Chapter 0075: You Want to Assassinate Me?

A few rounds of drinks later, Li Luo judged that it was about time and suggested they call it a night. After all, everyone was probably tired after the exams, so perhaps they should all head back for a good night's rest.

The others were a little reluctant, but they still nodded agreement.


Just at that moment, a crisp slap was heard outside the curtain. "Watch where you're going, eh?"

Pulling aside the curtain, a Southwind student was clutching his face, staggering to the floor, dazed.

Behind, a young man walked in, greeting them with a smile. "Sorry for disturbing your celebration."

"This guy wasn't watching where he was going and bumped into me." He pointed at the youth on the floor.

"And so you hit him?" Lu Qing'er said, raising an eyebrow coldly.

Spotting her, a gleam entered his eyes. He had already identified this girl as something special while observing from upstairs. Up close, she was truly a delight. Those features, that bearing—she was definitely a prize even in the Astral Sage College.

He smiled apologetically at Lu Qing'er. "Sorry. Reacted too quickly."

"You must be Southwind Academy students. Seems like you did well this year. I'm an Astral Sage College student. I'll probably be your senior in the future." Mo Ling grinned.

Hearing this, the Southwind students looked at him in surprise. This person was from the Astral Sage College?

Li Luo fixed him with a look. "Seems like a hostile presence."

"I just wanted to meet the champion of the Tianshu Province's exams."

Mo Ling said, looking back at him with a lopsided smile, "But truly, an Eighth Seal taking first place? The Tianshu Province must have many troubles."

A surge of angry glares.

"He's here to make trouble," Lu Qing'er said softly to Li Luo.

He nodded almost imperceptibly, then stepped forwards to Mo Ling. "Friend, we do not know each other," he said in a hushed voice. "No need to cause trouble, right?"

Feigning surprise, Mo Ling said, "What are you talking about? I'm just here to say hi as your future senior."

"You WHAT?! You want to assassinate me?!" Li Luo shouted out hysterically.

Mo Ling jumped. "What—assassinate?"

Was this guy wrong in the head? Since when had he ever said “assassinate?” He was just here to exact some petty revenge on Song Qiuyu's behalf.

"Protect the Young Lord!"

While he was still confused, a few figures appeared, resonant power at the ready. They were all at the Resonant Master Stage.

These were Li Luo's bodyguards.

Although House Luolan was not in a good situation, the Young Lord would still be accompanied by bodyguards. That was just common sense, wasn't it?

Although these bodyguards rarely made their presence known, hearing the word “assassinate” brought them all ready to spring into action.

They immediately rushed over without hesitation, crowding Mo Ling.

His face changed. "I didn't! I was just going to greet him!" he cried.

He was caught completely off guard. Before he had even started anything, this guy had already sicced his bodyguards on him.

They ignored his protest and started to pummel him with resonant power-charged punches and kicks. Mo Ling hurriedly brought forth his own resonant power in defense.

However, he was perhaps only as strong as one of the bodyguards. With so many of them around, he was soon yelping on the ground, enjoying knuckle sandwiches by the dozen.

The Southwind Academy students were watching, astounded. This young lord was a real enigma. He had called the teacher last time, and this time it was bodyguards in action. It seemed like it was impossible to ever face him in a fair fight...

Still, this time the guerilla tactics left them feeling extremely satisfied.

Above, Song Qiuyu and Difa Jingming were shocked at the turn of events as well. Throwing down their cups, they hurried over.

"What are you doing?!" the two shouted.

They immediately called forth their own resonant power, ready to intervene.

With a wave of his hand, Li Luo's bodyguards retreated, leaving Mo Ling on the floor, cradling his bruised face.

"Young Lord Li Luo, you're a tyrant. Why did you order your bodyguards to attack him?" Song Qiuyu demanded.

"Brother." Difa Qing gasped at seeing Difa Jingming.

"That's Song Qiuyu, Song Yunfeng's elder sister. And Difa Jingming," Lu Qing'er said to Li Luo. "This guy must be here to cause trouble on their behalf."

Li Luo looked at the two and smiled. "Are you with him? He tried to assassinate me. Could you two be the masterminds?"

Damn, flipping the metaphorical table right from the get go.

"Assassinate? Don't slander us! He's our friend, and he’s just here to greet you as your senior." Song Qiuyu burst.

Mo Ling crawled up from the floor as well, his face badly bruised. He glared angrily at Li Luo. "When did I say that I was going to assassinate you?"

He was boiling with anger and humiliation. Damn, he hadn't even put his plan to motion before he was wrongly accused and jumped on.


Li Luo said in a hushed voice, "I heard you say..."

Mo Ling shouted, "I said I was here to say hi as your senior!"

"Oh, is that what it was..."

Li Luo clapped his hands together. "I've ruined things for many people today, so I was worried that there would be a few resentful ones who would try to kill me. I've been high-strung all day. I must have heard wrongly."

Mo Ling shook in anger.

"How about this? I'll pay your tab today, as an apology," Li Luo said with a bright smile.

Song Qiuyu's face was like ice. Given who they were, who would care about a table's tab? Li Luo had done this on purpose. Before Mo Ling could cause any trouble, he had decided to get the jump on him.

"Do I look like I need your paltry coins?" Mo Ling spat at him.

Li Luo smiled thinly at him. "What else can I do?"

Song Qiuyu fell silent. They had intended to let Mo Ling come here and cause some trouble and anger Li Luo. He would probably lose his cool and challenge Mo Ling to a fight, then they could let him taste pain. But this Young Lord had none of that youthful hotheadedness, not even with a beautiful girl by his side.

He was not a reckless one.

And now that things had come to a head, they realized that they could not actually do anything to Li Luo, unless they wanted to jump him together and beat him up. But with so many bodyguards around, it would get really sticky.

So finally, Song Qiuyu cast one more dark look at Li Luo, then she helped Mo Ling to his feet before leaving without a word.

Difa Jingming was still regarding Li Luo. With a final smile, he turned to nod at Difa Qing, then he left with the others.

Although they had left, the mood had been ruined, and the party broke up soon after.

Li Luo and Lu Qing'er were standing at the foot of the Tower Qingfeng.

"Song Qiuyu is studying at the Resonance Tempering Hall in the Astral Sage College. She might have returned to challenge your Suncreek Villa," Lu Qing'er said.

The Suncreek Villa had seen its production quality rise sharply thanks to Li Luo's spirit liquids. Their sales were booming, whereas Pine Nut Villa was gasping for air.

"Because of the Tianshu Province's Festival of Purifying Spirits next month?" Li Luo murmured.

Each year, the Tianshu Province would hold a festival related to spirit liquids and purifying lights. All of the brewers would take part, and there would be many games for them to win and vie for a larger share of the market.

Li Luo also knew about it. The Suncreek Villa was currently busy with preparations.

As for Song Qiuyu, she was probably back for the festival as well.

Li Luo frowned slightly. The Suncreek Villa was blooming under his support. Sales were rising by the day, and skygold was flowing in like a river, all to help him secure the funds to buy more sixth-grade spirit liquids and purifying lights.

How could he let Song Qiuyu interfere with his greatest source of capital?

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