Chapter 108 - World Ode of the Phoenix Fragments (3) (Teaser)

Chapter 108 - 《World Ode of the Phoenix · Fragments》 (3)

“No, allow me to attempt it.”

Yun Che didn’t cower when faced against Feng Baichuan’s words. He spoke with a serious tone: “I know very well of my own strength. But I indeed, do have the qualifications to attempt this trial.”

Yun Che lifted his palm and spread his fingers apart. The profound energy flowed, and a huge ball of orange colored flames suddenly flared from his entire palm. This ball of flame greatly shocked Feng Baichuan, and he asked in astonishment: “You actually possess fire attribute profound arts?”

“That’s right. Moreover, it is a very high ranked fire attribute profound art.” Yun Che nodded. However, his greatest trump card for challenging the Phoenix’s trial, was his overpowered constitution that was invulnerable to any sort of fire. Naturally, it was impossible for him to say such a thing; even if he said so, Feng Baichuan definitely would not have believed him anyway: “Since it’s the Phoenix’s trial, then it must be mainly a trail of fire. I possess thorough knowledge of fire attributed profound arts, and have a certain extent of resistance toward fire profound energies. Perhaps, it is even possible for me to easily pass the trial.”

Feng Baichuan still shook his...

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