Chapter 1834 - Deep Sea Crisis (9)

Cang Shitian went to fulfill his orders, and he left a bunch of hapless Sea Gods and divine envoys in his wake. 

All of them immediately exchanged glances when he left and one of the Sea Gods finally spoke out in a hushed voice, “What do we do?”

The Overflowing Waters Sea God currently lay in a puddle of his own blood right in front of them. He was barely even alive and half of his body was currently buried in the ground.

The Sea God power in his body had already been forcibly retrieved, and he was currently in such a weakened state that he didn’t even have the power to get to his own feet.

Given Cang Shitian’s current state of extreme madness, no one would dare to save the Overflowing Waters Sea God without Cang Shitian’s explicit command. If not, they might very well suffer the same fate as he did.

“What else can we do?” Another Sea God replied with a helpless sigh. After that, he clenched his teeth and hissed, “Do we even have another choice?”

Of course they didn’t.

Chi Wuyao’s steps were slow and measured and her fair face was calm and composed. However, her eyes unwittingly drifted towards the direction of the royal hall… She really wanted to go take a look at the Eternal Heaven Pearl that Yun Che was in right now, but it was not meant to be.

Even though it was covered by seven isolating barriers, the enemy at their gate was the Dragon Monarch, his powerful servants, and the gathered god emperors of the west. The moment their attention was drawn toward that hall, it was more than possible that they would be able to detect the Eternal Heaven Pearl.

Qianye Ying’er’s golden hair danced in the air as she arrived at Chi Wuyao’s side. When she looked at Chi Wuyao’s face, she saw a grim look of gloomy melancholy plastered on it, a look that was all-too-rare.

“Do we have any other moves after this?” she asked.

“We still have a very small one,” Chi Wuyao replied, “but it probably won’t even be able to make any difference. In the end, everything depends on that miracle occurring.”

After that, the two of them remained silent for a very long time.

Previously, all of them had wanted to dampen the raging fire in Yun Che’s heart, so that he wouldn’t pursue his revenge at all costs and continuously put his life on the line in that undertaking. However, they were now fervently hoping that he would leave the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm early because of that trademark impatience and impulsiveness of his.

A gentle and fragrant breeze brushed past them as Caizhi’s delicate figure landed in front of the two women. After that, she raised her head to look at Chi Wuyao before asking in a very sincere voice, “How did you do it?”

A faint smile appeared on Chi Wuyao’s face. “The circumstances behind the current situation are very complicated and it’ll be hard to explain everything to you in the short time that we have. Furthermore, you’re still small, so it would be better if you didn’t delve too deeply into this matter.”

Chi Wuyao immediately realized that she had made a mistake. After a short pause, she said, “When I said small, I meant your age.”

“...If you don’t want to tell me, then forget it!” Caizhi turned away from them and prepared to leave.

Qianye Ying’er suddenly spoke in a cold voice, “Your beloved husband slept with someone’s Dragon Queen, and he did it in the Dragon God Realm, for one whole year. It’s that simple.”

“...!!?” Caizhi’s starry eyes widened as she fell into a stunned silence.

“Hmph!” Qianye Ying’er gave a soft snort of disdain. “Just as expected, the more holy and pure a woman looks, the more likely she is to be a slut.”

Her words were filled with barely contained venom. She could still overlook the part that Yun Che had to play in the desperate straits they currently found themselves in, but she had no qualms about blaming that “Dragon Queen”!

Caizhi turned to stare at her coldly. “That’s still nothing compared to the so-called Goddess who has been violated more than six thousand times.”

“...” Qianye Ying’er’s golden eyes narrowed as she said, “Oh? It seems like you’ve improved.”

“Can the two of you give it a rest for now, especially during a time like this?” Chi Wuyao said as she pressed her fingers against her temples. She explained to Caizhi, “Long Bai did not forcefully conscript all of the Divine Masters of the Western Divine Region’s king realms, awaken the Venerable Withered Dragons, and activate the World Dragon City to eliminate the devils of the north in one fell swoop. His main motive is to vent his hatred and jealousy on Yun Che.”

“As such, we aroused that deep-seated hatred and jealousy to the point where he nearly lost control of himself, and told him that Yun Che would return in about ten to twelve hours time. As a result, he will obediently wait until that time has passed… After all, if he can’t rip us to shreds in front of Yun Che, the joy he will derive from venting his hatred will be greatly reduced.”

