Chapter 0069: The Great Showdown with Shi Huang

Ding! Ding!

Within a broken-down hamlet, two figures charged with resonant power clashed in a blur of sword and spear, leaving cracks on the walls nearby.

The loose gravel beneath their feet was churned up, clattering against the walls almost as if in a rhythm.

Li Luo was fully focused, his blades whirling and cutting without pause as he sent wave after wave at Shi Huang.

In contrast, Shi Huang looked much less concerned. Even against Li Luo's constant attacks, he chose to overwhelm them with brute force. His spear swept out time and again, charged with lightning resonant power, beating back the swords.

It was an intense clash of weapons and resonant power.

And yet Shi Huang could see that he had the upper hand. His spear found gaps in Li Luo's offense, threatening him menacingly.

Each time, Li Luo's sword would shoot out little orbs of light that dazzled him, forcing Shi Huang back.

Although he had the upper hand, Shi Huang's resentment lingered. It was still not a situation he had planned to find himself in.

Taking advantage of a gap, the lightning power on Shi Huang's spear leaped into a new frenzy and his eyes gleamed.

"High-grade resonance art, Thunder Bird's Call!"

Electricity welled from the tip of his spear, and a shrill bird call sounded. It was as loud as thunder, and it rendered Li Luo's ears temporarily deaf.

His world silent, Li Luo saw the accumulation of lightning coalesce into an angry thunder bird that swooped forward.

Li Luo's waves of sword light were blasted away by it.

But just as the spear was about to reach him, a mirror of water shimmered into existence.

"Waterlight Demon Mirror!"


The thunder bird crashed into the water mirror, rippling the surface. A powerful energy surfaced in response, crashing into the thunder bird.


The shockwave of resonant power left many more cracks in the walls of the hamlet.

Both Li Luo and Shi Huang were sent flying backwards, their feet leaving deep gouges on the ground.

Shi Huang stared keenly at Li Luo. "Is that the damned Water Mirror Art you used to fight Song Yunfeng to a draw?"

He was clearly well informed about Li Luo.

"You can call it... the Great Stalemate Art!" Li Luo joked.

Shi Huang ignored his nonsense. Waving his spear, he called forth his lightning resonance and sent another Thunder Bird's Call forth.

Li Luo lifted a hand, summoning the Waterlight Demon Mirror again. Again, both were forced back.

The intense battle continued. Despite his advantage, Shi Huang could find no way to break through Li Luo's Waterlight Demon Mirror. The battle reached a stalemate.

The spectators outside Whitespirit Mountain were shocked by this unexpected turn of events.

The Young Lord of House Luolan's reputation had been lackluster for these past few years. Who would have thought he would rise so spectacularly during the College Final Examinations?

Then again, the apple would not fall far from the tree.

Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing were gaping in shock as well. Before they knew it, Li Luo was an Eighth Seal. Just a month ago, he still had blank palaces. Although they knew he had caught up a little in that time, such a ferocious rate of cultivation was mind-boggling.

It seemed like he had been preparing for this chance for a long time.

With a completely astounded audience watching from outside, the battle between Li Luo and Shi Huang continued for many more minutes.

Each time, Shi Huang came with the same attack and was met by the Waterlight Demon Mirror's responding counter.

But the last time, Shi Huang's body was covered with a faint, sparkling light, as though forming an electric armor around him. The counter attack was immediately absorbed by the lightning armor, which grew stronger.

Li Luo's eyes widened, and he hurriedly retreated.

But Shi Huang was quicker. His spear swept out, an arc of lightning catching Li Luo's body.


A dull thump accompanied the electric shock, and Li Luo was sent flying. His shortswords dug into the ground, skittering backwards for a long time before he finally found footing.

A smear of blood could be seen on his mouth, and he could feel an intense, piercing pain in his chest. All from a single attack of Shi Huang's spear.

Luckily, he was a waterlight resonance user with powerful regeneration powers. With a quick activation of his powers, his wound began to heal speedily.

Li Luo looked up. Shi Huang was looking at him neutrally, spear in hand. The electric armor he was sheathed in had absorbed the counter attack from his own Waterlight Demon Mirror.

"Voltaic Plating, eh..."

Li Luo frowned. Lu Qing'er had warned him about this—Shi Huang's killer move. Voltaic Plating not only greatly enhanced Shi Huang's defenses, but also augmented his offense and speed. It was quite a useful move.

While Li Luo was still reeling, Shi Huang did not intend to give him any space to breathe. With a quick twist of his body, he was on the move again.

This attack was even more ferocious than the last.

Li Luo did not take it head on. A flick of his finger sent forth a Waterlight Bullet that impeded Shi Huang's attack.

But he was ready. Shutting his eyes, the electric-charged spear thrust in Li Luo's direction.

Pools of waterlight shimmering beneath his feet, Li Luo swiftly slid away, out of the attacking area of effect.

Shi Huang's attack did not cease. As inexorable as a storm, he came pressing forth.

More walls cracked in their wake as Li Luo desperately retreated and Shi Huang grimly chased, a leaping bolt of lightning in pursuit of flowing, glowing water.

All of Li Luo's moves were rendered useless now.

Shi Huang with Voltaic Plating had completely outclassed Li Luo.

Sighs of regret came from the spectators. At this point, the disparity was all too clear. Ultimately, Li Luo just could not beat the Ninth Seal Shi Huang.

It seemed like Southwind Academy's best school title was in danger.

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