Chapter 138 - Heavenly Profound Ranking (Teaser)

Chapter 138 - Heavenly Profound Ranking

The Profound Gathering Tower was situated right at the center of the Inner Palace. Its existence could be seen from anywhere in the Inner Palace; hence, Yun Che did not need anyone to guide him, and was able to find the entrance to the Profound Gathering Tower easily.

The Inner Palace’s profound energy was already especially rich; however, the moment he stepped into the Profound Gathering Tower, profound energy that was several times richer than before blew across his body, exciting Yun Che’s Fifty four Profound Entrances and caused them to spontaneously expand and contract.

“There is indeed a natural profound pulse beneath this Profound Gathering Tower. No wonder this place was where the country’s Imperial Profound Palace was situated. If a sect were to settle down here, within three hundred years, a small sect would definitely develop into a renowned and mighty large sect.” Jasmine said.

Yesterday, Sikong Du told Yun Che that his Profound Cultivation Room was the 101st room, which was the first room on the tenth floor. The moment Yun Che was about to walk forward, he suddenly noticed densely packed names on the right wall. A dense aura of profound energy surrounded those names. Evidently, the names were inscribed with profound energy, and...

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