Caizhi’s chest violently heaved for a while before her body finally stiffened and she asked, “Why didn’t you add more hours to that?”

“Going beyond the limits of plausibility is worse than falling short,” Qianye Ying’er replied.

“I don’t recall asking you a question!” Caizhi coldly rebuked her.

“(ˉ▽ ̄~)... Tsk~” Qianye Ying’er pouted.

Chi Wuyao calmly replied, “A day has twenty-four hours, and twelve hours is exactly half that number. It is a balanced number that will unconsciously seem reasonable to anyone who hears it. Even though it isn’t a short period of time, it’s something that everyone can easily swallow. If we tried to be greedy, we might very well elicit the opposite of the response we were hoping for.”

“???” Caizhi didn’t understand that explanation at all.

“Caizhi,” Chi Wuyao said in a gentle voice, “Twelve hours from now, a fierce battle will definitely begin. At that time, we will need to rely heavily on the Dragons of Absolute Beginning.”

“You don’t need to remind me,” Caizhi said. Even though this was tantamount to sending the Dragons of Absolute Beginning to their deaths, the desperate straits that they found themselves in brooked no soft-heartedness.

“However, I have a request that the both of you must agree to.”

“Oh?” Chi Wuyao said as she looked at her.

“You must leave Zhou Xuzi… to me!”

Her grim voice and cold eyes contained a determination that could not be overruled along with a bone-piercing hatred.

“Okay,” Chi Wuyao said with a small nod of her head.



A dragon’s cry shook the air as purple light vanished. It was almost as if the huge and boundless Eternal Heaven Divine Realm had just endured a gigantic calamity. Every inch of space inside of this realm was shaking violently and this continued unabated for a very long time.

“You did it! Big Brother Yun Che, you did it!”

A girl’s delighted voice rang in the air like heavenly music as Shui Meiyin threw herself at Yun Che in glee. Two long and lustrous white legs circled around his waist as a pair of jade arms hugged his neck tightly. She was so happy that she was unwilling to let go.


After Yun Che let out a long breath, he opened his eyes. He didn’t care about the sweat that covered his body and face and the smile he wore was the brightest it had been since he had entered the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm.

He had done it! He had finally done it!

If he had tried to do this before he entered the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, he would definitely have had to pay for it with his life. But today, he could finally use it for the first time without its burden exceeding the limits of his soul

He had only used two years to accomplish it.

This was great news. If things were like this...

He wrapped both arms around Shui Meiyin’s slender waist as he closed his eyes in satisfaction. “This is all thanks to you. If you weren’t around, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish this even if I had a hundred years.”

“As if! Big Brother Yun Che is the awesome one. And, and... I’ve always belonged to you in the first place.” Shui Meiyin’s voice turned soft and cottony, and clouds of red stained her face and her neck.


She cried out softly in shock as Yun Che suddenly pressed her to the ground.

A lascivious grin appeared on Yun Che’s face as he stared at her like a hungry wolf. “Then how should I thank my little Meiyin?”

Shui Meiyin stuck out her tongue at him as she replied in a coquettish voice, “You know, you’re even more like a bad guy during times like these than you are as the big bad Devil Master of darkness!”

“I’ve always been a bad guy!” Yun Che’s expression and gaze were growing lewder by the second. “Furthermore, I’m much badder than you’ve ever imagined… and you’re about to find out right now.”

As his upper body pressed down toward her, his violent movements caused the fist-sized tri-colored Glazed Sound Stone to gently smack against Shui Meiyin’s lustrous crescent-shaped collarbone before it bounced back and hit Yun Che in the jaw.

“Daddy! You must control your lower self!”

Yun Wuxin’s childish voice rang in their ears, causing Yun Che, who was just about to act with his lower half, to freeze in place.

Shui Meiyin pressed a tiny hand against her mouth as a “pfffft” escaped her lips.

Yun Che picked up the fist-sized Glazed Sound Stone and stared at it dazedly for a long while.

“What’s wrong, Big Brother Yun Che?” Shui Meiyin timidly asked him in a soft voice.

“Eh…” Yun Che didn’t know why he felt embarrassment burning on his face as he replied, “I suddenly recalled something… very important.”

“Something very important?”

