Chapter 0146: Li Luo's Perseverance

On the platform, the five Violet Vibrance mentors watched the beams of light shoot forth. They had seen this many times before.

It was not hard for cultivators to trigger resonant luminescence during their first cultivation session on the Astral Sage College's Tree of Resonant Power. Of course, it was not extremely common either. Each year, there were probably about 20 to 30 who were skilled enough.

Usually, most of the Violet Vibrance students would succeed. After all, those who could qualify as Violet Vibrance students came from stronger positions, compounded by the advantages of violet jade leaves. It was actually rare for Violet Vibrance students to not experience it.

Shen Jinxiao drank by himself, his eyes still locked on Li Luo's position.

There had been no resonant luminescence from his leaf yet. Still, Shen Jinxiao did not think he was incapable. Li Luo's ability was undeniable. As low grade as his resonances might be, two were better than one. Combined, he was equal to an eighth-grade.

Shen Jinxiao was not wondering about the if, but about the how. How bright would it be...

But before Li Luo's resonant luminescence appeared, Mentor Mi Er yelped in surprise. The others looked over to see a light from Yu Lang's violet jade leaf.

The light was comparable to the likes of Duze Beixuan and Bai Doudou's.

"I recall that Yu Lang has a sixth-grade wind resonance. I thought he would be one of those unable to trigger it. Well, well," Mentor Chu Zi said with good humor.

Mentor Cao Sheng put down his jar and squinted over at Yu Lang's position. "His light looks quite ethereal, y'know? Means he's triggered it through belief, not resonance power. Not bad. It might just make up for his average talent."

The other mentors nodded approvingly. Yu Lang was definitely the weakest among this batch of Violet Vibrance students. He would have to work doubly hard to catch up to the others. And that required an inextinguishable belief in himself.

If he could not even do that, then he stood no chance at all.

Conversely, if his will was unwavering enough, he might even turn some impossibilities to possibilities.

Resonance grade only made one's cultivation journey smoother, and granted a deeper potential. But one's faith was critical to how far one could realize that potential.

While the mentors were distracted by Yu Lang's success, Chi Chan's eyes flicked back to Li Luo's position.

Energy was starting to bloom from his body, creating an energy vortex that glowed with resonant luminescence.

First, a blue resonant luminescence. A wave-like swirl of light that played across the surface of Li Luo's skin.

When it faded, a second resonant luminescence appeared, this time a brilliant green.

"Li Luo actually got two resonant luminescences." Cao Sheng hiccuped. "Rare sight," he hooted.

"Two, but the brilliance is dimmer compared to Qin Zhulu's, let alone Jiang Qing'e's," Shen Jinxiao said dismissively.

Cao Sheng and the others nodded in agreement. Indeed, Li Luo's two resonant luminescences were lukewarm compared to Jiang Qing'e's sun-like brilliance.

Still, it was rather normal. Her ninth-grade light resonance was exceptional. No one in the Astral Sage College had come close in a hundred years.

Perhaps if Li Luo's dual resonances were both eighth-grade, he would stand a chance.

Chi Chan did not comment. Li Luo should not be compared to Jiang Qing'e. He had done well enough so far, and Shen Jinxiao was just nitpicking without much basis.

Shen Jinxiao lost interest after Li Luo's resonant luminescences passed without a spectacle. Dual resonances might put Li Luo on par with Duze Beixuan and the other eighth-grade resonance cultivators, but that was a loss that he could stomach.

There were also occasional bursts of resonant luminescence from the Gold Gleam students, but they were much dimmer than the Violet Vibrance side.

Ultimately, few could overcome the gap in talent.

Those who were favored with resonant power were envied by the others. They felt the rush of worldly natural energy fill them, and their resonant power got a solid boost.

The resonant luminescences continued for about ten minutes.

That was the average time, with Jiang Qing'e's lasting about 20 minutes.

Bai Doudou opened her eyes, pleased with how much her resonant power had grown. It was about as much as a month of hard cultivation.

She looked over to Yu Lang's seat, where the resonant luminescence was starting to fade away as well.

"This guy... he managed it?" She knew that he had a sixth-grade wind resonance, the weakest among the Violet Vibrance students. She had thought it unlikely for him, but clearly she had underestimated him.

"You're not so bad," she mumbled.

Yu Lang's eyes opened blearily, then they shot wide open. "Damn, I'm at the Tenth Seal now?"

The resonant luminescence had actually helped him break through. With a little more accumulation, he could gun for the Resonant Master Stage!

He felt like jumping up and whooping. Success came to those who were prepared. Although he himself had zero clue how on earth he had prepared…

More and more resonant luminescences were fading away, until finally only one remained steadily alight.

Li Luo.

Still, it should be over soon, right?

They waited and waited. Another eight minutes passed, but still the resonant luminescence remained.

The Violet Vibrance mentors' eyes were growing rounder by the minute.

"18 minutes? He's about to match Jiang Qing'e!" Cao Sheng exclaimed.

Shen Jinxiao's face was as dark as Chi Chan's face was radiant. All eyes were on Li Luo now.

The other mentors shared a look. Li Luo might not have the brightest light, but damn did he have the longest.

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