Chapter 0158: A Tough Life

The next morning.

When Li Luo went down to the second floor, he saw Xin Fu again engrossed in his painting. Remembering how he had locked the door on them, Li Luo stalked over, glowering.

This guy. He looked like a bored guy, or actually, a bad guy.

He was just about to drop an impassioned sermon when he was distracted by the canvas. It was no longer chickens being drawn. Today, it was the refining workshop.

There were two people roughly brushed in. Li Luo stared at it.

"Leader," Xin Fu called out proudly, "how's my drawing? I was inspired by you and Mengmeng in the refining workshop yesterday. I call it ‘Taking Root.’"

Li Luo could not believe his eyes. “Damn, locking the door yesterday wasn't enough? You had to draw it as well?! 

“Taking Root?! I'll pull your teeth out by the roots! 

“And those two wispy brushstrokes are supposed to be me and Bai Mengmeng?

“Who the hell could tell?!” 

In any case, Li Luo felt that it would be best to nip this problem in the bud as soon as possible. He clapped Xin Fu on the shoulder with a bit more force than necessary. "Look here, Xin Fu. It looks like I'll have to get in a good sparring session with you over the refining workshop affair."

Xin Fu faltered for only a moment. "Well, if Leader is inviting me to spar, I don't dare to refuse.


"I'm the kind of guy who babbles nonsense when I'm beaten up. I'm afraid I might just run off to Bai Doudou and tell her that you and Bai Mengmeng spent the night in the refining workshop."

Li Luo's eyes widened. He pointed at Xin Fu with a trembling finger, his mouth opening and closing soundlessly. This morose, little man seemed unremarkable, but he sure had a mean streak hidden deep down.

Although he hadn't actually spent the night with Bai Mengmeng in the refining workshop, they had spent a considerable amount of time alone. If Bai Doudou learned about it, she would definitely get agitated enough to knock his head off his neck before she calmed down enough to start asking questions.

Xin Fu, straight to the nerve. No wonder this guy was built to be an assassin.

Still, Li Luo wasn't about to back down. "Well," he said slowly, "I guess I'll have Mengmeng make you all three meals a day from now on."

The brush froze mid-stroke, pooling black ink on the same spot. Xin Fu stared at Li Luo in dismay, aghast at his vicious imagination.

"Alright, Leader, you win.

"I'll erase this painting!"

Li Luo patted him on the back with a satisfied smile. "Well, get on it later. Breakfast."

The two of them descended the stairs to see Bai Mengmeng busying around. She flitted around like a graceful butterfly, a real joy to look at.

The pair sighed and sat at the table with an air of resignation.

Dimpling at them, Bai Mengmeng set out two breakfast plates that were clearly not made by her. The two looked at her in surprise.

"I bought these from the canteen," she explained.

"I... I don't really know what my food tastes like, so... I feel like... you might not like it," she said hesitantly.

Both guys felt a little guilty seeing her abase herself, and immediately shook their heads. "Oh, we like it very much!"

"Really?" Her face lit back up.

The two guys smiled and nodded.

Very soon after, they were not smiling anymore. Bai Mengmeng had rushed back from the kitchen with two more servings of her cooking. "Well, since you like it, it’s a good thing I also made some."

Li Luo and Xin Fu stared yearningly at the replaced breakfasts. Why couldn't they have kept their fat mouths shut?

Their hellish mornings looked like they were on the verge of ending. Why did they have to bring it back?

"What a disaster of astronomical proportions," Xin Fu muttered under his breath.

It was unclear who exactly he was blaming.

Li Luo shook his head. Life was tough, but he hadn't expected it to be this tough.

The two lowered their heads and ate.

They hadn't made much headway into their meal when a knocking interrupted the gloomy atmosphere.

Bai Mengmeng went to open the door. Li Luo looked up when he heard her exclaim, and he was surprised to see that it was Yu Lang and Lu Qing'er.

Yu Lang's smile was as bright as the sun when Bai Mengmeng opened the door. Lu Qing'er's smile was a little more reserved as she looked at the cute little girl.

"Best of mornings to you. I'm Yu Lang, a brother so close to Li Luo that we're practically the same person." He stretched out a hand as he introduced himself.

"I'm Lu Qing'er. We're both friends of Li Luo here to see him." Lu Qing'er also stretched out a gloved hand.

Bai Mengmeng seized Lu Qing'er's hand. "Sister Qing'er's hand is beautiful." 

Lu Qing'er's eyes softened. Bai Mengmeng was just too adorable. No wonder few guys could resist her charm.

"Mengmeng, I'm here too," Yu Lang said, wriggling his own hand expectantly to catch her attention.

Bai Mengmeng glanced furtively up at him. "I know you," she said meekly. "Sis told me not to have any contact with you, or I'll catch a foul disease."

Yu Lang's hand withered. “Bai Doudou, how dare you slander me like this!”

"Come in, guys," Li Luo said from behind. Bai Mengmeng ushered them in.

They saw Li Luo and Xin Fu at the breakfast table, and Yu Lang immediately let out a strangled cry. "Could that have been made by Mengmeng?!" Both guys nodded.

Yu Lang's jealousy shot through the roof. In a flash, he planted his ass right beside Li Luo. "I want to taste Mengmeng's breakfast too!" he cried.

He took a bite.

The chirping birds outside were silent for a moment.


Yu Lang's enthusiasm was evaporating very quickly. He swallowed with great difficulty and then carefully set the utensils down. "Hehe, I almost forgot. Actually, I ate breakfast before I came. Hehe," he said to Li Luo.

"No matter," Li Luo said casually. "It’s only two breakfasts, your stomach will be fine."

He noted the despair in Yu Lang's eyes. Chase Bai Mengmeng? Who was the one who said he could eat three big bowls of shit?! 

Oh, hubris.

Luckily he didn't spit out that mouthful, or Bai Doudou would’ve pulverized the shit out of him.

Yu Lang threw Li Luo a defeated look. "Well, it’s a pity because Qing'er went to buy breakfast for you as well. But you already ate."

Li Luo looked over to see food in Lu Qing'er's hands.

Lu Qing'er's faint smile was still in place. "No matter. How can my canteen breakfast compare to Mengmeng's handiwork?

"If no one eats it, I'll just throw it into the lake to feed the fishes."

Li Luo spotted the danger signs. She had bought it specially for him after all. It would be too churlish not to accept it.

He smiled. "No worries, I have a big appetite. Give it here, I'll finish it all."

"Really?" Lu Qing'er's smile was a little more genuine now.

He smiled and nodded, taking the packet and eating.

"Leader, you're really blessed. People are buying you breakfast every day." Xin Fu said quietly.

Li Luo grimaced. “Little brother, could you stop creating trouble for me for just one moment!?

“Is this your rebellious phase?!”

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