Chapter 153 - Cang Yue (Teaser)

Chapter 153 - Cang Yue

Hence, the duel between Yun Che and Murong Yi concluded. The outcome of this battle was out of everyone's expectations, shocking their state of mind. Naturally, right after, Yun Che's name swept through the entire Blue Wind Profound Palace like a huge storm, and even the entire Blue Wind Imperial City.

A second ranker of the True Profound Realm, defeated someone at the ninth level of the True Profound Realm in a direct confrontation. This point alone was enough to shake the entire city. However, Yun Che, at the age of seventeen, who was only at the second level of the True Profound Realm was also able to wield the Overlord's Colossal Sword, which no one in hundreds of years was able to successfully wield, as he pleased. This additional fact added a certain amount of colors to his legend.

In just a short period of time, from all the different kinds of rumors about the duel, countless exaggerated names were posed upon Yun Che. For example, "Blue Wind Profound Palace's No. 1 Star", "The No. 1 Genius Blue Wind Profound Palace produced in a few hundred years", "The Peerless Demon who seems to be capable of challenging an entire Profound Realm higher than himself", and even "Blue Wind Imperial Palace's Future Support Pillar".

In a single night, from being a completely unknown existence, Yun Che became someone that seemed to be known by the entire city....

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