Chapter 0070: Li Luo's Arrow

Boom! Boom!

Within the wreckage, faint sounds of thunder boomed out. Some distance away, the other schools' students were watching Shi Huang throw his full strength time and again, constantly forcing Li Luo back.

If this continued, Li Luo would be eliminated before too long.

They shook their heads. Although Li Luo's growth had been ferocious, he was just that bit of oomph short of taking on someone as strong as Shi Huang. A pity.


Another brutal clang of sword and spear, and Li Luo was again sent flying, crashing straight into a broken building.

Shi Huang's spear was upright as he stared into the wreckage, cutting a striking figure as electricity leaped and danced across his skin.

"Li Luo, trying to play a stamina game? I don’t think you're quite there yet," he said, a hint of contempt in his voice.

"If you want to keep some pride, hurry up and surrender."

Inside the building, the light was dim. Li Luo was leaning against a wall, and he laughed to himself when he heard Shi Huang's voice. "Tough indeed," he mumbled. "Seems like I was a little naive. I thought I could keep this in reserve, but it seems like I need some firepower after all."

With an arrested expression, he grasped his two swords and hit them together, hilts first. Both hilts were engraved with snarling beasts, and now their fangs connected. With a light twist, they clicked into place.

At the same time, the curves of his blades began to deepen.

It looked... like a big bow made from his swords.

A silver-blue bow.

Li Luo pressed a finger at a spot on the blade, and a small hole appeared, silver string springing out. Li Luo twirled it out gently to string his bow.

This was the special resonant artifact he had custom-made. Usually in the mode of twin swords, others did not know that it had another form, a big bow that Li Luo had dubbed the Dewlight Bow.

He curled his hand tightly around the hilt-grip. He did not want to reveal his hidden ace just yet, but clearly if he kept his head down any longer, it would be chopped off.

He looked up at the figure of Shi Huang outside, lips curled in a cold, cold smile.

Outside, Shi Huang seemed to have sensed that something was wrong. Frowning, he transformed his spear into a silver bolt that flew into the building.


He was rewarded with a boom of resonant power. Someone leaped out, landing gently on a vine-covered rock.

Li Luo.

Shi Huang clenched his fist, and his spear was called back. He was slightly worried, especially about the silver-blue bow in his opponent's hands.

Both inside and outside Whitespirit Mountain, there was puzzlement. What was he intending to do?

"What damned trick are you up to this time?" Shi Huang asked indifferently.

Li Luo did not reply, instead choosing to take a deep breath and drawing his bow. His resonant power formed a faint arrow of light on the strings.

Both arrowhead and shaft were glowing, formed by his light resonance. Only Li Luo himself knew that the light resonance structure was full of holes and gaps, which he then filled in with water resonance power, creating a synergy between them.

It was as if water was being carried forth by light, at an indescribable speed.

If water could reach such speeds, who would dare to call water resonance soft and weak?

Li Luo could feel the resonant power fading from his body, but there was a smile on his face. This resonance art was based on a high-grade water resonance art called Riverflow Art and another high-grade light resonance art called Flowing Light Art...

After numerous failures, Li Luo managed to express his dual resonant nature and successfully crafted this art.

This arrow, he called it...

The Dewlight Skystream Arrow.

This was Li Luo's strongest attack now, and his final trump card.

Shi Huang had been very composed this whole time, sure that there was nothing Li Luo could do. But When the arrow of light appeared on Li Luo’s silver-blue bow, his face changed.

He could feel a strange prickling sensation, as though he was facing an incredibly strong opponent.

"Impossible! He's just an Eighth Seal. How can he pose a threat?" Shi Huang's eyes were wide. He had the Voltaic Plating. He did not even fearLu Qing'er at full strength; what was a mere Li Luo?

What was that arrow of light?


Could it be a Duke Stage resonance art? But an Eighth Seal could not possibly activate such a resonance art!

But if it wasn't a Duke Stage resonance art, how much damage could it do? 

Shi Huang started to back off. Facing Li Luo's unknown attack, he did not charge recklessly, but instead chose to retreat.

He believed that this was Li Luo's final attack. As long as he could evade it, Li Luo would be at his mercy.

Li Luo looked calmly at the quickly retreating Shi Huang. Lightning was fast, but could it be faster than light itself?

His bow now pulled to a full crescent, Li Luo released his hooked fingers.


A light humming rang out.

A bolt of light shot forth at a speed that confounded the eye.


His hairs standing on end, Shi Huang shouted, "Lightning Steps!"

Electricity crackled to life at his feet, and he reached his maximum speed.


He could only watch as the light shaft sped into his vision, and a wall between them suddenly opened up with a hole. Evening sun filtered through it.

Sensing the danger he was in, Shi Huang called forth his resonant power and hurled his spear forth in the form of an electric dragon.


A crystal-clear sound. Eyes wide, Shi Huang watched as his lightning-charged spear shattered.

The light arrow continued on its path, punching through Shi Huang's extended left palm and leaving a clean hole.

His Voltaic Plating did not manage to hold up for even a breath before it was penetrated.


A scream of pain.

Shi Huang's left shoulder was gushing with blood, and he fell to the ground, heavily wounded. Slumping against a broken wall, blood bubbled out from his mouth.

And all around Whitespirit Mountain, silence fell.

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