Chapter 1838 - Eruption

In the instant the Deep Sea Barrier fell, Chi Wuyao’s upraised hand froze in midair before she gave the softest of sighs.

In the end, it had all been for nothing.

Long Bai’s strength had exceeded even her greatest estimates, and this was especially true of his draconic body. It was so strong that it surpassed all of the records regarding the dragon god race.

Even if that was the case, there had definitely been a chance that they could have killed him with their powers combined if the Deep Sea Barrier had lasted for thirty more minutes.

This was fate. They had given it their best shot, but it had not been enough to decide the outcome.

Amidst the shattered fragments of the barrier, the eight Dragon Gods formed the tip of the spear as all of the Western Divine Region’s Divine Masters rushed in. The world seemed to flip upside down in a single instant as the entire Deep Sea Divine Region was violently constricted by an incredibly terrifying field of energy.

The power of the eight Dragon Gods and five Withered Venerable Dragons exploded into the enemy formation, swiftly smashing apart the Nine Tribulations Heaven Sealing Formation. Long Bai’s body suddenly started spinning in midair as he began to glow. He swiftly transformed within that white light as he resumed human form and quickly retreated under the protection of the Venerable Withered Dragons. He gave a dragon cry in an incredibly deep and grim voice, “Charge!”

At nearly the same time, Chi Wuyao shouted the exact same word on the Northern Divine Region’s side. “Charge!”


Blades left their sheaths with a steely rasp as profound light erupted all over the battlefield. Anyone who was peering at the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm from distant star regions would have thought that countless stars had exploded over the Deep Sea Divine Region.

“Charge!!” A bloodthirsty howl rang out from the Northern Divine Region’s troops. A cold and sinister killing intent caused the temperature in the air to plummet and made it seem like the heavens and the earth had started to shiver.

There were no probing attacks or words exchanged as both sides charged forward without hesitation. In fact, attacks were being randomly hurled toward the respective armies without any specific target. It seemed like countless powder kegs had exploded the moment the barrier shattered as darkness, roars, explosions, and fresh blood… explosively pulled back the curtains on this most terrible of battles.

In an instant, countless arrows of blood shot through the sky as space warped and collapsed all around the battlefield.

“Charge! Charge! Charge!” Tian Guhu, who had been waiting in the wings all this while, finally charged out with all of the Divine Masters of the Northern Divine Region’s upper star realms in tow. His eyes had turned as red as blood and a deafening roar escaped his lips, “It wasn’t easy for us to even come this far, so if you don’t at least take someone else with you, you’ll have died a dog’s death!”


Rumble! Rumble!

The heavens and earth shuddered violently as malice soared up into the sky.

The forces of the Western Divine Region overwhelmingly outnumbered the forces of the Northern Divine Region at every level. As the ground started to grow wet with blood, every Northern Divine Region Divine Master had to face off against at least two others of their level.

However, they refused to be intimidated or bullied by the Western Divine Region despite the difference in power. There wasn’t a single speck of fear in their eyes as they faced off against their enemies, only frenzy and malice, and this actually caused the numerically-superior Western Divine Region Divine Masters to flinch backwards as they fought.

Long Bai’s figure retreated away from the morass of blood and violence under the protection of the Venerable Withered Dragons. His face was calm but grim and there was a bloody hole that was about half a palm wide that had been punched through his chest.

His left arm held his severed right limb and slowly placed it back in place. After that, a layer of white light slowly started moving over his body.

Under that white light, all of the wounds on his body were mending themselves at a rate visible to the eye.

Furthermore, even his severed right arm, while still pale, had started to regain a bit of health and vigor.

“Help me,” he said in a deep voice.

The Venerable Withered Dragons nodded their heads as five withered hands pressed down on his body. The blood flowing from the hole in his chest immediately stopped and after about a dozen short breaths, Long Bai’s chaotic and uneven energy had started to regulate itself.

After another dozen breaths, the holes in his chest and back had been covered by white light before they slowly started shrinking.

This terrifying recovery speed could practically be compared to Yun Che’s.

“Is this light profound energy?” Long Yi asked as suspicion flashed through his eyes.

“No,” Long Wu said as he shook his head. “It is hard for the body of the Dragon Monarch to be compatible with light profound energy. This is something that has been bestowed upon him by a unique ‘external power’. To think that three hundred thousand years of refining could produce results as astonishing as this.”

When Long Wu went into “divine hibernation”, Shen Xi had already appeared in the Dragon God Realm.

“...” Long Bai remained quiet throughout the entire process, his eyes coldly focused on the battlefield.

Yun Che’s aura still hadn’t appeared even once.

The opposing side did not have their ace, the beating heart of their forces, so it was undoubtedly making this calamitous battle even easier. However, Long Bai didn’t feel a single shred of joy in his heart. He felt as if the volcano of infinite rage that had been churning in his heart was being suffocated and suppressed. If Yun Che wasn’t around, what had been the point of rousing the Venerable Withered Dragons or using the World Dragon City!?

