Chapter 1837 - Piercing the Heart (2)

Yan Wu gritted her teeth and allowed Yan Tianxiao’s power to propel her straight toward Long Bai. She waved her hands and conjured tens of thousands of Yama Devil Spears in an instant.

Breaking a Dragon God’s bone was a feat many, many times harder than just wounding a Dragon God. Thanks to Yan Tianxiao’s effort, Long Bai growled in pain and temporarily lost his balance.


The Heavenly Wolf howled as Caizhi changed her target. She successfully scored an impossibly heavy Wild Fang on Long Bai’s broken talon.


The heavenly wolf’s power was strength-based much like the dragon god’s power. Yun Che might not dare use too much strength in his hugs for fear of harming Caizhi’s soft and delicate body, but the small girl really possessed enough power to shatter stars and moons.

That was how she was able to break Long Bai’s talon in half and cause a snap that sounded like the profound lightning of the nine heavens itself. Every Dragon God turned as pale as a sheet when they heard this.


The explosive power spun Long Bai’s body around. Sensing an opportunity, Yan Wu abruptly changed her stance, gathered her aura, condensed the ten thousand Yama Devil Spears into a giant shadow that was three kilometers tall, and dropped it on the center of his glabella.

It had been too long since he felt any pain, and the pain of his bones breaking finally broke through his calm facade and disrupted his aura. Moreover, he was unable to defend himself due to being off balance, so Yan Wu was able to land her giant spear perfectly.

Pssh BOOM!!

The full-powered attack exploded and drilled a 3-meter wide hole in Long Bai’s glabella. Huge droplets of blood scattered through the air and toward the ground.

At nearly the same time, a dancing Cang Shitian finally found an opportunity to land an effective attack. The blue profound energy he had been holding all this time struck Long Bai’s open, angered eyes perfectly. Again, Long Bai wasn’t able to dodge it because the profound beam followed an unpredictable trajectory and was several times faster than anything Cang Shitian had unleashed before.

“Ptooey! What an amazingly despicable man!” spat Yan One and Yan Three in unison as they crawled to their feet.

“Truly shameless.” Even Yan Tianxiao was facepalming with one hand while suppressing his wounds with the other. Stabbing an opponent in the eyes was a technique even the lowest commoner found despicable, and this guy was a god damn god emperor.

“Hiss… roar!!”

That being said, it was very effective.

The eyes were one of the weakest parts of any living creature, and the dragons were not an exception to this rule. Even the Dragon Monarch couldn’t help but lose his mind for a not insignificant amount of time after taking a god emperor’s beam straight to the eyeballs. Furious and in pain, he couldn’t maintain the same level of pressure he had been exerting upon all those who approached him and inevitably put himself in greater danger.


A golden beam erupted from behind Long Bai, and this time it pierced through Long Bai’s disrupted protective aura like paper. It slithered around the dragon’s tail and tightened like a deadly python before exploding.

The horrifying noise of flesh being compressed to the point of bursting entered everyone’s ears. A shower of blood erupted as the Divine Oracle sank deep into the Dragon Monarch’s tail.

Although Long Bai was covered in wounds before, he was able to maintain his cool because they were mostly superficial damage that didn’t matter. 

Now though, he was finally faltering before the full might of the Northern Divine Region’s best.

He was angry, well and truly angry.

If you lived in the God Realm, you would know that you should never, ever make a dragon angry!


The fury and power behind this roar was almost twice as strong as the previous one. It caused the approaching Yan One, Yan Three, Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu to lose their strength instantly.

As for Qianye Ying’er, not only was Divine Oracle blasted away from Long Bai’s tail, the sheer amount of force that was transmitted through the weapon was powerful enough to bloody her hand and make her lose her grip.

The closest people to Long Bai—Cang Shitian, Caizhi and Yan Wu—even blacked out for an instant as they were swept away like dead leaves in a hurricane. 


That wasn’t the only terrible news. A deafening explosion had resounded from the Deep Sea Barrier.

