Chapter 0229: The Trail of Pei Hao

At the Suncreek Villa, it was like the sun had come out after the storm. The tension and fear of the poisoning was a thing of the past, and now the villa was stronger than before, swelled with artificers.

Relief and satisfaction shone in the smiles of the resonance artificers.

Li Luo brought Bai Doudou, Bai Mengmeng, Yu Lang, and the others around the Suncreek Villa, eventually stopping at a broken-down building that had been badly burned.

"This used to be the Suncreek Villa's formula research center. On the day I came to Xia City, the president of the Suncreek Villa was poached away by the Bigswamp Villa. He not only took many resonance artificers with him, he also burned down our research center. We lost much that day." Li Luo gestured sadly at the ashes.

"That's horrible," Bai Mengmeng said, her fists clenched. She liked researching formulas, and she knew how much time and effort they required. The president was free to leave, but burning down the research laboratories was cruel.

Sympathy welled in her. Even a young lord like Li Luo had many troubles to struggle with.

"The Suncreek Villa is sundered, and the stress..." Li Luo sighed. "I can barely get a good night's sleep these days."

He shot Yu Lang a look.

Yu Lang had no idea what Li Luo was up to, but he sensed that he had something planned for Bai Mengmeng. Not the person herself, but something she had.

After barely a moment, Yu Lang nodded along. "No wonder your hair's turned even whiter since we reached Xia City," he said sympathetically. "Even your handsomeness has taken a hit.

"It's all my fault," he berated himself. "I'm useless. If only I could help you, I'd do so with all my strength."

Li Luo sent him an approving wink. This guy was a real wingman, the perfect improviser. And he cared not at all about the slight on his looks.

Bai Mengmeng eyed his hair carefully. "It's still very pretty," she murmured.

Yu Lang coughed to get her attention. "Yes, a very special color, isn't it? Do you like it? I can dye my hair that color."

"I think a skinhead suits you better," Bai Doudou remarked, casually pulling out a sharp dagger from her waist, which she tapped against Yu Lang's head. "Want me to help you with that?"

"Ah, no need, no need. My body is a temple granted by my great parents. I've suddenly decided to leave it as it is."

While Yu Lang was keeping Bai Doudou distracted, Li Luo turned to Bai Mengmeng. "If you've nowhere to go during the holidays, feel free to come play at the Suncreek Villa's research labs. Our facilities are very complete, and it's a great place for you to experiment."

Bai Mengmeng cocked her head with some rare amusement in her eyes. "Leader, are you trying to get me to work at the Suncreek Villa?"

Li Luo almost choked, caught out by Bai Mengmeng. She looked so innocent and harmless that one often forgot how sharp she actually was.

Li Luo didn't bother hiding it anymore. "With your talents, which villa in Xia City wouldn't want you? I know the Suncreek Villa is weak, and it is nothing to you. But I will build it to become the best villa in Xia City. Some day." Bai Mengmeng nodded noncommittally.

Li Luo squired a little, embarrassed that his offer had been ignored. Well, you missed every shot you didn't take. Bai Mengmeng was a prize that every villa would chase. They would hurry to fulfill her every request.

"Well, er, no matter. Perhaps... If you..." Li Luo stammered.

"Leader, forget about those things... You know what I want," Bai Mengmeng said softly.

She put one finger to her cherry-red lips. "Didn't I promise you before? If you help me regain my sense of taste, I'll even sell my body to help you research spirit liquids." Li Luo wrung his hands. "I dunno... feels a bit like I'm threatening you."

She shook her head. "You might not feel it's an equivalent exchange, but only because you've never lost your sense of taste before. But to me, it's my wildest dream."

Li Luo smiled at the seriousness on her face. "Well, I guess I've learned something from you."

Bai Mengmeng smiled back. "So just focus on helping me get it back."

Li Luo pondered it. "Well, about that... I've actually had a bit of a brainwave."

Bai Mengmeng's smile bloomed on her face like a flower. "Actually, I've had a bit of a brainwave regarding spirit liquids as well."

Li Luo nodded. "Message received."

The two exchanged a smile of understanding.

Suddenly, Li Luo spotted Jiang Qing'e waving him over from a distance away. He excused himself and hurried over.

"What's wrong?" He sobered up instantly when he saw her looking deadly.

"Pavilion Master Lei Zhang's message. Our people have found Pei Hao's trail."

Li Luo's eyes went flat, and suddenly he matched her for killing intent. Although they had gotten past this crisis, it had been too close for comfort. If not for a healthy dose of luck, they might well have been doomed.

Li Luo would very dearly like to hang Pei Hao up by his feet, force feed him a gallon of his own poison, and play a symphony using only the gong sound that triggered it.

House Luolan was strongest in Xia City, where their headquarters, and now Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e, was located. Pei Hao's forces were spread all around the Xia Kingdom.

Since he had dared to wander into the tiger's den, then it was up to them to ensure he didn't escape without a mauling.

"Gather people. Surround him. Time to give him back as good as we got," Li Luo said with a steely expression.

Jiang Qing'e nodded. "If we can, we should just end him right now. Save ourselves more trouble at the Housemeet in half a year."

Li Luo nodded in agreement. Pei Hao gone would be a huge load off his chest. Still, they had to be cautious of the powers that backed him.

In any case, there was no reason not to pursue and respond now that they had his trail.

It would be fantastic if they could finish that ingrate off.

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