“Do we take action?” Long San asked.

“There’s no need for that,” Long Si said in a calm voice.

The Moon Eaters, Yama Devils, Brahma Kings, Witches, Star Gods, and the Dragon Sovereigns of Absolute Beginning… were clashing head to head with the high-level Divine Masters of the Western Divine Region’s six king realms, but the difference in numbers was overwhelming. As such, they were already on the backfoot when the battle had begun. But since the only alternative to victory was death, invisible fires had ignited in these hearts. Hearts which had resolved themselves to death as they burned their powers and wills to the fullest extent.

“Raaaaaaah!” The Sea Gods of the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm had been retreating, but the gradual collapse of their divine region caused their eyes to swiftly become clouded with bloody mist as the shock and fear in their hearts swiftly transformed into hate.

“This fucking Western Divine Region… The Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm is going to be destroyed! Destroyed!” a Sea God roared in despair. He rushed forward like a wild beast that had suddenly been roused from its slumber and sent a Chi Dragon that had been fighting the Heavenly Jade Star God flying.

The actions of the first Sea God had been enough to shatter the fear and hesitance of the rest. All of them gritted their teeth fiercely as they rushed forward… In that instant, it seemed as if the Western Divine Region and death weren’t that scary after all.

As for those who were at the tenth level of the Divine Master Realm… The ones who had entered this exalted and unsurpassed realm of power had already found their own opponents.

The Qilin Emperor stood in front of Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu, and four Ink Qilins who were also level ten Divine Masters stood behind him.

Cries of misery reverberated through the air as the battle raged on, but the space around these seven individuals seemed to be strangely quiet and tranquil.

The Qilin Emperor made a small bow, “Old friends, it’s been far too long.”

Qianye Wugu let out an empathic sigh. “We haven’t met for nearly a hundred thousand years but you’re still so hale and hearty. I must say that I’m absolutely jealous of you.”

The Qilin Emperor shook his head with a dry chuckle before he asked, “Since I received news of your return, I’ve always been deeply curious about one thing. Why did you two choose to throw your lot in with the darkness?”

Qianye Bingzhu replied, “Since we have already experienced life and ‘death’, we thought that seeing another side of the world and another possibility wasn’t a bad choice at all.”

“Furthermore, this is as our god emperor wills and that is all,” Qianye Wugu added on.

“Ah, so that is how it is,” the Qilin Emperor said as understanding seemed to dawn on his face. He stretched out his big hand and the quiet space around them instantly shattered. Vast might slowly swelled forth from his body as he said, “Since our viewpoints are different this time, let’s just enjoy this battle.”

The two Brahma ancestors engaged in battle with the five mighty Qilins.

“Everyone, get out of my way!”

Even though the powers that were clashing on this battlefield were at the apex of this universe, an astonishingly incredible draconic might still swept through it unimpeded as the Crimson Destruction Dragon God rushed toward Chi Wuyao. The hate that burned in his eyes was so dense that it was almost tangible.

“Devil Queen!” The Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s voice seemed to explode out of his body as he gave a bone-rattling roar. “Today… I will personally… tear you to shreds!”

“Oh? Just you alone?” Chi Wuyao gracefully wiped away the blood that had trickled down her lips with her long and slender fingers. Her voice turned languid and cottony as she purred, “Aren’t you afraid that you’ll end up looking even more pathetic than the last time? I have always been very cruel to any little worm who isn’t one of my pets.”

“HAAAAAH!!” The Crimson Destruction Dragon God gave another explosive roar, one so loud that it instantly caused the ears of the three Dragon Sovereigns nearest to him to bleed. His eyes turned scarlet as his arms explosively swelled to several times their original size. All of the energy in his body raged and churned like a million volcanos that were about to erupt.

“Big Brother, let me help you!” the White Rainbow Dragon God said.

“Get lost! No one is to interfere with my battle!” All of the rage and draconic energy in the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s body seemed to explode at the same time as he rushed straight at Chi Wuyao.

The White Rainbow Dragon God’s lips twitched for a few moments before he rushed Yan Three, who was already engaged in a fierce battle with the Cyan Abyss Dragon God.

Jie Xin and Jie Ling were rushing toward the Devil Queen when the figures of two Dragon Gods descended in front of them to block their path.

It was the Pure Dragon God and the Purple River Dragon God.

“They were the ones who scratched your face the last time?” The Purple River Dragon God’s voice was alluring and silky and her expression was seductively charming… Unfortunately, her seductiveness was a whole level lower than Chi Wuyao’s, whose devilish charm could ensnare a person’s heart in a single instant.

“Hmph!” The Pure Dragon God gave a soft snort of disdain.

“That truly is a grave and unforgivable sin.” The Purple River Dragon God narrowed her eyes as a smile appeared on her face. She stretched her arm out, her long nails glinting with a heart-piercingly cold light. “Then let me help you… rip them apart.”

