Chapter 1563 - Troubles Before the Battle

There was a moment of dead silence before cries of shock broke out in the Central Ruins Battlefield. The sky itself was shaking from the commotion.

The East Ruins Divine Sovereign, West Ruins Divine Sovereign, and Southern Phoenix Divine Sovereign were all wearing shocked expressions on their faces. In fact, their reactions were even more exaggerated than the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s, and everyone else’s even more so.

Shock, excitement, disbelief… The Northern Chill Divine Sovereign turned his head with difficulty amidst the uncontrollable uproar and focused his spirit perception on his son like his life depended on it. He said, “Chu’er, you… you…”

“Royal father,” Beihan Chu said with a smile, “this child has fortunately achieved a breakthrough and become a Divine Sovereign thanks to my master and seniors.”

Beihan Chu’s voice wasn’t loud, but it penetrated the uproar like a hot knife through butter and entered everyone’s ears, striking thunder in everyone’s heads again.

“...” The Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s lips started trembling first. Soon, it spread to his entire body. “Good… good… good… haha… hahaha… hahahahaha…”

He laughed loudly like he had gone mad, “With a son like this, this father no longer has any regrets in this life! Hahahaha! Hahahahaha!”

It was the happiest and most satisfying laugh the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign had ever had in his life! It was also the first time he truly understood what the idiom “to die without regrets” meant.

The other three realm kings stared blankly at the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign for a very long time before hiding their sighs at the same time. They understood that it was a true miracle that they might never be able to replicate, and it was pointless to feel envy toward it.

“The Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking is the most popular and sublime profound ranking in the entire Northern Divine Region,” Qianye Ying’er sent a sound transmission to Yun Che.

Although most information within the Northern Divine Region was inaccessible to the other three divine regions and vice versa, the king realms weren’t completely clueless. Qianye Ying’er had heard of the Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking a long time ago.

“This ranking records everyone who became a Divine Sovereign before six hundred years old in the Northern Divine Region… Of course, this ranking doesn’t include those from king realms,” Qianye Ying’er explained uncaringly. “If I remember correctly, there were hundreds who were entered into this ranking every era.”

“I see,” Yun Che finally understood why everyone was reacting the way they did.

Qianye Ying’er and him were the most indifferent of everyone present.

In a sense, the Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking was the most famous and exemplary meritorious ranking of them all. Not including the king realms of the Northern Divine Region, it recorded the names of all Divine Sovereigns below six hundred years old! 

Anyone who became a Divine Sovereign before they were six hundred years old was without a doubt a true genius! The “Heavenly Sovereign” in the ranking’s name was meant to imply that these Divine Sovereigns were blessed by the heavens themselves! 

A profound practitioner who became a Divine Sovereign in six hundred years was very newsworthy. They were considered children of miracle even in the upper star realms! There were thousands of star realms and innumerable experts in the Northern Divine Region, but only hundreds were able to enter the Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking!

Of course, the ranking wasn’t just for recording the names of the youngest Divine Sovereigns in the Northern Divine Region. It implied that these people had the best chance to become Divine Masters and stand at the top of the Northern Divine Region.

They were miracles that even upper star realms would be hard pressed to produce, but Beihan Chu, a denizen of a middle star realm, had entered the ranking!

It was unprecedented in the Five Nether Ruins… No, it was something they dared not even dream of.

“You should be proud,” Superior Unwhite said to the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign. “Chu’er is also the first person in the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace to enter the Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking. Everyone before him was at least a thousand years old before they became a Divine Sovereign. The chief palace master is so pleased that he treats him like his own son.”

Beihan Chu smiled and said, “Everything this disciple has today is thanks to the sect. It is my fortune to be able to join the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace.”

“Mm.” Superior Unwhite nodded in agreement.

Even now, the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign still couldn’t calm himself. He finally understood why Beihan Chu had suddenly become a young palace master, why he was protected by the third palace master of the Hidden Sword Palace, and why Superior Unwhite was willing to act as Beihan Chu’s subordinate. 

No one doubted the future of those who entered the Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking. It was unprecedented even within a sect like the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace. Although Beihan Chu’s seniority was very low, his achievement deserved the highest care, protection and status the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace could afford.

Cries, gossip, cheers… the miracle and glory didn’t just belong to Northern Chill City, but also the Five Nether Ruins. The number of middle star realm Divine Sovereigns who entered the Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking in the history of the Northern Divine Region could be counted on two hands, so it made sense that everyone was basking in the afterglow.

