Chapter 0088: Preparing to Leave

After the festival, on the carriage taking them back.

Li Luo, Cai Wei, and Yan Lingqing were riding together, and the two were looking wide-eyed at Li Luo.

"Look, I know that I have a really pretty face, and we've spent so much time together that you must be having some thoughts. But in order to keep your relationship with Sister Qing'e intact, I suggest you control yourselves. If you can't, I suggest you discuss this with her," Li Luo sincerely warned them after the staring was getting out of hand.


They both tsked him. This guy was getting bolder by the day.

"Young Lord, you're a man of many secrets indeed. But it's time to spill. How are we going to maintain 64% strength in the future?" Cai Wei asked.

"Easy. I've improved the watersource's purity. So the tempering strength has increased accordingly."

Both were speechless. Yan Lingqing had guessed at least that much. After all, the only factor in spirit liquid quality that Li Luo could influence was the watersource.

Still, even Yan Lingqing was amazed by how much he had purified the watersource before. Had he managed to do so again?

"The Songs went to great lengths to secure all that external aid. They must have gone through an endless series of negotiations and talks. After all that, they lost to a simple watersource purification... I almost feel sorry for Song Qiuyu now." Cai Wei shook her head, smiling.

Li Luo matched her smile. Luckily, the Suncreek Villa had not yet pushed out any third-grade spirit liquids. As a Ninth Seal, he was not strong enough to output so much watersource. Otherwise, he would have raised it as well and totally shut the Songs out of the market.

"But you're heading to the Astral Sage College soon, right? What will we do about the watersource then?" Yan Lingqing asked suddenly. 

It went without saying that the Suncreek Villa's spirit liquids were only where they were thanks to Li Luo. When the enabler left, how could they ensure quality?

He had already guaranteed refunds for anything less than 64%.

Li Luo had already thought of this. "When I go to Xia City, I'll send back a batch of watersource every month to ensure quality."

And as Li Luo's resonant power rose, the amount of watersource he could produce would increase as well. It should be able to meet the needs back here at the Tianshu Province.

Both women nodded in approval.

"But if you go to Xia City, Lingqing and I should go with you," Cai Wei said. "After all, I came to the Tianshu Province to stabilize the businesses here. I’ve finished all of my tasks. I should be returning to Xia City as well."

Yan Lingqing nodded as well. "The Suncreek Villa is doing well. The other day, headquarters sent over a fourth-grade resonance artificer as the vice-president, appointed by Jiang Qing'e. He must be trustworthy; I can leave matters here to him."

She gave him a sly smile. "Actually I'm still a student at the Astral Sage College. When you get in, you will have to call me ‘senior sister.’"

"Indeed, it would be a waste for talents like yourselves to remain at the Tianshu Province." Li Luo replied with a laugh.

Cai Wei was the administrator of House Luolan. Because of their troubles here, Jiang Qing'e had sent Cai Wei to hold down the fort at the Tianshu Province. As for Yan Lingqing, she was a gifted student at the Resonance Tempering Hall in the Astral Sage College. She had agreed to come to the Tianshu Province at the behest of Jiang Qing'e mainly to improve her skills.

Now that he was leaving the Tianshu Province, the two of them would not linger either.

"When do you plan to move?" Cai Wei asked.

"I probably need another half a month or so," Li Luo replied.

There was still a little over a month left in his holidays. And he needed to fill as many holes on the Acquired Resonance Godly Forging Wheel as he could, to build his second acquired resonance.

"Just about right, timewise. We'll make arrangements, tie things down, and be ready to leave around that time as well," Cai Wei said cheerfully.

"I haven't seen my babe Qing'e in a while now. I miss her," Yan Lingqing said eagerly.

Li Luo nodded emphatically. "I miss my babe Qing'e too. I wish I could give her a big, lovey-dovey hug."

Yan Lingqing suddenly turned serious. "I suggest you be more circumspect at the Astral Sage College. If you really make a move, I suspect you will be clubbed to death."

Li Luo started. "Is it illegal to hug my fiance?" He grumbled. "Are the Astral Sage College people so barbaric?" 

Yan Lingqing rolled her eyes at him.


The days after the festival passed peacefully, reverting to a state of calm.

The Suncreek Villa was doing better and better by the day, steadily dominating the spirit liquids and purifying lights market. This was the highest annual profit that they had ever turned.

When there were just two weeks left until the end of the holidays, Li Luo's resonant power finally managed to reach the threshold, and he broke into the Tenth Seal.

At this level, it was time to prepare for the next step, the Resonant Master Stage, and consolidate his resonance seed. Still, it was going to take time. As for his Acquired Resonance Godly Forging Wheel, Li Luo had worked on it steadily, and now only two holes were left.

Still, these two holes eluded his every attempt. He could not find suitable ingredients that the wheel would accept. His guess was that the wood and earth elements in the ingredients were insufficient.

Which meant that these last two holes needed to be filled with something really rare.

He had specially gone to visit the Golden Dragon Bank, but the ingredients there did not meet his standards either. Finally, President Lu mentioned that if he wanted even better ingredients, he would probably have to visit the Golden Dragon Bank's headquarters in Xia City.

There, he would probably find something that would meet his needs.

With that, Li Luo took it as a sign that it was really time to leave for a bigger pond.

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