Chapter 0182: First Princess' Invitation

Many were watching the conclusion of the Li Luo-Wang Hejiu battle.

Even among the Four Star Hall students there was surprise and respect.

Li Luo's dual resonances were insanely powerful.

This was the power of a Duke? Li Luo had barely scratched the surface of it, and the power was already incredible.

How far would he go when he managed to master it?

Perhaps he would even be equal to a ninth-grade.

Jiang Qing'e watched with a faint smile. As much as she believed in Li Luo, it was always nice to have the result in stone.

She looked back at the First Princess, her red phoenix eyes wide in surprise.

She had gone along with Jiang Qing'e's words, but deep down, she had not truly believed Li Luo could be equal to both Wang Hejiu and Duze Beixuan.

Dual resonances was a power that even she aspired to obtain.

"Junior Jiang, this is truly a miracle. It's my first time seeing dual resonances used before the Duke Stage."

"Li Luo is of the line of those two House lords. How could the apple fall too far from the tree?" Jiang Qing'e replied.

"Dukes Xuan and Lan were the youngest Dukes in the Xia Kingdom. Indeed, they were extraordinary." The First Princess agreed.

Even Jiang Qing'e had to acknowledge the emotional tact that the First Princess had. No wonder the Four Star Hall students were in love with her.

"I see that Li Luo has both a water resonance and a wood resonance. Is that correct?"

Jiang Qing'e nodded.

"Junior Jiang surely knows, but His Majesty has natural frailties that require long-term medication. For many years, the royal court has sought out powerful healers, but to no avail. Someone said that the weakness can only be treated by powerful water, light, or wood resonances..."

"Li Luo might only be a Resonant Master cultivator, but I wonder, could he try treating His Majesty?" The First Princess bit her lip slightly when she finished.

Jiang Qing'e's eyebrows shot up. "Li Luo? Treat His Majesty?"

"I know it sounds crazy," the First Princess quickly replied. "But I don't want to rule out any possibility. Surely it is worth a try."

Jiang Qing'e hesitated.

The First Princess reached out a hand to clasp hers, her red phoenix eyes beseeching. "Don't worry. Even if it doesn't work out, the royal court will hold no grudge.

"Please. Take it as a desperate sister trying to save her younger brother."

Jiang Qing'e was a little moved, but she had the awareness to know that the First Princess was no innocent little girl either. She ruled the city and the kingdom with clear strategy, and her request for Li Luo to treat the king was definitely no spur-of-the-moment request.

The chances of success seemed slim. It seemed doubtful that Li Luo could pull off anything Duke experts could not.

But there was another layer to this request. A deeper meaning... If Li Luo made the attempt, then House Luolan would be connected to the First Princess, regardless of the outcome. She would be drawn closer in connection.

Sometimes, a small trigger like this was enough to further a relationship.

Which meant that the First Princess was courting her favor.

Jiang Qing'e thought it over. She was not intending to refuse a friendly hand from the First Princess. After all, they were the most powerful faction in the Xia Kingdom besides the Astral Sage College and the Golden Dragon Bank.

Strengthening ties with them was good news for House Luolan.

Jiang Qing'e nodded. "Since Her Highness has asked personally, we will do our best to assist. But I beg you not to get your hopes up. Li Luo's resonances might be aligned, but he is still a mere Resonant Master cultivator."

The First Princess smiled happily.

"My thanks to Junior Jiang and Junior Li Luo."

"Your Highness is too kind."

At this time, Gong Shenjun walked over, with his usual entourage behind him.

"Congratulations, Junior Jiang. Not only did your own ranking battle end early, but Li Luo has overcome a great opponent as well. I think the two of you will be twin champions," he said brightly.

"Senior Gong praises us too highly. An ordinary ranking battle does not count for much."

"Ah, your standards are too high. Maybe you've so many titles that your hands are full, but this is Li Luo's first win. A good start counts for much, you know."

Jiang Qing'e knew his intentions, but there was nothing to fault in his words without seeming cold. "Then I accept your kind words." Gong Shenjun then turned to the First Princess. "Luanyu, you were smiling really happily a moment ago. Were you speaking to Junior Jiang about something?"

"Oh, nothing much, but I plan to invite Li Luo to try treating His Majesty."

Gong Shenjun's surprise showed. "Oh... that's worth a try."

He was about to dismiss it, but he thought better of it with Jiang Qing'e still present.

He changed the subject. "Junior Jiang, I hear Umbra Cave is opening this year. That's huge. If we get the chance, let's work well together."

Jiang Qing'e nodded.

Gong Shenjun turned and left.

The First Princess watched him go. Gong Shenjun was well-versed in networking as well. His thoughts were often clear enough to those around him, but his conduct left no room for criticism. Perhaps he also understood that he was walking a tightrope towards his goal.

His capacity for concealing things was reminiscent of his father.

"Your Highness, I'll take my leave first. I'll let Li Luo know about His Majesty. If there's no problem, we'll arrange a time."

The result of Li Luo's battle was out, and Jiang Qing'e had no interest in lingering here now. She bade the First Princess farewell, then she leaped off the high wall.

The First Princess watched her go with a faint smile.

Jiang Qing'e had immense potential. If Gong Shenjun managed to win her, it would spell trouble in the future. She didn't want that.

She turned back to survey the screen, Li Luo's results still shining brightly on it. “Protect your fiance well, my boy…”

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