Chapter 1835 - Dragon Monarch’s True Form

Yan One and Yan Three had received instructions from Chi Wuyao long before this happened. They were also the fastest to reach and attack Long Bai. The pair of black claws that terrorized the Southern and the Eastern Divine Regions flew toward the Dragon Monarch’s left and right sides.

The sound and sensation of the Deep Sea Barrier closing jolted Long Bai out of his rampage. At the same time, he realized that he had been duped by Chi Wuyao again.

A faint white light appeared from his body.


Yan One and Yan Three’s claws struck Long Bai ruthlessly. The sound of breaking bones was so clear that some people thought that it had come from their own bodies.

The profound rock Long Bai was standing on shattered, and the space behind him collapsed. However, he didn’t move an inch from where he was, and he stared at his attackers with terrifying authority and indifference.

Yan One’s fingers were bent. Yan Three’s right arm was straight up dislocated. A level of recoil far beyond their wildest imaginations had sent them flying away from Long Bai.

Right after that, Jie Xin, Jie Ling, Qianye Ying’er, Gu Zhu, and the two Brahma Ancestors’ power reached Long Bai.

Long Bai raised his white glowing right arm. It took him only an instant to complete the simple movement, but for some reason it appeared unnaturally slow to everyone who saw it. Then, he casually thrust his palm forward.

Long Bai was probably the only being in the entire world who possessed the strength to knock back two Yama Ancestors by brute force. Even so, he should need a moment to gather his strength after that.

However, the energy releasing from his right arm was a draconic aura that stifled everyone’s breath at the same time.


A half transparent, pale white image of a dragon gushed forward. The world shook beneath a soul shaking roar.

Four level ten Divine Masters—Jie Xin, Jie Ling, Qianye Ying’er and Gu Zhu—were stopped in their tracks just like that. They couldn’t move even an inch closer to Long Bai.

On the other hand, Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu fared better and were halted for only a moment. Once they had regained their freedom, they charged the Dragon Monarch again and pressed two golden glowing palms on his head.

High up in the sky, Yan Tianxiao summoned a pitch-black Yama spear that grew from 3 meters long to 300 meters long in an instant. By the time he reached Long Bai, it had grown to 3 kilometers long.


The world shone a shade of gold and black for a moment. The Yama spear shattered into pieces, and a supernova-like explosion dropped the two Brahma Ancestors like flies. Even Long Bai was sent flying until his back struck the Deep Sea Barrier.

The air suddenly turned incredibly oppressive.

The battle had begun and come to a lull in just an instant.

The northern region profound practitioners’ joy of having “imprisoned” the Dragon Monarch had also lasted only an instant. All they felt now was a level of shock that could tear the soul apart.

It was because the combined strength of some of the strongest powers in the entire Northern Divine Region—the Yama Ancestors, Yan Tianxiao, the two Brahma Ancestors, and four level ten Divine Masters—had only succeeded in knocking Long Bai back.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Monarch felt the Deep Sea Barrier behind his back and snorted quietly.

A realm protecting barrier was used to defend against an invader’s attack or, in the worst case scenario, buy enough time for its denizens to escape. Therefore, it was usually set so that it prevented entry, but allowed exit.

The Deep Sea Barrier written in the records was no different. The earlier barrier was obviously a one-way barrier as well.

However, during its second activation, it had suddenly transformed into a two-way barrier now preventing both entry and exit.

Twelve hours ago, when cracks first appeared on the Deep Sea Barrier, he had already felt that something was amiss. Although he had never witnessed the true Deep Sea Barrier with his own eyes, the records had stated that it was the strongest defensive barrier in the entire Southern Divine Region. While it was impressive that it had blocked the full-powered attacks of hundreds of Divine Masters for as long as it did, it still didn’t feel like it had lived up to its reputation.

However, he hadn’t thought deeply into it because Chi Wuyao had distracted him at the time.

Obviously, he now knew why the Deep Sea Barrier had “broken” as easily as it did.