On the Southern Phoenix Divine Country’s side, there were people screaming uncontrollably or gaping in disbelief. Even the Southern Phoenix Divine Sovereign himself was frozen and lost in thought… everyone, except one person. Yun Che noticed that the news barely fazed Nanhuang Chanyi, the woman looking as calm as still water.

His gaze moved toward the small profound ark in the sky. Although he didn’t try to penetrate the barrier with his spiritual perception by force, he noticed the presence of a person.

Is someone trapped inside that barrier?

Yun Che only glanced at the barrier briefly, however. His attention quickly shifted elsewhere.

“Royal father, this child is here on his master’s behalf to witness the Central Ruins Battle. He shouldn’t distract everyone from the main show any longer,” Beihan Chu said while bowing.

“Haha, alright.” The Northern Chill Divine Sovereign literally couldn’t feel any better than he was feeling right now, so he waved a hand and spoke in a voice louder than even the crazy uproar that was engulfing the entire Central Ruins Battlefield, “Everyone, the Central Ruins Battle is a grand event that is held in the Five Nether Ruins every fifty years. It is the battle of Divine Kings, the profound way, and glory.”

“Originally, Venerable Hidden Sword of the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace was supposed to supervise this battle. Unfortunately, Venerable Hidden Sword is away for business, so the young palace master of Hidden Sword Palace, Beihan Chu will be replacing him.”

The Northern Chill Divine Sovereign had addressed Beihan Chu as the “young palace master of Hidden Sword Palace” instead of his own son.

“Now, please take your seats, young palace master, Superior Unwhite.”

“I can’t,” Beihan Chu waved his hands urgently, “this child may be the disciple of the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace when away, but he’s only the son of Beihan at home. He cannot sit above his royal father.”

“Hehe, I appreciate the thought,” the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign said with a smile. “However, don’t forget that you’re representing your master today. The Central Ruins Battle is the battle between our four realms, and it’d look unfair if you were to supervise it as the son of Beihan.”

“...Alright, this child will obey his father’s will.” Only then did Beihan Chu take his seat, a seat that was above even the four realm kings!

The Central Ruins Battlefield finally fell silent, but almost no one was paying attention to the Central Ruins Battle. The Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking was such a stunning title that even now they felt like they were dreaming.

Also, who wouldn’t admire a person who remained pure and humble despite his achievements?

“Everyone,” the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign declared after the Central Ruins Battlefield was silent once more, “the rules of this Central Ruins Battle are the same as the previous. Ten participants from each side will be participating in the battle, and they need to be a Divine King and below three thousand years old.”

Any Divine King below three thousand years old was considered the highest being in a middle star realm. They were looked up to by all middle star realm profound practitioners.

But after Beihan Chu showed up… the gap between a Divine King below three thousand years old and a Divine Sovereign below six hundred years old was so big it wasn’t even funny.

Northern Chill City had always been the organizer of the Central Ruins Battle. This time, even the supervisor himself was the former Northern Chill Crown Prince. From this day onward, this champion of the Five Nether Ruins was going to climb even higher up the totem pole, and no force would be able to stop them anymore.

“The rules of battle haven’t changed either. The format is still King of the Hill, and the fight will continue until only one side remains standing on the battlefield. The order of the ranking is decided by whoever loses all their representatives first, and the ranking decides how the Central Ruins Realm will be divided among the realm king sects for the next fifty years to come!”

The Northern Chill Divine Sovereign looked prouder than he ever was as he recited the rules. Then, he looked at Beihan Chu and said, “Young palace master, you’re the supervisor and witness of this Central Ruins Battle. You should be the one to kick off this battle.”

Beihan Chu stood up and bowed with a cultured smile on his face. However, instead of kicking off of the Central Ruins Battle, he said slowly, “To be honest, I have my own reason for attending this Central Ruins Battle besides obeying my master’s order.”

The entire place suddenly shut up and became as quiet as the grave. Everyone started looking toward the Southern Phoenix Divine Country consciously.

As if to emphasize something, Beihan Chu was facing the Southern Phoenix Divine Country’s side directly.

“Senior Nanhuang,” Beihan Chu bowed deeply toward the Southern Phoenix Divine Sovereign, “This junior fell in love with Princess Chanyi when he first met her at the Southern Phoenix Divine Country. However, this junior was young and lacking in every area except his passion at the time, so it was perfectly understandable that Princess Chanyi would turn down his confession.”

