Chapter 1836 - Piercing the Heart (1)

Shock, fear, cold… all these feelings were spreading inside the hearts of the northern region profound practitioners at an insane rate.

The core strength of the Northern Divine Region had swept the Eastern and Southern Divine Regions like an unstoppable storm. The Yama Ancestors and Brahma Ancestors especially were existences who surpassed a large majority of god emperors in the current world.

These people had joined together to attack one person and one person only… but not only had said person defeated the powerful Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning in one hit, he had scattered the Moon Eaters and the Burning Moon Divine Envoys in a single hit. One Moon Eater was even crushed with barely any resistance.

This wasn’t the outcome they had imagined when they trapped Long Bai in with them.

Everyone knew that Dragon Monarch was strong… but how could he be this powerful!?

The world darkened once more. This time, Long Bai dropped his talons atop the Yama Devils.

It was a pressure like nothing the terrified Yama Devils and Yama Ghosts had ever imagined before, much less felt with their own persons. It was like the nine heavens themselves were falling toward them.


No one tried to defend or retaliate against the attack. Everyone from the Yama Devils to the Yama Ghosts did the first thing that entered their heads, and that was to escape with all their might.

It was at this moment a new roar shook the heavens. A gigantic, azure wolf descended from the sky and dashed straight toward Long Bai. It was a smoking Caizhi swinging her Heavenly Wolf Devil Sword at Long Bai’s talons.


Another explosion rocked the Deep Sea God Realm, and the azure wolf was shredded into pieces. Caizhi herself was knocked as far back as fifteen kilometers before she was finally able to come to a stop. Her efforts were not futile, however. The Yama forces were still scattered and wounded, but no one had died from the attack.

In the sky, Chi Wuyao narrowed her eyes to slits.

She was staring at something far scarier than his true physical form.

His Dragon God Divine Soul!

The strength of a Dragon God’s soul lay in its ability to awe its opponents. It could shatter a person’s fighting spirit and willpower instantly, turn their fear into all-encompassing terror, and even invoke a sense of compulsive submission. Whether or not the person had truly submitted to the awe, it would be incredibly difficult for them to renew their will and strength.

The Yama Ancestors and Brahma Ancestors were staggered to the point where they allowed Long Bai to escape their control without struggle.

The Moon Eaters and Yama Devils completely lost their will to resist and focused all their strength on escaping.

The Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning, the most affected of them all… couldn’t even unleash thirty percent of its true power. That was why it had collapsed immediately after slamming into the Dragon Monarch.

This was the power of a Dragon God’s dragon soul, and the Devil Queen knew this better than most because she had personally experienced it herself while fighting against the Crimson Destruction Dragon God. The Dragon God had been able to injure her severely even though his soul was a tattered mess at the time.

It also made her realize all over again just how amazing Yun Che was to suppress the Ash Dragon God and kill him like it was nothing… although terrifying would be a more apt descriptor.

It might very well be the reason he never feared the Dragon God Realm.

Back at the Blue Pole Star, Yun Che had crippled an entire group of god emperors with his Dragon God Divine Soul and escaped despite being only at Divine King Realm.

Yun Che’s Dragon God Divine Soul had come from the Primordial Azure Dragon himself, a being that was absolutely on a higher level than Long Bai. However, his soul energy was so weak that the awe didn’t last very long.

On the other hand, Long Bai’s Dragon God Divine Soul was no match for Yun Che’s, but it was still enough to subdue absolutely everything in his wake, not to mention that his soul energy was as vast as a boundless sea. It was impossible to estimate exactly how long the awe would last.

Chi Wuyao’s pupils slowly darkened into the deepest black.

If Shui Meiyin was around, the Divine Stainless Soul could’ve chased away the awe.

If Yun Che was around, he might even be able to turn the tables on the Dragon Monarch himself and suppress him for a short moment.

Unfortunately… neither of them was present right now.

Her Nirvana Devil Soul was a high level soul too, but its true strength lay in its ability to cripple and control a soul.

Considering the situation… it wasn’t the best use of her soul, but she had no choice but to expel the awe’s effects through level suppression and hope it was enough.

Chi Wuyao’s eyes closed slowly before opening abruptly.