A perfect flaw, followed by a perfect transmutation of attributes… It looked like the seemingly pretentious claim that the Deep Sea divine power was infinitely flexible was true after all.

After that, Long Bai looked up and stared at Chi Wuyao, the one person who had stayed out of this fight.

Now that he was in full possession of his faculties once more, he realized that she had led him by the nose almost every step of the way.


The eight Dragon Gods attacked the Deep Sea Barrier at the same time, but this new barrier was clearly a lot stronger than the previous iteration. Even their combined strength had only managed to dent it a little.

“Everyone attack!” The Crimson Destruction Dragon God shouted.

The Dragon Sovereigns, Master Dragons and the Divine Masters of the five king realms responded affirmatively and attacked in unison. Divine Master energy started beating down on the barrier like a galactic storm.


Back inside the barrier, Yan Three relocated his arm back to normal while glaring at Long Bai with shining black eyes. It didn’t feel like he had struck a body earlier. More accurately speaking, he hadn’t thought a body this tough even existed until just now!

Yan One fared better than Yan Three, but his hands felt numb. His eyes were shining with the same terrifying light as Yan Three.

Even Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu, the two Divine Masters who knew Long Bai better than anyone else in the northern region faction, were shaken.

No one doubted that the Dragon Monarch was strong.

The problem was that no one knew where his true limits lay.

It had been countless years since he had fought anyone seriously.

It was because he had become the strongest as far back as one hundred and fifty thousand years ago.

Of course, Long Bai’s monstrous strength hadn’t manifested out of thin air, and Shen Xi sat at the heart of his ascension.

Soul wise, his drive for power stemmed directly from his obsession with Shen Xi. Body wise, he had the privilege of using the Divine Water of Life—a miraculous substance that could transform a powerless mortal into a Divine Origin profound practitioner with a single drop—for hundreds of thousands of years.

In fact, one might even say that Shen Xi was the one who made Long Bai into what he was today, not Long Bai himself.


“Do not give him even a moment to breathe!” Chi Wuyao commanded, “We only have one shot at this! Don’t save your strength just because he’s one person! Hit him with everything you have!”

A few years ago, when Jasmine had awakened as the Evil Infant, she had single handedly killed the Moon God Emperor, the Star Gods, the Moon Gods, the Brahma Kings and the Guardians before escaping safely. She had been undefeatable despite being at the lowest point of her strength.

In terms of power, the Dragon Monarch was the closest profound practitioner to that level!

In terms of body… he might actually be tougher than Jasmine at that time!

Therefore, she had no idea if her trap—one that would’ve killed absolutely anyone else in the entire Primal Chaos—was enough to kill Long Bai before the barrier shattered. The odds were, to put it simply, impossible to calculate. But gamble she must, for the only other alternative was annihilation!

The Devil Queen’s voice wiped out the northern region’s profound practitioners’ shock and replaced it with violent determination. If they could slay the Dragon Monarch right here and now, the enemy forces would fall into chaos for sure! It was the ray of a miracle the Devil Queen had schemed with all her might to obtain, so they couldn’t let it slip through their hands no matter what!


The first attacker was still Yan One. He was the greatest Yama Ancestor of the Northern Divine Region, and his pride was just as lofty. The shame of being sent flying in a single exchange burned against his skin like a brand. 

Behind him, the Witches, Moon Eaters and Yama Devils unleashed their powers as well.

Some distance away, the God Emperor Cang Shitian laughed madly. “How do you like my magic trick, Western Divine Region!? I just turned your Dragon Monarch into a Deep Sea turtle! Wahahahaha!!”


Caizhi raised the Heavenly Wolf Devil Sword and unleashed a wave of spatial energy from the tip. The next moment, hundreds of Dragons of Absolute Beginning descended from the sky, and the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning himself appeared beneath Caizhi’s feet. The aura the Dragon Emperor was emanating shocked even the western region dragons.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Northern Divine Region had squeezed out every ounce of strength they possessed to kill Long Bai.