“During my time as a disciple of the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace, there was nothing in the world that could distract me from cultivation except my love for Princess Chanyi. Perhaps the reason this junior has been able to come this far is because of the hope to become a worthy partner for Princess Chanyi one day.”

The Southern Phoenix Divine Sovereign got up to his feet with a smile. The Northern Chill Divine Sovereign was also smiling and nodding. However, everyone of the West Ruins Sect and the East Ruins Sect were either acting gloomy or gritting their teeth.

The rumors were true after all. Beihan Chu had attended the Central Ruins Battle for Nanhuang Chanyi!

Moreover, the situation was far worse than they initially thought! After all, it wasn’t Beihan Chu the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace disciple who was proposing to Nanhuang Chanyi, but Beihan Chu, the Divine Sovereign of the “Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking”!

Moreover, Beihan Chu’s attitude toward the Southern Phoenix Divine Country was unbelievably humble and polite. He could’ve held a grudge against Nanhuang Chanyi for rejecting his confession, but he didn’t. He could’ve borne down on the Southern Phoenix Divine Country like heaven itself, but he didn’t. There was only deep sincerity and yearning in his voice as he proposed from a most humble position.

Right now, Beihan Chu had to be famous throughout the upper star realms, and he was without a doubt the most well regarded disciple in the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace. The fact that he still wanted Nanhuang Chanyi could only be described as a favor from heaven!

Moreover, he hadn’t needed to show up personally at all. All he needed to do was send down the order, and the Southern Phoenix Divine Sovereign would deliver Nanhuang Chanyi right to the doorsteps of the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace himself, and take pride in the fact afterward!

“Heh… that Nanhuang is one lucky bastard!” the East Ruins Divine Sovereign said with a hmph. There was no hiding the jealousy in his eyes.

“This Beihan Chu is truly pathetic,” Dong Xueci also said hatefully. However, he started sweating buckets when he recalled his ridicule of Nanhuang Chanyi.

Beihan Chu continued to speak, “This junior finally achieved something after years of cultivation, and he believes that he’s now barely worthy of Princess Chanyi’s attention. That is why he dares to request the Southern Phoenix Divine Sovereign betroth Princess Chanyi to this junior today. This junior will treat Princess Chanyi’s life like his own if you are agreeable to this… please fulfill my wish, senior.”

Every word he said was sincere and heartfelt. The Northern Chill Divine Sovereign smiled and looked at the Southern Phoenix Divine Sovereign, asking, “What do you think, Nanhuang?”

Everyone knew he was wasting his breath. There was no way in hell the Southern Phoenix Divine Country would reject this proposal! The possibility never existed in the first place!

From the moment Beihan Chu entered the Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking, it was possible that he might become a Divine Master one day. If Nanhuang Chanyi was willing to marry Beihan Chu, then the Southern Phoenix Divine Sovereign’s status would never be the same again… No one had any doubt that a heavenly fortune had landed right in the Southern Phoenix Divine Country’s lap!

Finally, the timing of Beihan Chu’s proposal was a little suspect… It had happened right before the Central Ruins Battle.

It was almost as if he was warning the East Ruins Sect and West Ruins Sect.

The Southern Phoenix Divine Sovereign was beaming, and everyone in the royal family was overwhelmed by excitement and happiness. The Southern Phoenix Divine Sovereign said, “My girl is most fortunate to win your admiration, dear nephew. However, we should still consult my daughter’s opinion first.”

“Chanyi, is there anything you’d like to say?” the Southern Phoenix Divine Sovereign asked. “If you’re too embarrassed to speak, I can accept this proposal on your behalf.”

The center of everyone’s attention, Nanhuang Chanyi, slowly got up to her feet. Her beauty still tickled the heart even though her face was covered up, and it was dawning on everyone why Beihan Chu was unable to forget her despite everything he had achieved… Everyone thought they knew what she was going to say. There simply didn’t exist another possibility.

Nanhuang Chanyi’s soft voice rang throughout the Central Ruins Battlefield, “There is no greater fortune for a woman than being reciprocated by the one she loves. Unfortunately, Young Master Beihan is not the one I love.”

Her voice was a gentle wind in the air, but all it did was silence everyone’s voice and freeze their expression.

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