A twisted devil’s shadow appeared in her widened pupils.

Eerily, the devil’s shadow appeared in everyone’s else’s pupils, minds and souls as well.

Then, Chi Wuyao whispered in a hoarse and distant voice:

“In this world, the only power deserving of your awe is the Devil Master! Long Bai is but another dragon on his kill list!”

Chi Wuyao’s voice reverberated inside their souls like a devilish gong, chased away the fear in their eyes, and reignited their faith and fighting spirit.

“Hiss… AH!”

Yan One abruptly let out an ear-piercing shriek and pounced toward Long Bai like a crazed demon.

For a few breaths, Long Bai had intimidated him and caused his hold to slacken… it was only a few breaths, but it was one of the worst humiliations he had ever suffered in his life!

Chi Wuyao’s soul voice rang again in everyone’s ears:

“Qianye, Gu Zhu, Cang Shitian, suppress him with all your power!”

“Yan One, Yan Three, Yama Emperor, Yan Wu, you’re the attackers!”

“Caizhi, tell the Dragons of Absolute Beginning to fall back for now!”

“Witches, prepare the prison!”

“Everyone else, back away and stay out of this fight!”

The orders were long, but they were transmitted instantly thanks to her soul voice.

If everyone were to attack Long Bai together, of course they would have a higher chance of slaying him before the barrier shattered.

However, the first thing Long Bai did after unleashing his true form and escaping the suppression was to attack the Moon Eaters and Yama Devils. It was obvious that he intended to take as many of them with him to the grave as possible. After some quick deliberation, Chi Wuyao ultimately decided to preserve her forces and attack Long Bai with only the level ten Divine Masters.

Yan One and Yan Three tried dashing toward the white dragon, but all they got was a faceful of tail.

The outcome of the second clash between the Dragon Monarch and the two Yama Ancestors was exactly the same as the first: Yan One and Yan Three bouncing away like a pair of balls. This time though, the two Yama Ancestors were very, very angry.

“You think you’re the only one who knows how to transform!?” Yan One damned near crushed his own teeth as he snarled. “Watch!”  


Yan One and Yan Three let out another ear-piercing screech. Their withered bones suddenly pierced through their skin, and black fog poured out of their backs. A moment later, both Yama Ancestors transformed into a giant, near physical devil that was at least three hundred meters tall!

Right now, their appearance was incredibly similar to the ancient Yama Devils recorded in the history books of the Northern Divine Region!

“I’ll tear you apart!!”

The howls became several times more terrifying than before. Their claws also became imbued with the destructive power of the Bone Sea Abyss. 


Both claws struck Long Bai a third time, but instead of the usual explosion, a cacophony of screeches shrill enough to cause a heart to explode scratched against everyone’s ear drums. It was the sound of the Dragon Monarch’s flesh being shredded!

The ghastly claws entered Long Bai’s flesh from one side and came out the other. Several jets of blood gushed out of the open wounds.

The wounds were really insignificant considering how huge Long Bai was, but when was the last time his blood was exposed to the naked air? Not even Long Bai himself could remember a time like this.

There were just so, so, so few people in the world who possessed the power to make him bleed, much less anything else.

“Dragon Monarch!”

Outside the barrier, the terrified Dragon Gods attacked even harder after witnessing the impossible sight. The Deep Sea Barrier quaked and dented under their power practically every passing instant.

Long Bai’s retaliation was immediate and deadly. His white glowing tail cut a hole in space and slammed into Yan One and Yan Three hard, sending them rolling across space at an unimaginable speed.

However, the two Yama Ancestors returned even quicker and more hateful than before, pouncing toward the Dragon Monarch again.

Qianye Wugu, Qianye Bingzhu, and Gu Zhu also swooped down from above and struck Long Bai with all their power.

The Dragon Monarch’s power was peerless in the world, but even he found it difficult to endure a direct hit from the two Yama Ancestors. He abruptly descended 3 kilometers or so before glaring at the sky and roaring once more.


The second the power pushing down on his body lessened, Long Bai immediately flew up once more and sent the three Brahma Divine Masters flying with a devastating storm of energy. Of the three, Gu Zhu turned pale and failed to stop a trickle of blood from sliding down his lip.