It was the five Venerable Withered Dragons finally joining the rescue effort.

The five dragons had fired their draconic energy from several kilometers away, and they were all aiming at the same point. When the energies converged, the resulting explosion was so powerful that it left a shockingly huge depression and many tiny cracks on the Deep Sea Barrier.


The second time they attacked, the white cracks immediately widened and spread like spider webs.

“Wh… what!?” The Sea Gods’ eyes widened so much that their eyeballs could’ve fallen out of their sockets.

When it came to breaching a barrier, the quality of power mattered far more than the quantity of power.

For example, on the day the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had left the Primal Chaos, Jasmine had been able to wipe out the crimson crack on the Wall of Primal Chaos much faster than all the god emperors combined.

This meant that the five Venerable Withered Dragons’ power level was above the Deep Sea Barrier’s.

Not only that, they shared the same style and origin of power. Their combined energies produced a synergistic effect that was absolutely deadly to the Deep Sea Barrier.

On the other side of the barrier, Long Bai didn’t beat down on his attackers despite having physically and figuratively stunned all of them with the unimaginable power of a dragon’s fury. Instead, he flew straight toward Chi Wuyao.

It was because he knew that she was the heart of the entire assault!

If she hadn’t canceled the aweing effects of his dragon soul again and again, he wouldn’t have faltered nearly as quickly.

“Watch out Devil Queen!” Yan Tianxiao shouted.

Chi Wuyao currently had her eyes closed, and the shadow above her head was swaying unsteadily. She was just getting ready to expel Long Bai’s unnaturally powerful awe by force.

However, because she was fully focused on controlling the Nirvana Devil Soul at the time, she was slow to react to Long Bai’s sudden attack. She lashed out with her black ribbon but couldn’t unleash even half of her normal strength. As a result, the attack bounced away, and she took a blast of draconic energy straight to the body.


More than half of the black mist surrounding Chi Wuyao crumbled into nothing. The amount of blood that burst out of her lips was absolutely terrifying.

Her aura also fell into incredible disorder.

Obviously, dispelling the dragon soul’s awe with the Nirvana Devil Soul again and again wasn’t an easy task.

“Devil Queen!”

“Devil Queen!!!”

Cries of shock and terror appeared from every corner of the Deep Sea God Realm. If the unthinkable were to happen to the Devil Queen while the Devil Master was gone… they didn’t even dare to imagine the consequences.

“Ugh… ahhhhhhh!”

Eyes widening to the point of bleeding, Yan Tianxiao endured his wounds, forced his way through the awe and suppression of Long Bai’s roar, and charged.

Equally shocked by Chi Wuyao’s injuries, Yan One, Yan Three and the two Brahma Ancestors charged toward Long Bai as well.

Long Bai turned around to face them. His eyes were wounded, but they still shone with a light that cowed all the living creatures in the world. The line between his body and his soul blurred for a moment, and another draconic roar pressed down on everyone.

This time, the Devil Queen wasn’t around to help. The northern region devils were sure to break under his dragon’s soul.

It was at this moment Chi Wuyao’s pupils gleamed eerily.

She had purposely taken a hit to prepare for this very moment.

The second Long Bai released his dragon’s soul, Chi Wuyao captured its outline perfectly in her pupils. The seemingly weakened Nirvana Devil Soul immediately unleashed its hidden power, shot toward Long Bai’s soul, and bit.


The Crimson Destruction Dragon God hadn’t been able to withstand the pain of the Nirvana Devil Soul tearing into his soul. Naturally, it was the same for Long Bai!

There was a difference, however. The Crimson Destruction Dragon God had been unable to break free because he had allowed the Nirvana Devil Soul to invade his soul domain. Still, the pain should be enough to keep the Dragon Monarch occupied for a short while.

Long Bai hurriedly withdrew his dragon’s soul, but the pain inflicted by the devil soul wouldn’t disappear immediately. Just the same, he couldn’t regather the draconic willpower and energy he let crumble instantly. The debilitation would only last a couple of breaths, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that the Devil Queen had created.

