Chapter 0028: Li Luo's First Time

Zhuang Yi and a column of his men had ferociously busted into the first-grade refining workshop, instantly causing the atmosphere to become tense. Surprised gazes were cast in their direction.

Yan Lingqing had also noticed their entry. Her face downcast, she icily demanded, "Vice President Zhuang Yi, how can you act so rudely?" 

Zhuang Yi's face was full of smiles as he replied, "Vice President Yan, there is no need to be agitated. I'm here for the issue we raised previously. Ever since the first-grade refining workshop was placed under your command, the amount of spirit liquids and purifying lights produced have decreased. Furthermore, there have been numerous pieces that are not up to par. This has severely affected the Suncreek Villa's business." Zhuang Yi looked deeply worried and even sick at heart at this point.

Yan Lingqing coldly retorted, "A reduction in production? Aren't you most clear on why this is the case? If you had not reduced the amount of materials provided, how could this have happened?" 

"Vice President Yan, you are slandering my good name! We have been lacking materials recently, how could I just create more from nothing? Even though Vice President Yan is from the Astral Sage College, you might be lacking some experience and your guidance might not be appropriate for the Suncreek Villa's first-grade resonance artificers. Your pointers might instead mislead them," Zhuang Yi said with a frown on his face.

No one dared to interfere in this war of words within the first-grade refining workshop. Everyone understood that this was an open battle between the two vice presidents, and anyone who dared speak out of turn would inevitably be turned into dust by the aftershocks.

Zhuang Yi continued to stare at Yan Lingqing. "Vice President Yan, as resonance artificers, we should use results to back our words. You've already been in control of the first-grade refining workshop for quite some time, but the results clearly haven't been exemplary. The first-grade resonance artificers you have guided are only able to produce first-grade spirit liquids and purifying lights that barely exceed 50% tempering strength. On the other hand, my disciple, Shi Yun, is already able to refine a 56% tempering strength Azure Jade Spirit Liquid. You have to know that the minimum requirement for the Suncreek Villa's first-grade spirit liquids and purifying lights is 53% tempering strength. Thus, Vice President Yan should act for the good of the Suncreek Villa. I'd recommend you hand the first-grade refining workshop over to me; otherwise, if things proceed this way, our first-grade spirit liquids and purifying lights might no longer have a market in the Tianshu Province."

After speaking, Zhuang Yi turned to face a few of the higher-ups of this branch of the Suncreek Villa. "Don't you feel that what I’m saying makes sense?" 

These higher-ups remained deep in thought. Even though they did not wish to involve themselves in this scuffle between the two, Zhuang Yi's words made a lot of sense, and as an organization, only results mattered. 

If Zhuang Yi's disciple was able to reliably produce 56% tempering strength spirit liquids and purifying lights, this would indeed be beneficial to all.

Hence, some of the higher ups reluctantly spoke out. "Vice President Yan, why don't you let Shi Yun manage the first-grade refining workshop? This way, you can focus on the second-grade refining workshop. Furthermore, this is our Suncreek Villa's most important product." 

Yan Lingqing was emotionless. If she truly gave way here, this would mean that she had lost in the battle against Zhuang Yi and would clearly indicate that the direction of the winds would blow against her. Gradually, she would be forced back more and more.

However, if she did not take a step back here, with how aggressive Zhuang Yi was and with the voice of reason on his side, this would also cause a negative blowback on her end. 

Thus it truly seemed as though she was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Zhuang Yi stared with interest at the clearly conflicted Yan Lingqing, a smirk gradually forming on his face. So what if she was a genius of the Astral Sage College, was she not still tender and fresh-faced?


At this point in time, as the pressure on Yan Lingqing was multiplying, the tense atmosphere was shattered by a blue light exploding forth from a specific refining compartment.

This sudden change of events caused everyone some degree of astonishment. Everyone turned around, only to see a certain Li Luo grasping a bottle filled with an azure liquid and an expression full of glee. 

This was the first successful spirit liquid he had ever produced, and it had been refined under such tenuous circumstances.

After refining this bottle of Azure Jade Spirit Liquid, Li Luo drew out a tempering measurement needle and tested it.

Surprisingly, he saw the measurement scale on the needle swiftly climb upwards.

Ultimately, the needle stopped at the 60% tempering strength mark.


When all of the first-grade resonance artificers saw this sight, they couldn't help exclaiming in shock!

One after another, everyone rushed forward to take a look. "60% tempering strength? The spirit liquid that the Young Lord refined has a tempering strength of 60%!"     

"How can this be possible?!" The first-grade refining workshop was filled with cries of disbelief and terror! No one could understand how this was possible, and all the attention that had been focused on the battle between Zhuang Yi and Yan Lingqing dissipated. Everyone rushed towards Li Luo to take a closer look. 

After everyone had a chance to lay eyes on the tempering measurement needle's scale, there was a deathly silence. All of their shocked gazes were directed at the smug Li Luo. 

They were well aware that he had been learning resonance artificering arts for no more than two weeks! Within such a short span of time, he had managed to not only produce a first-grade spirit liquid, but also produce one with such terrifying tempering strength.

Was this truly what one called a blessed genius of the heavens?

