Chapter 157 - Love, Promise (Teaser)

Chapter 157 - Love, Promise

The night breeze was cool as night fell. The entire Inner Palace was quiet; even the cries of insects could not be heard. Yun Che sat on the roof of the Sightseeing Pavilion at the rear of the Supreme Profound Hall and was silently immersed in thought while bathing in the moonlight.

It had already been a year since he’d left Floating Cloud City. His original life’s plan was pretty simple; he wanted to restore his profound veins, accomplish something within three years, return to Floating Cloud City to free grandpa and little aunt, and also get back his dignity. After that, he met Jasmine and because of her, he was given a new lease of life. His fate, had also become intertwined with hers, and his life’s trajectory was then destined to turn upside down because of Jasmine.

But now, there was an additional Lan Xueruo in his life.

Liking Lan Xueruo was something that he was really certain of. He was deeply attracted by her beautiful appearance and her refined temperament the first time he saw her. Having been in contact for half a year, especially because they had experienced a life and death calamity together, the feelings they had for each other had slowly ripened.

And it was only until yesterday, did he find out who Lan Xueruo’s true identity, and also found out the things she had to bear, as well as what he would have to face if he wanted to...

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