“That’s… That’s…” Yun Che actually blushed as his lips twitched several times. After that, he finally managed to say, “Back when we met in the Eternal Heaven God Realm for the first time, you were fifteen years old. In truth… you’re actually only four years older than Wuxin.”

Shui Meiyin, “...”

“So…” Yun Che swallowed audibly before he continued, “when everything is over and I bring you to see Wuxin, you must never ever let her know about that! Say that you’re already over three thousand years old!”

Shui Meiyin blinked a few times as she stared at the sincere, worried, and embarrassed look at Yun Che’s face. A giggle escaped her lips again before she started laughing in earnest. It was only after a while had passed that she finally managed to compose herself and say, “Alright, I get it.”

Yun Che got to his feet before he even realized it. As he stared at the Glazed Sound Stone in his head, he fell into another daze.

““Mommy also told me to tell you to watch out not to touch this Glazed Sound Stone by accident when you’re doing weird things with other aunties in the future.”

The words Yun Wuxin said when she “introduced” this red-colored Glazed Sound Stone to him rang in his mind, causing a smile to appear unbidden on his lips.

He suddenly said in a hushed voice, “I feel as if Wuxin is shouting my name right now. It feels as if she wants me to leave this place sooner rather than later so I can reunite with her quickly.”

Shui Meiyin stood up and leaned against his shoulder, “The Eternal Heaven Divine Realm should be open for another four to five months. But if you’re missing her that much, then we should leave earlier. We can also lessen the burden on Big Sister He Ling as well.”

“Yeah!” Yun Che nodded his head before he gently let go of the Glazed Sound Stone. “We will cultivate for three more weeks before we leave. I should be able to perfectly control this skill by then. At that time, we’ll leave this place early.”


To the profound practitioners of the Northern Divine Region, these were the shortest twelve hours of their lives.

They had practically passed in the blink of an eye,

A miracle had not happened and Chi Wuyao’s eyes looked like two deep and dark abysses at the moment.

“This Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm is about to turn into an ocean of blood,” Qianye Ying’er murmured.

“Don’t forget what we discussed earlier,” Chi Wuyao said as she gave Qianye a deep and meaningful look before she started walking forward.

“...” Qianye Ying’er did not reply.

The atmosphere was beginning to grow restless outside the Deep Sea Barrier.

“My lord Dragon Monarch, twelve hours have already passed,” the Azure Dragon God said.

“...” Those quiet and desolate twelve hours had finally passed and Long Bai, who had remained as still as a statue throughout, finally began to turn around slowly, his eyes sweeping across the east.

“Where is Yun Che?”

He had only spoken three short words but they were like dark clouds which covered the skies of the Ten Direction Deep Sea Realm and silently menaced it.

“The God Realm is vast and the Devil Master was in a place that is very far away. Ten to twelve hours were merely an estimate of mine. It is normal for there to be some discrepancy.”

Chi Wuyao’s voice and figure seemed both near and far at the same time. Even though she was facing the Dragon Monarch’s heavenly might, her voice was still as calm and tranquil as some devilish pool, “Since the Dragon Monarch has already waited for twelve hours, what’s a bit more time?”

“Dragon Monarch, something is wrong with the situation!”

The Pure Dragon God suddenly said, “If Yun Che is truly rushing toward this place at full speed, he will definitely be releasing a large amount of energy and aura. However, I’ve been using our spies to monitor the Southern Divine Region for the last few hours, and I’ve even gotten the ones in the southern part of the Eastern Divine Region to do a quick scan of their areas. Despite sweeping over several star regions, none of them have found a trace of Yun Che’s aura.”

“It is very likely that they are not waiting here for Yun Che in the first place! This is the most plausible scenario! They used some strange means to find out about our movements, and that includes the existence of the World Dragon City and Venerable Withered Dragons. After that, they realized that this fight wasn’t winnable so they decided to lay down their lives here to give Yun Che enough time to escape back to the Northern Divine Region. So they decided to use this method to stall for time!”

Even though the Pure Dragon God hadn’t gotten the situation right, she had still correctly guessed most of it.

Long Bai had long since regained his composure after his initial eruption of anger. However, since he had personally said that they would wait for twelve hours, his dignity as the Dragon Monarch would not allow him to go back on those words, even if he sensed that there was something wrong.

However, these twelve hours had already passed and his vast spiritual senses had not detected a single thread of Yun Che’s aura. As such, the words of the Pure Dragon God instantly reignited the fires of rage in his heart.