“Seal him now!!”

The nine Witches who had been waiting to execute this order from the very start immediately took off to their positions. 

Jie Xin, Jie Ling, Ye Li, Yao Die, Qing Ying, Lan Ting, Hua Jin, Yu Wu, and Chanyi. The nine Witches began shining like nine dreamlike butterflies with eerie black marks engraved into the space around them.

The black marks crisscrossed around Long Bai’s body. Soon, a gigantic, sealed dark profound formation came into existence around him.


When the dark profound formation took form completely, a devil’s shadow appeared inside the profound formation and let out a roar that seemed to hail from the ancient abyss.

The formation was called the Nine Tribulations Heaven Sealing Formation. It was an ancient devil formation the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had left behind for Yun Che, which he then taught to the nine Witches.

Since the nine Witches were “created” by Chi Wuyao, their minds were interlinked, and their power came from the same origin. Most people of the current world would be hard pressed to master the ancient devil formation left behind by the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor herself, but thanks to Yun Che’s Eternal Calamity of Darkness and the special connection between the witches, they were able to learn it in just four months.

The Nine Tribulations sealed not the body, but the power.

Long Bai’s draconic energy was somewhat chaotic due to all the damage he had taken so far, but the ancient formation also caused it to weaken at a drastic rate. After his pain faded, and his consciousness grew clearer, Long Bai discovered in astonishment that his control over his own power was slipping.

It was as if his divine powers were immobilized by countless threads.

In the end, even the white energy surrounding his body all this time had dissipated completely.

“Qianye! Gu Zhu! Caizhi! Cang Shitian… suppress him with everything you got!”

“Yan Three, Yama Emperor, Yan Wu, give all your powers to Yan One!”

The order jolted everyone into action.

The six level ten Divine Masters—Qianye Wugu, Qianye Bingzhu, Gu Zhu, Qianye Ying’er, Caizhi and Cang Shitian—fired their energies into Long Bai’s unprotected body.  


Without the layer of white energy, Long Bai’s terrifying physical body was only as strong as a normal Dragon God’s. The six pillars of energy immediately bent his gigantic body like a broken twig, and the following noise sounded like cracks of thunder… he had to have at least broken a thousand bones at the same time.


Long Bai crashed to the ground so hard that he bounced back into the air.

While this was going on, Yan Tianxiao, Yan Three and Yan Wu were standing around Yan One and pressing their palms against his body. They poured every bit of Yama Devil energy they possessed into his profound veins.

All four people shared the same origin of power and even the same blood. Naturally, the transference of power was as smooth as it could possibly be.

The black mist surrounding Yan One’s body grew as thick as the infinite night’s, and his withered arm looked filled to the point of bursting. When Long Bai bounced into the air, Yan One had been gathering his power for at least one and a half breaths.

Yan One locked his gaze on the Dragon Monarch’s stomach, his old, half-narrowed eyes gleaming with a kind of malice that could terrorize even the evil spirits of hell. He abruptly thrust his swollen right arm forward and fired a pitch black, claw-shaped energy that tore space and law itself apart straight at Long Bai.

“Jie ah… die!!”


It was a soft sound, but it was one that caused everyone’s eyes to widen, and every heart to stop.

The white scales around the Dragon Monarch’s stomach only resisted for an instant before falling apart like cloth. The devilish claw of darkness penetrated his thirty thousand meter long body, burst out from his back...

… and ended his legend of invincibility once and for all.

The sky turned red from dragon’s blood for an instant.

The northern region profound practitioners froze for a second… before feeling a rush of blood to their heads and cheering like crazy.

Unfortunately, the cheering only lasted a breath before a shattering noise chased it away completely.

The five Venerable Withered Dragons were so strong that the Deep Sea Barrier at seventy percent of its strength didn’t even last fifteen minutes.

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