Chapter 178 – Primordial Azure Dragon (1) (Teaser)

Chapter 178 – Primordial Azure Dragon (1)

After killing the male Flood Dragon, Jasmine’s little face instantly turned an ashen white color. She glanced backwards towards Yun Che’s location; her red dress fluttered, and then her body transformed into a streak of red light, returning to the Sky Poison Pearl.

Yun Che, seeing that the male Flood Dragon had perished, was greatly relieved. While running forward, he also called out frantically, “Jasmine, are you alright?”

A long while later, Jasmine finally spoke in a hate-filled voice. “Hmph! I must have owed you a debt in a past life!”

Jasmine’s voice was clearly rather weak, but it wasn’t trembling. This made Yun Che feel relieved, and he said, rather apologetically, “I harmed you yet again.”

“…no need to say pointless things. If you want to save that woman, move a bit faster. I’m unable to guarantee that she wasn’t poisoned by that male Flood Dragon’s venom. In addition, for the next three months, don’t even think about having me intervene again.”

After saying these things, Jasmine said nothing else. There, within the Sky Poison Pearl, she began to quietly suppress the poison that was once more flaring throughout her body. Although her soul wasn’t as badly injured as it was last time, after she slew the Flame Dragon, she definitely didn’t feel very well at all right now.

This exciting battle that involved two peak Sky Profound Realm Flood Dragons and an expert who had taken...

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