“You played me?” The first person the Dragon Monarch turned to look at was Chi Wuyao.

If the other person hadn’t been the Devil Queen of the North, just that simple stare alone would have been enough to shake their soul.

“Hehe...” Chi Wuyao suddenly started laughing at this moment, and her laughter was both seductive and strange. After that, her voice suddenly turned incredibly cottony and languid as she said, “Our lord Devil Master has probably safely returned to the Northern Divine Region by now and you won’t be able to catch him even if you use the World Dragon City.”

“...” Long Bai’s sword-shaped brows instantly sank.

“The Dragon Monarch’s grand name has resounded like thunder in our ears for millennia. However, it turns out that you’re actually nothing more than an idiot and a fool. I merely said a few words and it got you to sit there quietly for twelve whole hours! Even the pets that I rear in my devilish pool are not as obedient as you are!”

Long Bai’s face remained impassive… but the words that Chi Wuyao were about to say would instantly cause heavenly lightning to erupt from him.

“Ah, you’re such a fool, so it’s no wonder… that the Dragon Queen gifted you a shiny green hat.”


Everyone felt as if a million bolts of lightning had exploded in their heads at the same time.

Long Bai’s face instantly turned a ghastly shade of blackish-green as his eyes widened to the size of saucers!


Space collapsed around him as his raging draconic energy erupted from his body along with his boundless rage. The Dragon Gods, Dragon Sovereigns, and even the Venerable Withered Dragons were violently knocked away by the backlash from this energy eruption.

Furthermore, Long Bai… the monarch of the Dragon Gods, the commander of the Western Divine Region, had actually attacked! As everyone looked on in helpless disbelief, his energy exploded towards the barrier.

An earth-shaking explosion rang through the air as his claw heavily smashed against the tattered Deep Sea Barrier.

Bang… CRACK!!!

One blow. Just a single blow had caused the Deep Sea Barrier to collapse. That attack had contained the most dreadful and powerful force in the universe and the blue sky covering the Deep Sea Divine Region instantly shattered into fragments.

A huge pale white claw appeared over Long Bai’s right arm as it bore down toward Chi Wuyao with peerlessly dreadful draconic might and malice.

No one had even recovered from the dazed shock elicited by Chi Wuyao’s words, so there was no way that they would be ready for the Dragon Monarch’s sudden attack. However, Chi Wuyao had already been prepared for it and her devilish figure silently flew forward.


The Dragon Monarch had finally attacked and even the flick of his fingers seemed to be able to create a heavenly calamity.

Countless holes were instantly gouged out in the ground of the Deep Sea Divine Region and an entire host of devils were blasted far away. As destruction raged around her, Chi Wuyao’s afterimages were instantly destroyed and her real body coalesced into existence in the skies above her. She shouted, “Open!”


The fragments of the Deep Sea Barrier were chaotically fluttering in the air, but they suddenly glowed with an extremely dense blue light that started to rapidly spread.

When the dazed Dragon Gods saw that blue light, they were shocked at first. But after that, their expressions immediately changed as they crazily charged forward and yelled, “Dragon Monarch!”


For the last twelve hours, no one had seen hide nor hair of Cang Shitian. This was because he had been in the core of the Deep Sea Divine Region rigidly controlling the Deep Sea Barrier’s power. Just as Chi Wuyao had instructed, he had maintained it in a state where it could be instantly released at any moment.


The Deep Sea Barrier coalesced into existence once more, firmly sealing the Deep Sea Divine Region within.

The eight Dragon God who had rushed forward violently smacked into the newly-reopened Deep Sea Barrier.

The dazed and confused Western Divine Region profound practitioners were standing outside the barrier.

While the raging Long Bai… was inside of it.

The commander-and-chief of the entire Western Divine Region had been isolated from his troops just like that.

Chi Wuyao’s heart-piercingly cold voice rang out from above him.


Heart-rending devilish cries rang through the air as the light in the area grew dim. In that instant, Yan One, Yan Three, Yan Tianxiao, Jie Xin, and Jie Ling attacked Long Bai simultaneously.

Behind them, the powers of Qianye Ying’er, Qianye Bingzhu, Qianye Wugu, and Gu Zhu’s power erupted dramatically as they joined in the attack as well.

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