Chapter 175 - Male and Female Flood Dragons (Teaser)

Chapter 175 - Male and Female Flood Dragons

Yun Che’s frame shook and his gaze swept through his surroundings. The pendant’s case was made of metal and would reflect at least some light. Its color also had obvious differences with that of the ground. If it were to fall on the dry yellow ground in the surroundings, it should be easily seen. Yet after searching quite a while, Yun Che still couldn’t find a single trace of it.

And Yun Che clearly remembered, while he had sat and tended to his injuries, his hand had brushed the pendant as he pulled at his damaged collar. His pendant had still been on him, then.


Yun Che raised his head abruptly, and looked towards the sky….. When he was shaking off the Fierce Storm Hawk just now, he clearly felt something run itself over his neck. Then, he had thought it was because his own actions had been too large, and he had been constrained by his clothes, so he didn’t take it to heart. Now that he thought of it…….

It was obviously because his pendant was being swiped off his neck!

Not only were hawks’ talons incomparably sharp, they were also curved into hooks. If they had came into contact with the pendant’s thread, it was very possible that they had firmly hooked onto the pendant, and then pulled it out!!

The Fierce Storm Hawk’s speed was extremely fast. By...

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