Chapter 0171: It's A Trap

"Brother Luo, the Governor Squad and the Sky Blade Squad were spotted moving together an hour ago. From their movement, it looks like they're moving deeper into the battle arena, looking for your tracks," Zhao Kuo told them.

"The leader of the Governor Squad, Shen Ya, is an Upper Flowering, while the other three are Lower Flowering.

"All four members of the Sky Blade Squad are Lower Flowering cultivators. The two squads are counted among the best among the Gold Gleam squads. They should not be underestimated."

Li Luo gave a small nod of acknowledgment. The two squads were much stronger than any squad he had met so far. If they were jumped unprepared, the eight would pose a threat.


"Our two squads will take on the Sky Blade Squad," Zhao Kuo said. "They're stronger than us, so we'll bring numbers, and even then, we might not be able to win. We'll need some strong firepower from you guys."

"As planned." Li Luo nodded.

"But the catch is if Xin Fu comes to help us, it might just be Brother Luo and Mengmeng taking on the full brunt of the Governor Squad," Zhao Kuo said, raising his eyebrows at Li Luo.

"Don't worry, I'm good." Li Luo assured him easily.

Zhao Kuo dropped it. He knew Li Luo well through their years of friendship. He wouldn't say such a thing lightly.


Somewhere in the forest.

Shen Ya was sitting under a tree, tossing a fruit up and catching it again, taking bites in between. Shi Huang and the others were lounging around as well.

A group of four others walked into their clearing, all with blood-red swords strapped to their hips.

"Let's get moving if you're done resting, Shen Ya. The faster we catch Li Luo, the faster we can end them,” the burly youth said peevishly.

"You talk like you're just slaughtering a pig." Shen Ya snickered.

"We're not afraid of Violet Vibrance squads. Not like the others." He snorted.

"Okay, then." Shen Ya got to his feet. At his casual gesture, the two squads moved off.

They fanned out quickly, without a word, forming a defensive perimeter that proved their battle experience.

They moved like this for several minutes until Shen Ya's eyes flickered. He sensed that something was off. He turned around to the Sky Blade Squad and shouted, "Liu Que! You guys alright?"

There was no response from the other team as they continued moving forwards.

Shen Ya frowned. With a flick of his sleeve, he sent several resonant power shots towards the Sky Blade Squad. They passed through their bodies harmlessly.

"Illusions?" Shen Ya raised a hand and halted their advance. They grouped up immediately for safety.

"Li Luo's squad must be using Bai Mengmeng's power," Shi Huang said urgently. He brought his lightning resonant power crackling forth.

"Quite a canny guy. He knows we're attacking him, so he thought to get the jump on us?"

Shen Ya smiled. "Li Luo, if you have any pride as a Violet Vibrance student, how about not sneaking around?"

"That's the most obvious taunt I've ever heard, but I guess it works," a cheerful voice replied. Shen Ya swung around to see Li Luo perched on a nearby tree.

"You separated the Sky Blade Squad from us? Heh, as a Violet Vibrance squad, you're scared of just two Gold Gleam squads?"

"If I can finish off my opponents using an easier method, why not do it?" Li Luo replied.

Shen Ya's lip curled upwards. "What an honor, to be so highly regarded by Leader Li Luo. But I only see two here... Xin Fu has gone to help Zhao Kuo and the others finish off the Sky Blade Squad quickly, I expect?" 

Li Luo's eyes narrowed.

"Surprised we know your plan?" Shen Ya gloated.

Li Luo's cheerfulness sloughed off his face. "The team that joined Zhao Kuo... you arranged it?"

"Impressive instincts, Leader Li Luo," Shen Ya said with some surprise.

"Indeed, we set it all up. This whole plan was Shi Huang's idea. He knew about Zhao Kuo and you, so we cooked this up..."

"Do you still think Xin Fu and Zhao Kuo's squad will make it back?"



Blasts of resonant power ricocheted off the tree trunks.

More than 10 people were locked in a chaotic melee. Zhao Kuo and Xu Ge's squads were taking on the Sky Blade Squad.

The Sky Blade Squad was clearly not up to the task. Harried on two fronts, they were constantly on the back foot.

"Xu Ge, don't let up now. Full steam ahead! Brother Luo's side must be suffering too!" Zhao Kuo urged him loudly.

Xu Ge appeared by his side, nodding seriously. "Alright, all out!"

He channeled his resonant power to his palm and then thrust outwards.

But this attack was not aimed at the Sky Blade Squad, but Zhao Kuo's unprotected back.

Right before it landed, a shadowy wave of energy dispelled the palm attack, sending him flying.

Xu Ge's three squad mates had turned on Zong Fu and the others at the same time.

Their faces were white with horror.

"Xu Ge! What are you doing?!" Zhao Kuo shouted at him.

"Can't you see? It's all a setup. You've been hooked!" The Sky Blade Squad's leader, Liu Que, laughed loudly. He drew his blood-red sword and chopped vengefully at the shadow, a fiery trail of resonant power flashing out.

"Xin Fu, you might have saved him, but I see you now!"

Dagger on sword, the inky darkness triumphed over the crimson. However, the light of the clash lit Xin Fu up clearly.

The other three Sky Blade Squad members had come to surround Xin Fu as well.

"Haha, so what if you're a Violet Vibrance student? We're still going to get you good!"

Xin Fu was rigid with tension, his dagger in a defensive position before him. They had been played.


"Li Luo, you're a member down. Still think you can take on the full might of our Gold Gleam squad?" Shen Ya chuckled.

"Well..." Li Luo considered it. "Why not?"

Shen Ya nodded. "Yes, it's possible..."

"...which is why, to express my profound respect for you, I have prepared three more Gold Gleam squads in this forest."

He fired a signal high into the air, which screeched as it left a clear smoke trail.

Shen Ya watched it with a smug smile.

He turned back to Li Luo and rolled his shoulders lazily.

"So tell me, Li Luo... How are you going to get out of this one?"

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