Chapter 119 - Burning off the Curse (Teaser)

Chapter 119 - Burning off the Curse

“Stop! Don’t hurt him! I’ll promise you anything as long as you let Zu’er go.” Feng Zu’er’s vitality was already unbearably weak, and now, he had also landed in the demonic claws of the villain; Feng Baichuan could no longer regain his former calmness. With a paling face, he raised his hand and shouted in panic.

“Then why don’t you immediately hand over the treasure you are guarding!” Black Demon mercenary roared in an almost deranged manner and a sinister look on his face.

“But… But we really don’t have any treasure…”

“You still dare to fool me, looks like you don’t want your son’s life anymore!” The Black Demon mercenary revealed a sinister smile, and the palm that was gripped around Feng Zu’er’s neck suddenly tightened. Even though Feng Zu’er was unconscious, his small and pale face still showed a pained expression.

“Stop!” Lan Xueruo took a step forward, pointing her sword at the Black Demon mercenary as her whole body trembled with rage, yet she simply had no method to help. Her heart was filled with hatred and regret; if she had listened to Yun...

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