Chapter 0024: Yan Lingqing

While Li Luo was still in shock at that bombshell revelation, the two groups reached the duo.

"Welcome to the Suncreek Villa, Young Lord and General Manager Cai Wei. Keke. Your presence here truly illuminates our humble dwelling." The one named Zhuang Yi immediately rattled off the top of his tongue, an honest and enthusiastic look on his face. 

Compared to his hearty reception, Yan Lingqing was much cooler in response. She merely glanced at Cai Wei before taking a quick look at Li Luo. Following which, she stuck her hands in her pocket. It didn't seem like she was planning to introduce herself. 

"Vice President Zhuang Yi's words are too kind. The Young Lord is here to take a look at his house's businesses. There's nothing special about this after all." Cai Wei gave a small smile.

Zhuang Yi was stunned for a moment before he hastily smiled and nodded. "It was I who spoke out of turn." After which, he rushed to Li Luo and greeted him respectfully before excusing himself politely and heading off to settle his other matters. 

Li Luo took in all of this and realized it was clear that Zhuang Yi was fully supporting Pei Hao. Hence, when they first met, despite Zhuang Yi's warm reception, he kept his distance and remained on guard.

This was clearly something that was faked.

On the other hand, despite the cold reception from Yan Lingqing, she still continued to stay with the duo, and did not look to get away at the first opportunity. 

However, after seeing Zhuang Yi speedily leaving, her expression turned slightly gentle. "Elder Sister Cai Wei, may I kindly know why you are here today?" Her voice was crisp and sweet, sounding like a gentle stream flowing, pleasant to the ear.

Cai Wei walked forward and tightly grasped Yan Lingqing's forearms before smiling as well. "I brought the Young Lord here to take a look around."

Both of them possessed amazing temperaments and were matchless beauties, hence when they stood side by side, it was a feast for the eyes. At the same time, it also allowed one to clearly see the differences between the two.

If Cai Wei was like the vast mountain ranges, with large humps that protruded from the ground, then Yan Lingqing was more similar to the massive plains where horses roamed... 

As Li Luo's gaze swept past the two of them, his conspicuous actions were inadvertently spotted by Yan Lingqing... Her snow-white chin raised slightly as she said disdainfully, "Little Brother, just what are you trying to compare...?" 

Li Luo could only innocently blink his eyes at that accusation. 

Without caring further, Yan Lingqing huffed and dragged Cai Wei away.

Li Luo didn't really mind either and did his best to keep up.

As they entered the depths of the Suncreek Villa, they walked onto a bridge. When one stood upon the bridge, they were able to see that there were two refining platforms that spanned countless levels. 

Each level of these refining platforms was split into numerous smaller rooms. Each room had a transparent, crystal wall, and peering through it would allow one to see countless individuals dressed in white busily working.

Peering closer inside each room, there was a table laid out with numerous transparent crystal bottles. These white-garbed individuals were taking all sorts of bottles and canisters, constantly concocting something. Occasionally, these crystal bottles would emit a blue light, signifying the creation of a spirit liquid or purifying light.

"Elder Sister Cai Wei, there are two fourth-grade, nine third-grade, sixteen second-grade, and thirty three first-grade resonance artificers in this branch of the Suncreek Villa." Li Luo continued to peer curiously as Yan Lingqing's crystal-clear voice explained. Hearing this, he smirked inside. Cai Wei was the General Manager and naturally already knew of these matters and hence it was clear that she was only saying this for his benefit.

Jiang Qing'e's bosom friend here may seem quite cool and uncaring, but she was actually a nice person at heart. At the same time, he understood that she was doing this for Jiang Qing'e's sake.

They continued to walk and observe the surroundings as they made their way to Yan Lingqing's workspace. This was her refining workshop.

"I suppose Elder Sister Cai Wei isn't here just to see me?" At this point, she removed her outer robes. revealing a simple outfit within which outlined her slender curves. Her gaze was currently fixated on the refining platform, her thoughts focused upon it. 

"It's because of the Young Lord." Cai Wei gave a wry smile. "He wants to become a resonance artificer."

Yan Lingqing gave her a curious look and asked, "Isn't he a ..." She didn't finish her words, but the implication was clear. Wasn't Li Luo a natural blank palace? Why was there a need to become a resonance artificer?

Cai Wei lightly patted Li Luo and directed a mischievous expression toward him. "Go and start your show. Let's give our little genius the greatest shock of her life." 

Li Luo was speechless at Cai Wei's attempt to tease her friend. However, he activated his resonance, causing water resonant power to gradually arise around him. 

"This... this is a water resonance?" Yan Lingqing was truly surprised at this turn of events, so much so that she propped up her glasses on her pert, little nose. "You have a resonance? What?"

Li Luo nodded and sincerely said, "This is a fifth-grade water resonance, and I want to learn some resonance artificering arts in order to become a resonance artificer."  

After hearing his request, Yan Lingqing's eyebrows knitted together in slight confusion. "Isn't it almost time for Southwind Academy's final examination? Why are you not bitterly cultivating? Why don't you try your best to get into the Astral Sage College before we discuss any further? After all, the Astral Sage College has the Resonance Tempering Hall, where you can learn from many excellent teachers."  

Li Luo could only smile sheepishly. "I want to start familiarizing myself with this." 

Yan Lingqing seemed to have understood something upon hearing Li Luo's reply. Even though Li Luo had manifested a resonance, it was true that this was a little too late. With his current strength, he might not be able to make it into the Astral Sage College, and it would only be a matter of time before he would embark on the path of a resonance artificer. He still had a way out.

"It's rare that the Young Lord wishes to improve so fervently. I kindly beseech this genius to guide him," Cai Wei added in.

Yan Lingqing rolled her eyes at Cai Wei's comments, immediately placing a crystal bottle in front of Li Luo. "I believe you should have some rudimentary understanding of what resonance artificers do, yes?" 

Seeing that Yan Lingqing was going to teach him, he quickly nodded. Ever since he obtained his water resonance, he spent some of his free time reading up and learning foundational knowledge on this subject.

At this point, Yan Lingqing flicked her finger and a line of blue resonant power shot out of her index finger towards a bundle of books, adhering to it. With another flick, the books were thrown right in front of Li Luo.

"Read all of this." Li Luo didn't say much but simply got to work immediately, sitting down at the table and delving into the subject matter.

"Why don't you take a seat? I have some things I need to do," Yan Lingqing lightly said to Cai Wei after seeing Li Luo obediently begin his study without any indication of impatience. Following which, she proceeded to continue with the work that required her attention.

Cai Wei, on the other hand, lazily stretched and took a seat, quickly dozing off…

At the same time, within another room of the Suncreek Villa…

"What have the Young Lord and the General Manager been up to?" Zhuang Yi was sitting on his seat, questioning an individual in front of him.

"Nothing much. They took a walk and were observing things before heading back to Vice President Yan's workshop," the person replied.

Zhuang Yi nodded. "Tail them closely. Watch out for whoever they interact with and take note of these people. The most important thing now is to ensure I become the president of this branch. Once I'm successful, I can chase away Yan Lingqing and all of her people. At that point, everything will be in my control."


Zhuang Yi waved his hand and that individual retreated. A chilling smile appeared on his face.

"Jiang Qing'e, did you think that finding a little wench from your school would be enough to stop me? Let me tell you the truth! You're just dreaming! This branch of the Suncreek Villa belongs to me, Zhuang Yi!" 

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