Their manic determination deeply disturbed the Dragon Gods of the Dragon God Realm and drove them to attack the Deep Sea Barrier with even greater frenzy than before, but the five Venerable Withered Dragons still didn’t make a move.

Long Bai’s hair swam messily behind his back, and a white film had glazed over his pupils. 

No matter how powerful he was, he couldn’t possibly withstand the full strength of the northern region forces on his own.

Therefore, he, the Dragon Monarch, made the most logical and correct decision.



A draconic roar that nearly knocked everyone unconscious rocked the blue sky of the Southern Divine Region, and the world… trembled.

The world suddenly turned darker for no reason. The Dragons of Absolute Beginning stiffened and sank almost a hundred meters before they barely re-gathered themselves. Even the Dragon Gods, chi dragons, hui dragons and blue dragons attacking the Deep Sea Barrier suddenly lost control of their power and shivered uncontrollably.

His body was over thirty thousand meters long, his scales were pure white, and his eyes looked like a pair of burning suns. The draconic aura that was already unparalleled in this world actually grew several times stronger than before.

Rumble… rumble...

The white dragon slowly descended from the sky.

Unnatural, disastrous storms appeared here and there without warning. Space shivered to the point where it felt like countless bolts of lightning were striking endlessly against the world.

Yan One and Yan Three froze in midair. The Yama Devils and Moon Eaters who were about to pounce on the Dragon Monarch backed away like a typhoon had hit them.

Even Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu, two old men who had lived so long that few things could surprise them anymore, stared blankly at the Dragon Monarch for a very long time.

The Dragon Monarch’s true form...

It was the form that they had never seen even during their lifetimes!

They were hardly the only ones who could make such a claim. Even the Dragon Gods hadn’t seen his true form for the heavens only know how many years.

It was impossible to accurately describe how it felt except that it literally caused heaven and earth to shiver, and it stunned even Yan One and Yan Three, two monsters who had lived in the Bone Sea Abyss for eight hundred thousand years, for a moment. Both devils had temporarily forgotten what they were supposed to do.


The moment the Dragon Monarch roared, more than half of the profound practitioners present thought that their bodies and souls had been crushed to smithereens. In fact, countless planets in the Southern Divine Region had strayed away from their original orbits.

While everyone was stunned or near unconsciousness, the Dragon Monarch abruptly escaped the aura lockdown he was under and flew toward the back.


Another draconic roar followed, but this time it came from the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning himself. It flew straight toward Long Bai.


The two giant beings collided against one another and caused a series of heart-wrenching noises that sounded like thousands of dragon bones breaking at the same time. An instant later, the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning dropped toward the ground like a lightning bolt, and the Dragon Monarch brought his claws downward. The shadow it cast enveloped the entire Burning Moon Realm entourage.


Fen Daoqi roared, but he himself couldn’t move because he was trapped at the center of the Dragon Monarch’s power. He felt as if a million mountains were trapping him in place. Pupils widening to their limits, he channeled his full power and thrust his arms upward in an attempt to resist the attack, even though he knew that his struggle was futile.

“Be safe… Senior Daoqi!!”

Suddenly, a profound practitioner reached Fen Daoqi and hit him with a palm strike, sending the old man flying and out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, he also put himself directly in the way of the Dragon Monarch’s claw.


Ji Daopian was smashed deep into the ground, his arms breaking like twigs before the unstoppable force. The Moon Eaters who just barely flew out of the way were still knocked flying, some several kilometers and some dozens. When they finally regained their bearings and looked back, they saw something that caused their eyes to turn red with rage.


The claw pushed harder… and Ji Daopian exploded in a shower of blood.

Just like that, Ji Daopian, one of the Moon Eaters of Burning Moon Realm, a level eight Divine Master, was crushed to death by the Dragon Monarch. He was barely able to put up any resistance at all.

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