Chapter 0078: The Old Dean's Revenge

Their short holiday came to an end, and Li Luo returned to Southwind Academy. Standing outside the campus, he looked upon the familiar gates with nostalgia.

Today, he would formally end his term at Southwind Academy. All those years of memories, come to a close.

Still, whatever the future brought, Li Luo knew that his cultivation at Southwind Academy had molded him for years to come.

The way that he still held an aversion to being in the spotlight was because of his hubris back when he had first entered Southwind. From his heroic ways to a blank palace cultivator, he had tasted both heaven and hell.

The lesson had nurtured him not to show himself. He would rather hide himself tightly, grow in secret. Perhaps one day, when he was a Duke or King, he could relax a little.

Unfortunately, these exams had undone all of his past anonymity.

"Damned Shi Huang, damned Song Yunfeng..."

Li Luo cursed. He just wanted to breeze into the top 10, but those two bastards had forced his hand into taking first place.

"And that Lu Qing'er as well. It was obviously her win..." Li Luo continued muttering.

"Ungrateful, aren't we? I let you win, and you're muttering behind my back," said a lighthearted girl's voice.

Li Luo turned to see Lu Qing'er, dressed in Southwind Academy's uniform. Her willowy legs extended out beautifully from the short, black skirt, dipping down under her knee-high white socks. The creamy thighs sandwiched between them were riveting.

Li Luo chuckled dryly.

Lu Qing'er did not mind him. She stepped forth to walk by Li Luo's side, a small smile on her face.

They were like the perfect couple, a hunk and a babe. Envious glances came from all around.

Before, some taunting remarks would have made their way in, but now that Li Luo was the champion, his reputation had started to overtake Lu Qing'er's.

As they walked in, many called out greetings, and they nodded appropriately in response.

After passing through a boulevard, they heard shouting up ahead, where a crowd was forming.

"Song Yunfeng, you loser, you dare show your face at Southwind Academy?" And other such remarks were being thrown around.

Li Luo's eyes widened. Song Yunfeng? He dared to come to Southwind Academy?

He quickened his steps, squeezing through the crowd with Lu Qing'er. He saw Song Yunfeng dressed in black, red-faced. He was flanked by two alert bodyguards from the Song family, here to protect him.

In front of Song Yunfeng was a familiar figure, groaning and frothing blood at the mouth.

Li Luo looked closer. Wasn't that Yu Lang?

What was that guy playing at?

"Brother Luo, Sister Qing, thank goodness you're here. This Song Yunfeng is too much. He not only dared to return after betraying Southwind Academy, he even slapped Yu Lang unconscious after he tried to greet him. It's outrageous!" The students clamored upon seeing the duo.

Li Luo was alarmed. Was Song Yunfeng really so boorish? He had to be aware that he had incurred the public wrath. Would he still start fights?

Li Luo rubbed his nose. There was more going on here than there appeared to be.

Especially... whenever it involved the slippery Yu Lang.

He stared at the groaning Yu Lang. His acting was way overboard. He had much to learn from Zhao Kuo.

"You're full of shit. I didn't beat him, I just asked him to leave me alone and shoved him. I didn't even use strength!" Song Yunfeng asserted furiously, a vein throbbing on his temple.

He had not wanted to come to Southwind Academy at all, but the dean had sent a message to the Song family, saying that all who did not come personally to pick up their entrance slots would be automatically forfeited.

Therefore, Song Yunfeng had no choice but to come, knowing the barrage of backlash that was sure to follow.

Li Luo and Lu Qing'er shared a look. They ignored Song Yunfeng, sensing that there were larger factors at play here.

And soon enough, a bunch of campus security was hurrying over, aggressively accosting Song Yunfeng and his bodyguards.

"What are you doing!?" the bodyguards shouted. 

"You dare to beat up students on Southwind Academy's school grounds? Are you tired of living?!" the security personnel shouted. With a huge surge of resonant power, they seized the two bodyguards and Song Yunfeng all together.

From behind, the dean emerged, a whole group of teachers surrounding him.

They were all looking angry, especially the dean. His shouting began from afar. "You brazen dimwit, you've gone too far now. Do you think I'm already in the grave? How dare you disrespect Southwind Academy's rules!"

The old dean's rage had many students cringing in fear.

Song Yunfeng's heart sank, uneasiness flooding through him.

Looking about, the old dean seemed to spot the fallen Yu Lang. "Song Yunfeng," he cried, "you are heartless and cruel! You crippled him!"

Song Yunfeng was seething with rage. This was too much. He had only pushed Yu Lang away. Crippling? That was slander!

The dean paid no attention to his furious gaze. "From now on, I rescind the student status of Song Yunfeng from Southwind Academy!

"Throw them out!"

The security team obliged, casting the three out.

Song Yunfeng still struggled furiously. "I don't accept it! You can't kick me out, I've broken no rules!"

The dean looked at him coldly. "Report me, then, if you don't accept it. Go tell the Astral Sage College. When they send out the order to fire me, you can enter the Astral Sage College."

Song Yunfeng's furious shouting faded away as he was dragged out, finally vanishing from earshot.

"That acting was too dramatic," Li Luo said to Lu Qing'er in a low tone.

"If Song Yunfeng had made it into the top 10, then there would be nothing the dean could do about his entrance slot. But since you ensured he was out of it, the dean has many ways to deny him the placement," Lu Qing'er whispered back.

"Other deans might respect the rules, but our dean is a bit of a small-minded guy. He would throw away his pride to get the last word in an argument."

A hush fell over the crowd as Song Yunfeng was dragged out, and then a smattering of knowing applause.

The old dean put up a smug hand in acknowledgment, then indicated that they should disperse. He prodded the still-moaning Yu Lang with his toe. "Your acting needs work. If not for my lack of shame, we wouldn't have pulled it off."

Yu Lang sprang to his feet, groaning. "Dean, Sir, your sudden mission gave me no time to prepare. Feelings need to be properly calibrated, y'know?"

The old dean harrumphed, but a smile remained on his weathered features.

"I can tolerate students not contributing to Southwind Academy's glory, but not those that betray us knowingly.

"No matter how much trouble it invites, I won't give them an ounce of Southwind's spoils."

Li Luo chuckled. The old dean's pettiness was legendary, but today it seemed quite adorable to many students.

At least it had forced the unlawful expulsion of Song Yunfeng... Perhaps there was some merit to it.

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