Jie Xin and Jie Ling were like two halves of a mirror and even though their auras were being fiercely suppressed by the two Dragon Gods, the black light in their eyes was still as gloomy and deep as the abyss.

On the other side, the Cyan Abyss Dragon God and the White Rainbow Dragon God were battling Yan Three while Yan One was busy fighting the Jade Dragon God, the Sky Dragon God, and the Myriad Manifestations God Emperor. The two great Yama Ancestors had ignited all of their Yama Devil blood and they let out sinister and dreadful wails from time to time.

Cang Shitian was in even more trouble though. His opponents were the Blue Dragon Emperor and her Blue Dragon Divine Attendants.

“I must say, Little Blue Dragon.” Cang Shitian grinned as a flowing blue light appeared on both his arms. “To think that a woman needs to bring along helpers when dueling with a man. This isn’t too appropriate, is it!?”

The Blue Dragon Emperor didn’t even bother to reply. Instead, she gave a light wave of her hand, instantly turning the world around her into a blue ocean which trapped Cang Shitian within...

The two people standing in front of Qianye Ying’er and Gu Zhu were two of the great god emperors of the Western Divine Region… the Chi Dragon Emperor and the Hui Dragon Emperor.

Even though chi dragons and hui dragons were not the equal of the dragon gods, their draconic body still allowed them to reign above all else. Qianye Ying’er and Gu Zhu would already be hard-pressed to take on one of these two great dragon emperors by themselves, but facing two of them… was a gamble they had to stake their lives on.

The Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning was battling the Azure Dragon God while the injured Yan Tianxiao and his Yama Devils were battling two level ten Divine Master Chi Dragons and one level ten Divine Master Hui Dragon… However, there was still a deep worry resounding in their hearts.

Those five dreadful Venerable Withered Dragons had not made their move yet.


A single downward sweep of Caizhi’s Heavenly Wolf Sword had severed the spine of a Dragon Sovereign. As it fell to the ground, Caizhi used her spiritual sense to sweep the battlefield in search of more enemies. It was at this time that she detected Zhou Xuzi’s aura.

In that instant, her eyes widened into saucers as a shocking blackish-blue light erupted from the Heavenly Wolf eyes set into her devilish sword.


Heavenly thunder seemed to explode in the air as the power in the Heavenly Wolf Sword swelled and gathered. As she grew near to her target, the huge image of the Heavenly Wolf cut through layers of space and smashed into Zhou Xuzi’s body.

Zhou Xuzi’s body suddenly spun and the horsetail whisk in his hand made the lightest of movements. A soft sound rang in the air as the image of the Heavenly Wolf changed its trajectory and brushed past him.

However, Caizhi had already appeared in the air above Zhou Xuzi and her devil sword streaked down on him like a falling meteor.

Zhou Xuzi didn’t move a single inch as six beams of white light shot up above him and fiercely blocked Caizhi’s sword might.

It was the last six Guardians of the Eternal Heaven God Realm!

Zhou Xuzi once again drew a casual line in the air with his horsetail whisk. A white light flashed as the sound of a bell tolled in the air for a long period of time.


Caizhi gave a muffled groan as she was sent flying. However, her body came to a forced halt in the very next instant. Her Heavenly Wolf Sword let out a blood-curdling howl as she sent it hurtling down with her slender arm.

One girl and her sword faced off against Zhou Xuzi and his six great Guardians alone.

She didn’t utter a single word. In fact, the only thing radiating from her right now was never-ending hatred.


The Eternal Heaven Divine Realm.


Yun Che opened his eyes and let out a long breath.

“This was much easier than it was the last time.” The stars in Shui Meiyin’s eyes started to glow with undisguised adoration as she crowed, “Big Brother Yun Che, you’re way too awesome.”

“Once you’ve completely mastered something, controlling it will soon become natural and easy,” Yun Ched replied with a faint smile. “It looks like we won’t even need three weeks. I shouldn’t experience any difficulty or feel any strain on my next try.”

“Yeah!” Shui Meiyin gave a heavy nod of her head. She sat down beside Yun Che and opened her mouth as if to say something.

“Hmmm? You want to tell me something?” Yun Che asked as he gave her a sidelong glance.

“There is… There is another secret that I think Big Brother Yun Che should finally know about. Just treat it as… your prize for working so hard.”

She was still hesitant at first, but it had transformed into a happy smile by the time she said those words. Because she knew that the words that she was about to say would definitely cause Yun Che to leap in joy.

“You’ve actually still kept a secret from me?” Yun Che’s eyes widened into saucers as a dissatisfied look appeared on his face. He reached out with both hands to grasp Shui Meiyin’s face, “Hurry up and tell me! Hurry up and tell me!”

“Wuuu… Then Big Brother Yun Che, you need to prepare your heart first, okay?” Shui Meiyin let him rub her face as she giggled in glee.

“Okay!” Now that he had regained the Blue Pole Star and cried his heart out, he couldn’t think of any other news that could shake his soul.

Shui Meiyin sucked in a tiny breath before slowly replying, “Your master… is still alive.”

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