eyes.

Her delicate head started to droop and droplets of blood formed streams as they flowed down her arms that were as white and lustrous as jade. The blood flowed down onto her sword and started to drip from the tip of its blade.

The Armillary Bell swiftly shrank and returned to Zhou Xuzi’s palm. As he looked at the cracks on the surface of the bell, a look of pain flashed through his old eyes. Then, he gave a sigh filled with sorrow as he put it away.

“Sigh.” Long San gave a soft sigh, almost as if in pity and regret.

“It’s too bad for the young wolf. If Zhou Xuzi didn’t have the Armillary Bell, he would have lost at least an arm. It is such a pity that her attack didn’t work,” Long Si said as he shook his head.

The five great Venerable Withered Dragons had not attacked even once. Instead, they behaved like neutral observers whose jobs were to comment on the fights breaking out across the battlefield. This was because they felt like the battle had already been settled, and there was no need for them to intervene.

“Hmmmm!?” The look in Long Yi’s eyes suddenly changed.

It was also at this moment that the expressions of the other Venerable Withered Dragons, and even Long Bai himself, changed dramatically. All of them stared at Caizhi with puzzled looks in their eyes.

“It looks like you’ve about reached your limit,” Zhou Xuzi said as he slowly walked forward. But before he could say another word, his entire body froze in place.

All of the sounds that were buzzing around him suddenly disappeared.

The sound of people yelling, the sound of dragons roaring, the sound of energy exploding, and the sound of bodies being ripped apart… All of it had vanished without a trace.

In fact, it was as if Zhou Xuzi had slipped into some sort of strange space where even time itself had been frozen. The distant figures, the clouds of blood, the flying fragments of dust and rock, all of these things had been frozen in a strange silent tranquility. Everything around him soon started to blur together in this dreadful tranquility.. 

This continued until everything vanished from his eyes and he was thrust into a strange blank world. That was until the pitch-black figure of a wolf… appeared in this world.

The wolf wasn’t too big and if it raised its head to the sky, it would only be about the same height as Caizhi. It slowly padded toward Zhou Xuzi, its eyes like a pair of bloody purgatories. However, Zhou Xuzi could see his image being reflected all too clearly in those scarlet eyes. After that, the wolf clenched its jaw before letting out a low and despairing whimper through its gritted fangs.




Zhou Xuzi couldn’t tell if that was the sound of his heart beating or if it was the sound of that devilish wolf’s heart.

“Zhou… Xu… Zi…” A young girl’s voice rang in his ears, but at the same time, it also seemed to sound like the howl of a devilish wolf. 

“Even if I have to burn my body and shatter my soul, I will… definitely kill… you!!”

Hatred and resentment!

There were no words that could describe this sort of hatred and resentment… Zhou Xuzi’s entire body went ice cold, and he soon couldn’t even feel that cold as his body turned numb.

The devilish wolf was padding closer and closer until it finally rushed at him. It opened its mouth wide and every single one of its fangs seemed to glint with a black and bloody cold light. Those fangs swiftly grew enormous in his sight as the wolf closed in on him.

However, he could not move. He could not even muster up a single sound. The only thing he could vaguely hear was the sound of his Guardians desperately shouting at him.

Caizhi, whose head had remained drooped all this while, finally raised it to look at him. She once again held the Heavenly Wolf Sword aloft as she softly muttered a few words.

“Earth… Grieves… Heavens… Wounded…”

“Solely… Hatred… Without… Heart…”

As she muttered those words, the Heavenly Wolf Sword casually swung in Zhou Xuzi’s direction. A black sword beam that looked like the most basic attack in the world shot out from it.

In that instant, the terrible battlefield fell into a sudden hush.

The figure of a black Heavenly Wolf suddenly appeared in the hearts and souls of everyone on the battlefield. It was dyed in blood and its body was wrapped in black chains as it clambered up from a hellish abyss.

It opened its jaws wide enough to swallow the heavens and bit down at Zhou Xuzi with boundless hatred and resentment.

“My lord!?”

“MY LORD!!!”

The root and attribute of the Heavenly Wolf’s divine power was hatred and resentment.

Right now, Caizhi’s boundless hatred and resentment was locked onto Zhou Xuzi alone.

This dreadful hatred and devilish might had weighed down on him so heavily that it had locked him into a state of paralysis and stupor… As the sword beam bore down on him, his six Guardians let out desperate screams as they rushed forward, their Eternal Heaven divine power heavily exploding against that sword beam of dark energy.


With a tearing sound so soft that it could barely be heard, the black sword beam sheared through the energy and body of the first guardian like a hot knife through butter.


The same soft tearing sound rang out once again as the black sword beam tore through the body of the second Guardian… That Guardian hardly felt any pain, and he could not even tell that his body had been cut in half.

Rip… The third.


The fourth.


The fifth.

The might of the black sword beam finally seemed to weaken and the Eternal Heaven divine power of the sixth Guardian managed to stop it for half a second before it flew right through him as well. This time, it hadn’t cut through the Guardian so cleanly and a cloud of blood burst out of the sixth Guardian as the sword beam passed through him.

It had only taken an instant, a single instant, for six mighty Guardians to be cut in half by a single sword beam… When the sword beam finally reached Zhou Xuzi, the body of the first Guardian had just barely begun to separate in two.

In Zhou Xuzi’s mind, the fangs of that dark devil wolf had just about reached his throat, but he still couldn’t move. The only thing he could do right now was to wallow in despair...


An earth-shaking dragon roar reverberated in the air and violently shook Zhou Xuzi’s soul, allowing his consciousness to abruptly escape the prison of hatred created by that black Heavenly Wolf… Unfortunately, the black sword beam was already about to hit him, so he could only raise his arms to block it.

When the dragon cry rang out, a draconic aura also burst forth and swiftly morphed into the pale white figure of a dragon. The energy dragon then proceeded to collide head to head with that dark sword beam.

Long Yi!

Now that the Heavenly Wolf had used her legendary Seventh Sword Style, he had finally made a move as well.


The energy dragon collided with that beam of solid darkness profound energy and a dragon cry filled with rage, sorrow, and resentment instantly split the sky.

The energy dragon that Long Yi had unleashed was dragged back by the waist before the sword beam punched clean through its body. The dark sword beam now only contained about twenty percent of its initial might as it smashed into Zhou Xuzi, who was already circulating defensive profound energy.


The Heavenly Wolf howled to the sky once more, but this time that howl did not only contain devilish might and hatred; it also contained a trace of desolate sorrow.

When the last bit of dark sword energy exploded over Zhou Xuzi’s body, the blood of a god emperor sprayed through the air. A slash that stretched nearly two feet diagonally appeared across his torso and the cut was so deep that his bones could be seen through the spraying blood.

Fortunately for him, it was not powerful enough to cut him in half and end his life.

“Uwa… aaah…” Zhou Xuzi recoiled in panic as he pressed his hand against his chest. A low groan of pain escaped from his lips and his soul was still shaking with fear.

“...!” Long Yi’s hand was frozen in midair and his ancient eyes were trembling with a shock that he simply couldn’t shake off.

After she looked at the wound that she had dealt to Zhou Xuzi, the last bit of light in Caizhi’s eyes completely faded and they turned a murky black.

Her arm powerlessly fell to her side and the Heavenly Wolf Sword slipped from her hand and started to fall to the ground.

She felt as if her body had become incredibly light, so light that she could barely even sense her own existence. She closed her eyes and allowed the cold wind to blow her away as she fell into a deep abyss of darkness and despair.

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