"Make way." Yan Lingqing's voice caused the group to disperse quickly as she strode over with her long, slender legs. Her alluring gaze was purely focused on the Azure Jade Spirit Liquid in Li Luo's hand.

"Let me take a look," she instructed.

Li Luo naturally made way and passed the crystal bottle over. Yan Lingqing then quickly poured out a drop of the Azure Jade Spirit Liquid to check it personally. Her face seemed a little moved at this sight. "This Azure Jade Spirit Liquid has unmatched purity. It's clearly able to reach the point of 60% tempering strength." 

She then shifted her focus onto Li Luo. She never would’ve expected Li Luo to also be a true genius at resonance artificering.

This was also his first attempt!

Recalling the first time she refined Azure Jade Spirit Liquid, the finished product only had 57% tempering strength, which clearly wasn't a bad result.

At this point, she seemed to think of something, and a cunning smile appeared on her cold face. She grabbed the bottle containing the Azure Jade Spirit Liquid and turned around, looking at the equally surprised Zhuang Yi. "Vice President Zhuang Yi, I don’t believe I will hand over the reins of the first-grade refining workshop just yet." 

Zhuang Yi's face turned incomparably dark as he scowled at the bottle of spirit liquid. He had clearly heard everyone's exclamations. This brat Li Luo had managed to refine a 60% tempering strength spirit liquid? 

If he or Yan Lingqing, fourth-grade resonance artificers, were to take action personally, the first-grade Azure Jade Spirit Liquid would likely only reach the 65% tempering strength mark. Based on his memory, he had not personally refined a first-grade spirit liquid or purifying light in numerous years as such a task was a waste of his time. It was inefficient to do so, and it would fetch perhaps only tens of skygold.

This was the first time he had heard of someone managing to create a spirit liquid with a 60% tempering strength on their first try. His disciple, Shi Yun, had spent an entire year polishing his craft before managing to reach a tempering strength of 56%.

The difference between the two was like comparing mud to the clouds. 

Zhuang Yi's mouth twitched a bit before he stiffly answered, "Vice President Yan, did you perhaps utilize some underhanded means? The Young Lord here has barely touched upon the realm of resonance artificering. As I recall, he only started two weeks ago." 

Yan Lingqing indifferently glanced at him. "I'm sure everyone here observed the Young Lord personally refining this. Your excuse seems a little too shameless, no? Perhaps you'd like the Young Lord to personally demonstrate his skill to you?" There were numerous individuals around who nodded in agreement. They had clearly seen Li Luo personally refining this spirit liquid.

Zhuang Yi's expression stiffened further as he forced himself to dryly laugh. "I wouldn't dare, I wouldn't dare!" Although he did not respect Li Luo in his heart, this was still the Young Lord. How could he dare to take him lightly in front of everyone?

"Vice President Zhuang Yi, if I were to refine a first-grade spirit liquid with an even higher tempering strength, do you think that would give me the right to be the supervisor of the first-grade refining workshop?" Li Luo smiled as he dealt yet another blow to Zhuang Yi.

Zhuang Yi gave a ridiculing smile. "We would have to defer to Vice President Yan's opinion on this."

He also understood that today's attempt had resulted in a disastrous failure. Thus, he quickly gave some conciliatory words before turning around to leave quickly with a depressed expression on his face. 

The atmosphere finally cooled down in the first-grade refining workshop. Following which, numerous congratulatory words came in from all around and everyone began to look at Li Luo with newfound envy and fervor.

Li Luo gladly accepted the compliments before swiftly rushing off to continue his practice. A certain alluring gaze continued to focus on Li Luo as he made his way. "Who would have thought that his first attempt would result in a spirit liquid with such high tempering strength. It looks like you are truly a genius when it comes to resonance artificering."

At the Astral Sage College, Yan Lingqing had seen numerous geniuses, but this was the first time she had seemed someone with so much natural talent. What she found most unexpected was that Li Luo's water resonance was only at the fifth-grade, so what did that mean? This meant that Li Luo possessed a natural affinity and sensitivity towards fusing and harmonizing the characteristics of these materials. This was something innate, and only certain geniuses in the Resonance Tempering Hall of the Astral Sage College possessed such ability. 

"Perhaps this was all luck as well," Li Luo wistfully suggested. If he knew how highly Yan Lingqing regarded him, he would have definitely felt extremely awkward. He truly didn't possess this so-called genius. The reason why his first spirit liquid ever had a 60% tempering strength was due to him relying on his waterlight resonance's unique characteristics when it came to refining spirit liquids. When the result was produced, he noticed he had underestimated the impact the water resonance power and light resonance power had on fusing the final product.

Yan Lingqing was disinterested in his thoughts. "It was lucky that you were around this time. I will not bother with superfluous thanks, and the Suncreek Villa's profits technically all go to you so nothing more needs to be said." She immediately paused after saying all this, and a smile bloomed on her snowy face.

"However, my mood isn't bad. I will treat you to a meal tonight, then!"

Li Luo originally wanted to reject her offer as he wished to rush back home to practice his resonance arts... but upon thinking about how strict Yan Lingqing usually was, his survival instincts kicked in and he immediately gave the most radiant smile he possibly could and agreed almost instantly…

"Well then... nothing could please me more!"

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