Chapter 114 - At Wit’s End (Teaser)

Chapter 114 - At Wit’s End

“What are you trying to do?”

All of a sudden, Jasmine felt the profound energy in Yun Che’s body begin to abnormally circulate, and immediately became alert. She asked him solemnly: “Are you trying to forcefully comprehend the fifth and sixth stages of this [World Ode of the Phoenix]? Have you gone mad!”

“A chance of a lifetime has been placed right in front of me. If I don’t attempt it, I will regret it forever!” Yun Che replied with his eyes closed. His consciousness was completely submerged into the soul imprint inside the jade rock. This [World Ode of the Phoenix] was recorded using a soul imprint, so one must use soul power to read it. If one managed to successfully comprehend it, it would then be genuinely recorded within one’s own soul. And if one was unable to comprehend it, after leaving the trial ground, the words, images, and methods to circulate profound energy that were recorded on the jade stone would be completely erased from his memory. Therefore, for Yun Che, who only had a month to comprehend the remaining portion of this fragment, it was fundamentally impossible for him to commit the fifth and sixth stages to memory as a temporary solution and then find the first four stages to comprehend...

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