Chapter 0176: Curtains Rising

Li Luo's squad had gathered 2,800 points, and the sun was well on its way to setting, harsh yellow fading into a soft, rosy orange.

With it came a proportional increase in the sense of danger. Towards the end was when the most intense battles were fought.

The squads that were left must have triumphed in many battles and were all experienced.


Suddenly, five columns of violet light shone down from the sky.

They indicated the positions of the five Violet Vibrance squads.

This was intended to hasten the ranking battles, and also to create chances for Violet Vibrance squads to fight.

After all, they had been farming Gold Gleam and Silver Spark squads so far, but at the close, they had to provide a good show, right?

Besides, each violet column of light was different. The one tinged with light green had to be Bai Doudou's Wind Rider Squad, and the dark green one should be Wang Hejiu's Golden Gate Squad. Yi Lisha's One Autumn Leaf Squad had a yellow sheen to it, while a maroon light marked Qin Zhulu's Clear Moon Squad. The last one, a bluish light column, indicated Li Luo's Fairness & Justice Squad.

It was also a sort of indicator for the Gold Gleam squads. If they had the guts to take on a Violet Vibrance squad, this was their chance. Of course, it would be an incredible bounty if they won.

Naturally, not many Gold Gleam squads were that ballsy. Reckless courage was seldom rewarded.

The appearance of the violet light columns heralded a change in the game.


"The show's about to start."

The five Violet Vibrance mentors watched from above, finally showing some interest.

"Wowee, those two Violet Vibrance squads are very close to each other." Mi Er laughed.

Chi Chan looked. "It's Qin Zhulu and Yi Lisha's squads... They'll probably fight."

Although Yi Lisha was probably not too excited about fighting Qin Zhulu, the latter's personality would probably see him charging towards the nearest Violet Vibrance squad in his vicinity.

"Poor Yi Lisha," Chu Zi said sympathetically.

Cao Sheng shook his head. "You're too humble. Qin Zhulu is the carry of his team, while Lu Qing'er and Yin Yue support him. Yi Lisha's team has three balanced fighters. They'll do well, regardless of the outcome."

As the two mentors exchanged niceties, the other mentors looked at the other pillars. The other three Violet Vibrance squads were rather spaced out. However, the Fairness & Justice Squad and the Golden Gate Squad would probably clash. Probably. As if even mountains and seas could keep those two squads apart.

Which meant that the Wind Rider Squad was going to be left out.

What would they do...

Shen Jinxiao looked over at Cao Sheng. "Can I get some wine?" he asked lightly.

Cao Sheng pushed the jug towards him with an agreeable smile.

Shen Jinxiao filled his cup to the brim. "A good show needs a good drink."

His meaning was as obvious as could be. "You're really setting yourself nice and high, aren't you?" Chi Chan said with a frosty smile. "The height will come in handy when you hang yourself later."

His eyes narrowed. Opening his mouth to retort, they were suddenly all surprised by a loud bang. They turned to see firework-like words floating in the air.

It was a squad name.

Black Swan squad.

"Looks like the Three Star Hall ranking battles are over already," Cao Sheng said appreciatively. "The Black Swan Squad again."

"Jiang Qing'e's there. There are many talents in the Three Star Hall, but none can compare." Mi Er agreed.

"Her ninth-grade light resonance is legendary. I hear that she's aiming for the Seven Astral Pillars this year... If she wins, she'll have broken the Astral Sage College record to become the youngest Seven Astral Pillar ever," Chu Zi remarked.

The other Violet Vibrance mentors all sighed. That ninth-grade resonance was truly awesome.

Shen Jinxiao was silent, looking at his wine cup instead of the fireworks. Suddenly, the taste seemed a little sour.


He turned back to the One Star Hall battlefield.

Hopefully, the results on this side could stop it from going completely sour.


"We have two choices now. One, we go and find the One Autumn Leaf Squad. Two, we go and hunt Gold Gleam squads. In this phase, they must be flocking to us."

Lu Qing'er conferred with Yin Yue nearby, and also an irate Qin Zhulu sitting a good ten meters away.

"What do you think, Qing'er?" Yin Yue asked with proper courtesy.

"I don’t think it's a bad idea to play it safe and hunt Gold Gleam squads, if we just want points. The One Autumn Leaf Squad is strong, and their fighters are balanced. We might not come out ahead if we fight them."

Yin Yue nodded. "I agree, Qing'er."

Both girls turned to Qin Zhulu. After all, he was the leader.

Qin Zhulu shifted uneasily. "No use in fighting Gold Gleam squads," he muttered.

"We just want points. It doesn't matter how we get them, right?" Yin Yue said. She didn't actually like confronting others, especially when they were much stronger.

Ordinarily, Qin Zhulu would have run far away from a confrontation with the two girls, but he wasn't about to pass up on the opportunity to fight a Violet Vibrance squad. "No, I can't let them go. They're challenging me," he growled.

Lu Qing'er's eyebrows shot up. "Er, how are they challenging us?"

"They're so close to me. That's a challenge!"

Lu Qing'er and Yin Yue stared at each other with exasperation.

Give a dog a bad name and hang him.

But in the end, they both agreed. He was their leader and their strongest fighter. They had to respect his opinion.


While Qin Zhulu's squad was deciding on their target, two violet columns were racing towards each other.

To nobody's surprise, it was Li Luo and Wang Hejiu's squads.

"Well, it seems like no one dares to cause trouble for the Wind Rider Squad," Yu Lang said with some regret, hands on his hips.

"Leader, I suggest we team up with Li Luo and go beat up the little poison birdie." He craned his neck around to face Bai Doudou.

She toyed with the spear in her hands absently. "Two on one, what's the point?"

"I'm worried that Mengmeng will be injured by Wang Hejiu and the other baddies."

She glared at him. "Injuries are normal in battle. Besides," she continued, "if they really hurt Mengmeng, I'll deal with them next time. Both squads have looked forward to this for a long time. I think even Li Luo would frown on intervention."

Yu Lang held his tongue. Given what he knew about Li Luo, he would only be too happy to welcome a two on one.

Still, Bai Doudou didn’t look sold at all, so he gave it up.

"What then? Are we just going to wait here?" Yu Lang said glumly.

"We'll go hunt Gold Gleam squads," Bai Doudou said. "Seems like the light pillar allows us to send out messages as well. If you use resonant power, you can make simple words."

She looked over at Yu Lang. "How about you do something? See if you can attract some Gold Gleam squads over, and we'll bag them."

He started. "Me?"

"Qiu Luo and I aren't good at this," she said impatiently.

Yu Lang nodded. "Well then, I guess I'll have to show you my unique strengths."

He walked up and poked a finger into the light column, sending a thread of resonant power upwards.

A few moments later, words appeared in their violet column, shining brightly for hundreds of miles.

Bai Doudou looked up and gulped nervously.

A line of bold words hung proudly over them.


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