Chapter 0076: Aid for the Song Family

Late night, Song family residence.

Song Qiuyu was sitting in the living room with Mo Ling, channeling water resonance power from her slim hands to wipe away his bruises.

Walking by, Song Shan noticed this and gasped slightly. "What happened to Mo Ling?"

"We were at the Tower Qingfeng. He wanted to greet the Southwind Academy students and talk about the Astral Sage College with them. Li Luo accused Mo Ling of trying to assassinate him and set his bodyguards on him," Song Qiuyu said irately.

"Hngh! Li Luo again!"

Song Shan sat down on the main chair, troubled and angry. Song Yunfeng being eliminated from the top 10 by Li Luo had made the joke of the Song family. And now treating their valued guest this way? It was too much.

"Brazen brat. If this happened in Xia City, he would be left eating through a straw!" Mo Ling burst out angrily as well. He had been badly humiliated today, accused of being a killer before he had even done anything, and then beaten up badly.

"The Suncreek Villa has seen explosive growth since Li Luo took over too. Their first and second grade spirit liquids and purifying lights have improved greatly in quality, and our Pine Nut Villa is barely making ends meet. We think that he might be using a secret watersource. Perhaps Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan left it for him," Song Shan said tiredly.

"Our Pine Nut Villa's Wondrous Sunshine Light formula was corrected by a tempering master that I consulted in Xia City. It's definitely stronger than the Suncreek Villa's Azure Jade Spirit Liquid. But our tempering strength has fallen behind so much. A special watersource is the only explanation." Song Qiuyu frowned.

"If this continues, the Songs' Pine Nut Villa will be completely ruined by the Suncreek Villa," Song Shan grumbled.

Song Qiuyu nodded with equal worry.

Mo Ling looked at them and laughed. "Qiuyu, why the long face? House Luolan's Suncreek Villa isn't that outstanding when you look at the whole of Xia. They're just big fish in the small pond of the Tianshu Province. Look at Xia City. How mediocre they are there!"

"Those that do not bow when they speak have no back pains to complain of. Your Mo family's Inkwater Villa is among the best in the Xia Kingdom. Of course you can look down on the Suncreek Villa," Song Qiuyu groused.

Mo Ling sighed. "Haven't we talked about this? In the future, all of the third-grade and under spirit liquids and purifying lights from the Inkwater Villa can be sent to the Song family. The Song family will be the Inkwater Villa's retailer in the Tianshu Province.

"Our Inkwater Villa formulas are several cuts above the Suncreek Villa's. With that power, the Song family will definitely beat the Suncreek Villa flat."

Song Shan's face was still doubtful even after such reassurance. "But there are still some conditions yet to be worked out with the Inkwater Villa."

Mo Ling made a grand gesture. "Uncle Song, say no more. I know what you want. Part of the reason for my visit is to hammer out all the details on behalf of my elders. There are some concessions that the Inkwater Villa is willing to make. As long as our Inkwater spirit liquids and purifying lights can dominate the entire Tianshu market, both you and I will be winners.

"Besides, Li Luo is getting really cocky. I'm going to show him what it means to pay!"


Song Shan finally smiled now, then he sighed with relief. "I have much to thank you for. I know that the power of the Inkwater Villa is substantial, far more than what the Songs command. I will not say more, then, but I promise that the Song family will definitely help the Inkwater Villa gain footing here in the Tianshu Province."

Mo Ling assured him it was nothing. After chatting a bit more with Song Qiuyu, he left to rest.

After Mo Ling left, the shy smile on Song Qiuyu's face vanished. "Looks like it was useful to bring him to the Tower Qingfeng today."

"I didn't expect Li Luo to act that way. Otherwise, Mo Ling would not have conceded so quickly. He would have played for more time if not for Li Luo."

Song Shan sipped his tea, his expression cheerless. "Who's to say that letting the Inkwater Villa into the Tianshu won't be akin to letting the proverbial wolf into the house? Although their spirit liquids and purifying lights' formulas will be handed over, I understand that those are unimportant. What is crucial are the secret watersource and lightsource, the Black Swampwater and the White Moonlight.

"It is these sources that make their Inkwater Villa formulas shine with full potential.

"We might be inviting them to wrap their hands around our throats instead."

Song Qiuyu gave a soft laugh. "Still, could it get any worse? Our market share in liquids and lights is paltry. Without strong support, we're just feeding the Suncreek Villa at this point."

Song Shan sighed deeply. "Damned House Luolan. Damned Li Luo. Damn it all."

"Do not worry. I came back home precisely for the Festival of Purifying Spirits. I will represent the Pine Nut Villa as the foremost resonance artificer. With my win and the support of the Inkwater Villa's spirit liquids and purifying lights, we will be able to turn things around," Song Qiuyu said.

"Your rival should be the Suncreek Villa's Yan Lingqing. Are you confident?" Song Shan said.

"Yan Lingqing? Old rivals. We crossed paths countless times in the Astral Sage College."

Song Qiuyu gave a cool smile. "But this time, she will lose for sure."

Song Shan nodded, feeling pleased.

Song Qiuyu changed the topic. "How is Yunfeng?"

"Not badly injured, but devastated," Song Shan replied.

In the preliminaries, Li Luo had managed to beat Song Yunfeng to a marginal draw thanks to the Water Mirror Art. Song Yunfeng had never once considered Li Luo an equal match, but now? In the exams, Li Luo had easily thrashed him, as if he were far below Li Luo in strength.

It had crushed Song Yunfeng with a huge inferiority complex.

"Will he be able to make it into the Astral Sage College?" Song Qiuyu scowled.

Song Shan hesitated. At the behest of the Governor's Mansion, Song Yunfeng had ended up helping Shi Huang against Southwind Academy. It had invited much loathing. However, his position in the preliminaries was clear. One of Southwind Academy’s entrance slots should go to him.

However, however. Southwind Academy's old dean was a stubborn rock, hard and petty as could be. He had not even shown courtesy to Governor Shi. Who knew what he would do?

"I hope Wei Sha isn't too unreasonable about this."

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