Chapter 176 – A Vicious Battle (Teaser)

Chapter 176 – A Vicious Battle

The male dragon’s voice carried deep hatred and murderous intent within it, as though humans were hated enemies that it was not willing to share the world with. Clearly, to negotiate with them and then depart was completely impossible.

“Hurry up and leave…the farther you go, the better!”

The powerful aura that emanated from those two Flood Dragons caused Little Fairy to feel tremendous danger. She suddenly pushed out her hand, bringing forth a surging, icy current of energy, and shoved Yun Che far away. At the same time, her entire body floated forward icily as she attacked the male and female pair of dragons.

“Little Fairy——”

Little Fairy’s pushing power was something which Yun Che cannot to resist at all. Amidst his shouting, he was pushed more than five kilometers away by that surge of air current before finally falling onto the ground, escaping the attack range of the two Flood Dragons at the same time. From the location he was previously at, a series of utterly world-shaking rumbles could be heard.

The two enormous Flood Dragons coiled there, high in the air, their bellows shaking the world. Compared to their enormous bodies, all that could be seen of Little Fairy was her adorable, tiny, snowy figure. Like a snowy butterfly, she darted about amidst them.

The two Flood Dragons were roughly the same size. They looked similar from the outside, but one was female while the other was male; they appeared...

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