However, things were different this time. Thanks to Chi Wuyao’s Nirvana Devil Soul, they were able to regain their strength and mount a second attack just a couple of instants later. At the same time, Qianye Ying’er’s Divine Oracle and Caizhi’s Heavenly Wolf Devil Sword cut through the air with a sonic boom.

Five Divine Master’s worth of destructive power struck Long Bai squarely in the head.

Further below, Yan One, Yan Three, Yan Tianxiao and Yan Wu were attacking his stomach like crazy as well.

Even Cang Shitian had let out a sudden, mad cry, risen into the air, and fired a hail of sharp, blue arrows toward Long Bai’s glaring eyes.





The Dragon Monarch, the Yama Ancestors, the Brahma Ancestors, the Yama Emperor, the Devil Queen, God Emperor Shitian…

It was a battle no mortal would ever be able to see with their own eyes. It was because even the tiniest shockwave from this battle could easily destroy a star. 

In fact, every instant; every fraction of a second of this battle was collapsing an unimaginable amount of space.

Again and again, the northern region profound practitioners taking cover in the Deep Sea God Realm were knocked back by the shockwaves of the battle. By the time they regained their balance, they realized that they were a couple hundred kilometers away from the center of the battlefield.

They stared blankly at the battle above their heads… they almost couldn’t believe that there existed a battle where they, powerful Divine Masters, were unqualified to participate.

Even outside the Deep Sea Barrier, a huge number of western region profound practitioners were so focused on the battle that they had forgotten to attack the barrier.

The dragon race was the greatest race of all races, and they of course possessed their own unique profound arts and profound skills. However, the stronger a dragon, the less they actually practiced them.

As for the Dragon Monarch, he almost couldn’t remember the techniques he had once engraved into his memory.

It was because both his body and his soul stood at the pinnacle of the world. Profound arts and profound skills were only burdens to him.

After all, his bloodline, his body, his power, and his soul were the strongest profound arts in the entire world.

That being said, no matter how powerful Long Bai was, there was no way he could fight off the northern region’s strongest forces all by himself.

The suppression grew worse and worse. He continued taking hits from the Brahma Divine Masters and Yama Devils. However, his draconic aura never weakened or fell into disorder in the slightest, and his retaliations were as fierce as they were deadly.

It was a testament to the Dragon Monarch’s true power. He didn’t lose even though he was suppressed for a very long time.

Outside the barrier, Long Si let out a heavy sigh before saying, “His dragon’s body and dragon’s soul far surpass ours. His dragon’s body especially may have surpassed the ‘limit’. He truly deserves to be called the Dragon Monarch.”

“Yet his dragon soul was still suppressed by the Devil Queen,” said Long Yi while looking at the black shadow in the sky. “It looks like a lot of monsters have risen during the time we were asleep.”

“It is time we act,” Long Er said.


Another huge, deafening explosion erupted from Long Bai and sent the Yama Emperor, Qianye and more flying.

Long Bai was covered in wounds, but even the deepest one was only a meter or two deep. They hadn’t even dug deep enough to see its bones yet.

Long Bai abruptly turned around to hit the weakest Yan Wu.

Yan Tianxiao dashed toward Long Bai like a black meteor with the intent of scoring a quick hit, but the talon suddenly changed direction and pressed down on him instead.

Caught off guard, Yan Tianxiao took the full brunt of the attack. A terrifying blast of draconic energy burst through his chest and his back.

Yan Tianxiao’s features twisted into an ugly visage, and his teeth nearly shattered under the sheer force he was exerting on them. In his hatred, not only did he not bother to suppress his wounds, he channeled his full power and struck the dragon talon with everything he had.


It sounded as if a thousand hills were crumbling. The Dragon’s Monarch’s talon broke under the retaliatory strike, but Yan Tiaoxiao himself crashed deep into the ground while spewing blood.

“Royal father!!”

Yan Wu let out a cry of horror and rushed to her father’s aid.

After Yan Tianxiao rolled over to his back, he tapped his chest a couple of times with a finger and sealed the wound. When he looked up and saw a panicking Yan Wu flying toward him, he hit her with a gust of dark energy before shouting at her angrily, “Get him, not me!”

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