Chapter 183 - Stone Dragon General (Teaser)

Chapter 183 - Stone Dragon General

This almost miraculous profound skill that was self-made by fusion, became a light of hope to the Yun Che who was in despair. His focus of attack switched to the far away Stone Dragon Archers; following the brandishing of the heavy sword, the close by Stone Dragon Warriors were blown away. What’s more, the phoenix shaped flames that were shot flying out also blew up the Stone Dragon Archers one by one.

Yun Che’s resounding roars, the heavy sword’s howling, the rumbling collisions, and phoenix’s low cries weaved into a dreadful sonata in this isolated valley. Yun Che’s vision gradually grew hazy. His body almost became entirely numb, to the extent that he almost could not feel the existence of his arm. But his right arm that tightly gripped the heavy sword, still continued to swing mechanically. After a few tens of phoenix cries, all of the Stone Dragon Archers fell, and more than half of the Stone Dragon Warriors that had numbered over five hundred also fell at this time. Nevertheless, the dancing of the heavy sword still did not stop, and made the numbers of fallen Stone Dragon Warriors higher and higher… Three hundred…. Four hundred…. Five hundred….


Following the sounds of an explosion, the earth broke apart. Mustering up the last of his strength, Yun Che attacked. All the Stone Dragon Warriors were blown far away, and a fifteen...

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